It All Started With Glee Club

Puck goes to a reunion Part 2

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"I'm not gonna say that what you did was wrong since you're all adults now and it isn't my place anymore," I had to fight extremely hard to not crack a grin as I –and my fellow friends– were taken to task by none other than a grey-haired Mr. Shue, "but we all know that what happened was way beneath your usual standards, and I'm kinda disappointed in you, Rachel especially with your condition."

Rachel didn't meet our old teacher's stern gaze, choosing instead to let her eyes linger on the floor. All around us, various members of the original glee club sat with different degrees of shame and/or excitement on their faces.

Personally, I was torn between laughing my ass off and punching the older dude in the face. It had been twenty years, but he still somehow focused all the negative energy on my wife. Okay, granted, I amended silently, this time it was kinda her fault, but still

"You do realize that with you being pregnant, your behavior was doubly troubling, right? Also, what would your fans say if they saw you right now?"

That seemed to work better than even Mr. Shue had anticipated, 'cause tears filled those gorgeous eyes of hers and she broke her locked gaze from the floor, shielding herself from us watching behind her hands. "I know! It is absolutely mortifying if this gets out. There isn't a doubt in my mind that some simpleminded person taped all of it and it is no undoubtedly already on its way to a viral state. Probably following orders from that cretin, Jacob Ben Ishrael, who's really to blame for what transpired earlier this evening; he hasn't changed one bit. Oh, I don't even know what to say!"

I heard a snort from beside her and spared a half-hearted glare at Santana, who was sitting with a sleeping, drunk-as-a-skunk Brittany in her arms. The blonde's husband was passed out next to them. Santana's entire expression seemed pretty much like she violently disagreed with Rach's claim of being unable to speak. She was right, of course, but nobody disses my wife but me.

True to form, Mr. Shue completely disregarded anything other than his own speech, and I rolled my eyes and placed an arm around Rach's shaking shoulders. "It's okay, Babe," I soothed, rubbing her back a little.

"No it is not, Noah!" Rachel all but bellowed in my right ear, causing me to wince and retreat a little to save the rest of my hearing. "I don't know what I was thinking. I ruined what was otherwise a perfectly nice evening. People's perception of me have been irrevocably damaged and–-"

"It's gonna be fine, Rachel." Quinn came to my rescue, being the only one brave enough (or stupid, depending on how you look at it) to interrupt an emotional Rachel. "I for one think this evening was wonderful. To be honest, it brought me a kind of closure seeing as I wasn't present when this pretty much happened at Prom twenty years ago as well. Isn't that right, Finn?"

Quinn looked over at her husband, who was slouching pathetically with two pieces of paper stuck in his nose to stop the bleeding. He quickly straightened up, eyed Quinn and giving everyone the feeling that he hadn't really been paying attention. "Totally, Honey. I'm with you one hundred percent."

Damn, he's so fucking whipped it's hilarious; I grinned, but quickly stopped when my split lip reopened at the movement and started bleeding again.

"Oh, Noah," Rach's dramatics were instantly forgotten the second she noticed the blood and she awkwardly leaned toward me with a baby wipe in her hand. Where she got this shit from out of thin air, I'd learned to stop wondering about over the years.

After a few minutes of muttered concern and gentle caring that made me wanna go get reacquainted with the nearest janitor's closet so I could rock Rach's world, Mr. Shue seemed to realize that he had lost her attention. He turned back to the rest of the former Gleeks with a mild glare that was intensified by the glasses he now wore.

"Since I became principal here at McKinley, I've done nothing but brag about each and every one of you. No matter how big or small your lives are, you'll always be my greatest achievements, but," the gooey feeling the teacher's words invoked in us turned to lead when he continued seriously, "I have never been more disappointed in you. I expect you all to pay for the repairs and apologize to those needlessly pulled into this mess."

We all nodded mutely, none of us willing to say anything. After a little while though, Mr. Shue showed me just why it was I'd always seen him as a decent dude despite his inconsistencies. His lips twitched a little as he spoke again before quickly leaving to no doubt mend some fences with the other students and their families.

