It All Started With Glee Club

Puck feels guilty

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"So Puckerman, it's been a while since we've hung out."

I stopped in my tracks on the way to my classroom. Of all the people to talk to me in this whole damned school, nay town; it had to be Santana Lopez.

I turned around and looked down at the smaller Latina, who looked exceptionally fine that morning. Damn, damn, damn, I haven't had a spontaneous erection since…well, since the last time I kissed Berry, but that's not important; the thing is, it usually doesn't happen to me and then it had to happen where Santana was involved. Fuck.

I knew better than to try and hide it; her practiced eyes had already spotted my situation and she raised an approving eyebrow. Of course she did, she'd been on the receiving end of the Puckerone treatment more than once, so she knew I could deliver. "Someone's been missing me too, I see. There's an empty classroom fourth period with our name on it."

"Can't." I forced out, the word practically clawing at my throat to remain unsaid. My eyes, however, couldn't be controlled and they lingered on the massive amount of bare skin Santana's Cheerio's uniform showed. I think I might even have drooled a little.

Santana must have thought I was playing with her, because she simply walked closer to me and placed her well manicured hand on my chest with a saucy smile. "Okay, I think I see your bluff and raise with this little suggestion. Let's go find some privacy right now."

I was moving alongside my ex girlfriend before I even made a conscious thought to do so. A few