"Despite everything, I'm glad you all made it back tonight. It's been too quiet without you guys around."

There was a long moment of silence after our old teacher left, and then, slowly everyone around me began chuckling. In a matter of seconds, it turned into full-blow laughter, eclipsing in Kurt of all people speaking, "That was so awesome!"

Grinning, I pulled an equally laughing Rachel closer and as my mind travelled back to everything that had taken place that night, I couldn't help but agree wholeheartedly.


Entering the gym was an experience in of itself. Santana and Rachel stopped and my arms fell down to my sides as I tried taking everything in.

There was an ungodly amount of tulle hung up everywhere, several glittering lights as if paying homage to the seventies, but most of all, my eyes went to the humongous cutouts of most of the former members of New Directions.

"Huh," I heard Rachel exclaim with an odd tone in her voice, and I turned away from the picture of myself as a teen with my once so glorious 'hawk posing in my football uniform.

"What?" I asked, ignoring the gasps of the people around me as they realized that we'd actually shown up.

Rach's gaze was locked on a picture of Kurt, who must have gotten his picture taken just as a slushie made its way toward him, judging from the small hint of fluids in the outer frame of the picture. "I guess it has never truly dawned on me before just how many of my fellow glee club members that have actually made a name for themselves over the years."

Translation, Rach was beginning to realize that she wasn't the only celebrity coming tonight and it was bugging her, but she was trying to be gracious about it.

Deciding to ignore my wife's craziness in case it got worse and got me banded from sex, I just smiled and nodded. "Yeah, who'd have thunk it, huh? We weren't exactly the popular group back then – I mean, aside from yours truly, 'cause I've always been fucking awesome."

Rach rolled her eyes at me, "Noah, please. Your vocabulary doesn't need to return to its teenaged state. I know for a fact that since having kids, you've grown much more mature in terms of expletives."


"Grow up, Noah," she groaned, but I caught the small smile flashing over her lips and considered my antics a win.


The scream of my name with obvious happiness wasn't something I'd never heard before, but I can honestly say that hearing it coming from my former principal, who must have been about 60 plus years, was a new experience.

"Mr. Figgins," I automatically straightened my back. We'd never had the closest relationship, but this was the man that had pretty much given me shot after shot when my temper had broken free of my control and not kicked me out of school when my bullying was at its worst. He may or may not have been a shitty principal sometimes, but now, with the knowledge twenty years had brought me, I looked back on the dude fondly.

"Well, Puck," the Indian accent giving me an odd sense of homesickness, which was so fucking weird, I briefly considered taking a quick detour over to the nearest bar and drink myself into a stupor, "I can honestly say that it is nice to see you returning here to McKinley to represent a time where not all had high hopes for the school."

"And they do now?" I smirked and my esteem for the older guy went up a notch when he just grinned sheepishly.

"Well, now they enter the school, knowing that several alumni went somewhere and made something of themselves, which is a lot better than before. Don't you agree?"

"Sure. I wouldn't let Rach know that she's not the sole reason for that change though," I leaned forward as I spoke and lowered my voice a bit, "she's pregnant again and that pregnancy brain is messing with her perception even more than normally, just sayin'."

"Thank you, Noah for that delightful description of my state of mind. I'm so pleased to find you at our old principal's side, building up my reputation."


Every cell in my body froze at the deceptively calm tone in my wife's voice, and I'm not gonna lie, it took every ounce of courage in me to slowly turn around and face that crazy midget that had owned my balls for the past twenty years.

"Hi, Babe," I greeted, "looking as hot as ever…Also, I love you more every day."

The sigh my wife emitted was loud, but the sparkle in her eye told me she wasn't as pissed as she tried to portray. Relieved, I bent down and planted a big kiss on her lips before turning my attention back on Figgins.

The old man was trying to hide what looked like an amused grin. I was just about to say something to make myself feel a little better when a shout of my name rang throughout the room.

Instantly recognizing the caller, I quickly said bye to my old principal and unceremoniously dragged Rachel over to him. "Hey, Buddy!"

Finn hadn't changed much over the years. Having one of those annoying mugs that never seemed to age, but I was too awesome to care much about him looking younger than the average thirty- plus year old and just hugged my childhood friend hard.

What? We lived states apart, and with our busy lives I didn't get to see him as often as I'd like. Shut up.

"Dude, this is so cool!" Finn exclaimed, gesturing with his massive hands toward the other people still sidling in as we spoke. "Quinn almost didn't wanna come. She only said yes when she realized that you guys were gonna come."

We shared a grin, both knowing that Quinn hadn't cared didly-squat about me being in Lima. No, she was still Rachel's closest friend after all these years. Finn and I had our suspicions about them plotting to get their daughter to hook up with one of my boys eventually. The idea wasn't a bad one, so I never mentioned it and Finn had sworn to keep mum about it too.

"So where's the missus?" I asked, glancing around the room, but not spotting the beautiful blonde that had somehow stayed married to Finn Hudson for about 18 years.

"She ran into one of her old Cheerio friends that neither of us has thought about since she got pregnant with Eve, but well, you know."

"It seems I have become utterly forgotten in the midst of you two reuniting, so I'll just butt in and say my hellos before you both inevitably succumb to your lesser functions," Rach said and twisted out of the loose grip I hadn't realized I still had on her arm, sending me a more real glare this time as she walked away from us after kissing Finn's cheek mutely.

Note to self, even after twenty years, I really should have learned that Rachel hates being dragged anywhere – especially when she was pregnant.

I glared at Finn, who was grinning and looking just a tad too smug for my tastes.

"Shut up, Asswipe. Now tell me all about how your business is going."


The next couple of hours practically flew by. I met all of my old friends and fellow glee club members and a butt load of strangers that I barely remembered. Several of these were women I'd hooked up with like that broad from earlier, but fortunately none of them reacted anywhere near as wildly as her.

I was just sitting at one of the tables, having a quiet laugh with Dave, who'd shown up a few moments earlier with Kurt. Both of them were a firm fixture in my life, had been ever since high school, so there wasn't as much to catch up on. It was just relaxing as hell, and I enjoyed it more than I'd ever admit to the fuckers out loud.

Our comfortable sphere was broken, when my fuming wife popped up next to me with fire in her eyes. Since she didn't immediately launch into some form of violence on my person, I figured it'd be safe to assume that I wasn't the one she was pissed at this time.

"Oh that infuriating, vile cockroach!"

Coming from Rachel's lips that were pretty much like me using the "F" word and beating someone up so I instantly straightened up and paid more attention.

"What happened, Babe?"

Rach's gaze met mine and the look in them softened ever so slightly as she sat down on the chair that Dave had pushed behind her. "I ran into that disgusting man, Jacob Ben Ishrael. He hasn't changed a bit," she explained. "If possible, he's grown even more despicable!"

I let my eyes wander the crowded gym, but the little fucker was nowhere in sight. Turning back to Rachel, I asked again, "What happened, Rachel?"

For the first time, it seemed like she realized that whatever she said next would make Jacob walk on very thin ice, so she actually hesitated before telling me. I raised a brow, silently waiting and she sighed heavily before finally answering my question.

"I was just leaving the restrooms, since I once again had to use the facilities due to my current state when he came upon me like the scavenger that he is. He hugged me, presumably thinking that I have spent even one iota of the last twenty years thinking about him. His incessant questions about our marriage were only a mere annoyance to me since I couldn't fathom the fact that he'd actually placed his hands on my stomach and started rubbing it and trying to get our child to move. As if that wasn't enough, he begged for an interview while taking several unsanctioned pictures of me with his phone. It was only Sunshine's timely arrival and subsequent roar of anger that managed to get him off of me long enough for me to find you. I'm sorry, I may have overreacted, but you know I dislike anyone touching my belly without permission. In particularly the very man, who's spent most of his pitiful life obsessing over me."

I'd like think that I've matured a lot over the years, gotten most of my anger under control and all. Caroline's being bullied in high school incident aside, I'd kept my cool pretty much, even calming Rach down when it was the boys' turn to experience bullying a few years later, but I guess my deep-seated dislike of Jacob hadn't been tackled properly, 'cause in that moment, I saw red.

"Noah," Rach began to say, bending over to caress my face, "please relax. I overreacted a little, I just needed to vent and I'm okay again."

"Babe," I looked at her closely, my rage simmering down a little at her calm, soothing tone of voice, "he fucking touched you. You hate that shit."

Sighing again, Rachel awkwardly sat down on my lap and put her arms around my neck. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kurt drag a frowning Dave away to give us some semblance of privacy.

"I will never like that man, but I promise you that after getting my frustration vocalized I feel much better. Now, let us go seek out Sunshine. I regret that our first meeting in so many months turned into this and I would love to rectify it. She didn't even get a chance to pester me about the sequel to her movie this time."

Reluctantly, a chuckle left my throat. Sunshine's battle to get Rach to once again star in one of her movies was ongoing. Ever since Rach had starred in the first one that was based on a popular book series the tiny Philippine girl had written, Sunshine had been dying to repeat the blockbuster success it had become and Rach hadn't.

A few minutes later, we located the small woman. To my surprise, we found her in the middle of what looked like a whispered argument between her and Azimio. The former football player and bully had turned into a very fashionable lawyer, whose popular practice was co-owned with Santana and he'd actually sort of turned into a decent human being. He was actually one of my personal lawyers and kept doing a good job of it.

He'd never really lost his love for Sunshine, and it was pretty sad to see when we all managed to get together once in a while, how his eyes would follow her every movement. He'd even married a pretty good look alike of her a few years back, but aside from getting a little boy out of it, that had been a huge fiasco.

Sunshine on the other hand, had never married and openly declared herself a bisexual some odd years back, which always made me a little cautious leaving her alone with Rach for too long. That star struck expression in her eyes whenever Rach was around had never quite faded, and it was an open secret that that was one of the main reasons that Azimio had eventually snapped and their relationship hadn't exactly ended on a high note.

As we drew nearer, I realized that for once it was actually Sunshine who looked desperate. Her focus was one hundred percent on the much larger man, who seemed barely interested in listening to her. It was quite a confusing sight, and I gently held Rachel back a little to give them space.

A minute or two went by, and finally Azimio snapped his head back in her direction and stepped backwards a few paces. "Fuck you, Sunny," he practically growled, for the first time loud enough so I could listen in. "I've never done anything to make you doubt me ever and you have to fucking balls to accuse me of immaturity? Who's the dude who's actually a fucking parent here? You're just too chicken-shit to own up to what's always been there and hidden behind your work."

Well, I inwardly mused, it seemed like I wasn't the only one, whose vocabulary had stayed intact. Thank fuck for that.

I felt Rachel stiffen when Azimio all but yelled out his next words and stamped off into the crowd. Probably to get a much needed drink.

"If you keep the kid, I'll do my part, but no matter what you choose, you and I are fucking done as of right now. I'm not wasting the rest of my life waiting for your sorry ass!"

I stood dumbly, watching Rach launch herself at a now crying Sunshine. Within seconds, it seemed like all the female members of our old glee club was around us and a few minutes later, I found myself standing guard in the restroom while they all comforted the tiny woman, who'd apparently been knocked up by Azimio when they'd last been around each other.

Santana came to stand next to me with a tired expression on her face. "I told him to give her time, but did that motherfucker listen? Nope."

"Should we go find him, hear his side so he knows he's not totally alone right now?"

Santana glanced at me, a familiar smirk on her lips that somehow calmed me down more than I would ever really acknowledge. "Nah, don't worry about that bastard. He's been my best friend for years, he's tougher than he looks and this time I'm actually on his side."

"What do you mean?" I asked, ignoring the wails coming from the closed door behind me.

"She sought him out this time, blubbering about her never finding that one person that she could be herself with and all that kind of bull. Next thing he knows, she's leaving him again without as much as a note and then last night she had the gall to call him up and tell him she was getting an abortion 'cause she didn't think he'd be mature enough to handle things."

Okay, I kinda got Azimio's anger now. Having actually seen him with his little boy, Jerome and having had to listen to his eternal ramblings about his kid's brilliances during several of our business meetings, there was no doubt in my mind that he was a good dad. No fucking doubt at all and hearing that Sunshine had the nerve to somehow blame this entire clusterfuck on him made me pissed off and I reacted before Santana could do or say anything else.

I barged through the closed restroom door and unceremoniously made my through the ring of women that surrounded my wife and Sunshine.

"Excuse me ladies," I said and calmly swung Sunshine into my arms and turned to leave.

Rachel's shocked exclamation of my name didn't deter me; I simply shot her a look that promised to explain everything later and marched right back out of the crowded room.

Sunshine's miniature fists were banging on my chest and I quickly sat her down in the first available chair I found. It was right next to the guards' station, but after one look to make them back off, I turned all my focus back on the still crying woman.

"Stop your whining and listen to me, you crazy excuse of a woman."

My tone seemed to stop whatever it was she was about to scream at me and I continued, "You know Azimio loves you, has done so for years and you've been okay with that. Hell, we all know you've reveled in that shit whenever you were feeling down in the dumps and I was okay with that, 'cause he's a giant dick most of the time and deserves to suffer for all the shit he's put us through over the years, but now, I'm gonna draw a fucking line. You got knocked up and that's not any of my business, but dragging my wife into your drama is not okay – especially since you're the one to blame for everything this time. Now, I've put up with your adoration of Rach for years, hell, I've even fantasied about it a time or two, 'cause you're two hot chicks and I'm a hot-blooded dude, but I won't have you getting her involved in shit that you're the only one who can fix. Also," I finally drew a much needed breath and crouched down in front of the frozen looking Sunshine, "I need you to know that you're a coward and if you don't march right back in there and fix things with him, you're an even bigger loser than I thought."

"I'm not a loser," Sunshine whispered, not quite meeting my eyes.

"Blaming this shit on him, telling him he ain't a fit parent when we both know that he fucking adores his son isn't right, Sunshine and you know it." I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair in frustration and weariness. "To be honest, I know this ain't something I need to butt into, but I'm just too fucking tired of drama, having had way too much of that in my life lately and so has Rachel. Grow the fuck up, Sunny. We're not teenagers anymore."

Sunshine's eyes widened when I mentioned drama and I knew she remembered what the Puckerman family had been through lately. Fortunately, she didn't mention it and just nodded without a word. A moment later, she got up and disappeared into the gym, presumably to go do as I'd so kindly suggested.

"You're such a softie, Noah Puckerman." Rach's voice brought me back to the present, and I got to my feet and smiled.

"Don't tell anyone or you'll ruin my rep, Babe."

She grabbed my hand and began pulling me toward the gym again. "Now that the obligatory reunion drama is over for the night, what say you that we just enjoy ourselves the rest of the evening?"

"Hell yeah, Mrs. Puckerman," I grinned and she returned the action with a beaming smile of her own and I swear, I kinda fell in love with her all over again.


Sometime later, we seemed to have all graduated toward each other. The old glee club members and their spouses, I mean. We were sitting at three tables that we'd pulled together earlier and were just enjoying ourselves, shooting the bull and all that usual reunion crap and I was beginning to think that things were gonna keep going peacefully.

Of course, I should've known better.

I was sitting with Rach in my lap again and chatting amiably with Finn, Sam and Artie, ribbing them good naturedly. Sunshine was mimicking Rach's position on Azimio's lap next to us as he talked quietly with Dave, Kurt and Mike of all people. Apparently, they'd worked things out when I wasn't looking. Santana were glowering silently at Brittany's husband, who was busy entertaining the obviously intoxicated ditzy blonde, Mercedes and Tina with some story. Rachel was busy gossiping with Quinn, too engrossed in their talk to notice the person making his way over to her – Jacob.

I however did notice and immediately cut off my own talk with the guys, sending an epic glare toward him. I quickly noticed that he wasn't alone. Trailing behind him were a couple of guys that I didn't recognize at first, but the hungry look in their eyes and their firm hold on the cameras in their hands quickly identified them as paparazzi's.

"I'm gonna kill that bastard," I growled when he drew to a stop right in front of us, looking for all the world as if he had nothing to worry about. Everyone fell silent at his approach and neither of us said anything.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my former classmates and their spouses quiet down as well, apparently smelling the tension and eager to see what would happen. Fucking vultures.

I felt more than saw Rachel straighten up and put on her coldest, yet most polite mask in her arsenal. It was one she used whenever we went out with the kids on family events and we ran into reporters and such.

"What may I help you with, Jacob?" Her tone was courteous, but cold as fuck, but it seemed like the fucker didn't recognize the danger, 'cause he just broke into a big smile.

He hadn't changed all that much over the years. The afro had gotten replaced with a comb-over and the glasses were no longer present and he was rocking a huge beard that sorta made him look like an even more demented Richard Simmons.

"Hi everyone!" He greeted us, gesturing behind him and suddenly we were being photographed while Jacob kept talking, "I really wanted to do an interview today, since it's been more or less twenty years since I've last been able to get so close to you all, a kind of follow up if you will."

His beady eyes were focused on Rach and I loudly cleared my throat, which made him falter a little in his excitement when he glanced at me. It seemed like my fond memories of our time together weren't the same as his, 'cause he quickly looked back at Rachel.

"Let's start with the most glorious of them all." Here he actually was dumb enough to leer down my wife's cleavage, and I would probably have jumped the fucker if I hadn't had Rachel on my lap.

Then, the stupid son of a bitch really, truly crossed the line, and to my surprise I found that I no longer had Rachel on me.

"So Rachel, I've been your most ardent fan for most of my life, and was sad to hear about your bastard daughter's shotgun wedding. How are you handling the death of her very young husband just months earlier? Are you relieved not to be a mother in-law anymore, do you think of it as divine interventi—ARGH!"

Rach had jumped to her feet, grabbed the nearest thing around that could be used as a weapon, which was Quinn's purse in case you were wondering and was beating the snot out of Jacob. I'm not kidding; she had him on his knees, defending himself from her onslaught.

"Don't. . . !" Rachel screamed, ending each word with both a well-deserved smack of the purse in her hands and a kick from her very pointy shoe.

The rest of us sat frozen for a long moment, not really processing what we were seeing, I think, but then Jacob's two buddies decided to butt in and I honestly didn't know who was quicker in terms of defending Rach.

Quinn knocked the snot out of one of them, making the dude sprout blood all over the place. Sunshine was being as crazy as she had been at our prom, 'cause she had catapulted off of Azimio and jumped on to the second one, choking him with the string that his camera was attached to. Personally, I turned my attention on Jacob and held the jackass down for Rachel's benefit. I mean, it was only the gentlemanly thing to do, right? She shouldn't have to chase her prey in her condition.

Anyway, suddenly things exploded into chaos like you wouldn't believe. While we were taking care of the real culprits, it seemed like pandemonium had spread from our little area all throughout the gym. Next to us, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a viciously cussing Santana, who was –believe it or not – engaged in what looked like a painful hair pulling fight with Brittany's husband, who was giving as well as he got. Brittany herself was passed out drunk at the table, unconscious and uncaring of the lover's triangle she was part of apparently.

Finn and Mike were fighting two other guys that seemed like they were friends with whomever it was that Jacob had invited and wasn't happy about the way we were treating them. Before I knew it, I was pulled off of Jacob and engaged in my own fistfight with this huge security guard that I automatically socked, 'cause no way in hell was I ready to stop making Jacob pay for what he'd said about my little girl.

Other guards were coming and the fight escalated. Behind me, I heard Mercedes' customary "Hell to the no!" and someone screaming out in agony shortly thereafter and figured she had things covered on her end. Tina was now helping Azimio, trying to pull Sunshine off her victim. She'd turned to biting the poor sucker's arm as he desperately tried prying her off of him. She was like a little ferocious bulldog.

A vicious punch that rattled my brain was my punishment for not paying attention to my surroundings. It looked like the guard I'd socked had returned the favor and I turned my attention back to him just as I spotted Artie and Kurt blocking people from taking pictures to the best of their abilities. Dave stood guard behind them, bleeding from a split lip, so I guessed he had had to get a little psychical as well.

It didn't take too long for me to handle my own opponent, slamming him down to stay there with a brutal uppercut. I quickly turned my focus back on my wife, who was still wailing on a now whimpering Jacob, looking like she could go on all night if asked. The undeniable glee on her face was the only thing that kept me from interrupting her. Instead, I turned my attention to huddle of unrecognizable people nearby.

In the midst of all the yelling, cussing and occasional screaming, I heard a familiar voice from deep within the mass of people and realized that somewhere in there, Sam was being overrun and what kind of a best friend would I be if I didn't lend a hand?

Sadly, I never got to do so, 'cause in the next minute Sue Sylvester's very recognizable –and fear inducing – voice rang out over the fighting gym. Everyone and I mean everyone, froze and looked up at the tall woman, who looked just like she used to when we all went to the damns school.

"Now that I finally have you hoodlums' attention," Sylvester yelled, "mind telling those of us not in the know, what the hell you are doing? This is not an eighties rave where you can all just wander in and beat up the nearest person for a shot of cocaine that may or may not in reality turn out to be sugar. This is a high school reunion, people!"


After we'd all pulled ourselves together and had faced Mr. Shue's wrath, Rach and I invited every member and friend to our suite to continue reminiscing about our colorful pasts. At least there would be no reporters of any kind in our temporary home as Rach proclaimed primly when she was wiping her bloodied hand clean(evidently, she'd hit Jacob in the nose just after Sue called off the fun).

Everyone agreed to come and when we barged into our suite, several of the group happily greeted Caroline, who'd waited up for us. Thankfully no one mentioned Seth or the tragic death, choosing instead to gift Caroline with various stories from when we'd had her. She seemed to find the whole thing hilarious and when everyone finally crashed, I just helped her up to her room and kissed her cheek before she went to bed.

Coming into my own bedroom, Rachel was waiting for me. Finn and Quinn were sleeping on a blow-up bed they'd somehow gotten a hand on, right next to our bed. Our suite was huge, but even that wasn't enough for everyone to get a room of their own to sleep in and I figured it was better getting them than Sunshine and Azimio. God only knew who Rach would wake up spooning the next morning…

"Thank you, Noah," she whispered as I climbed into bed with a tired groan. "This truly was a splendid evening and I'm thrilled we came."

"Even though we're gonna be in every goddamned newspaper tomorrow, not counting all the Tweets and shit that's already happened?"

Rach smiled and placed her head on my shoulder, making herself comfortable. "To be perfectly honest, I think all of the fallouts and whatever's that will come from this, all if it was worth it just to finally get my hands on him."

There was no reason asking who she meant, so I just chuckled a bit and nodded my agreement. "Totally. But…" I stopped, waiting for her eyes to meet mine before adding teasingly, "you do know that you can never bother me with the whole Caroline High School incident anymore, right?"

My wife's brown eyes narrowed in confusion. "What do you mean, Noah?"

Grinning, I explained, "I mean, I only beat up a couple of teenagers and got a few days of attention nationally. You on the other hand were filmed starting a huge fight that escalated into mayhem, according to Mr. Shue there's property damage for several thousand dollars. Your thing is gonna go international, Babe, so it'll be way worse than my thing, 'cause that was never caught on film so…yeah, I'm finally free of the incident."

"Noah?" Rach's tone was saccharine sweet even with Finn's massive snoring in the background, which I knew she couldn't stand.

"Yeah, Babe?"

"Shut up or I'll name our child without any input whatsoever from you."

Really, there was only one acceptable reply to that, 'cause I wasn't willing to chance a worse name than the one she'd saddled Chalfon with.

"Yes, Dear."


A/N Sort of hard to find a decent place to stop, so it grew a wee bit longer than I had anticipated. Sorry. Take a second and let me know what you think, and it'll make my day ;)

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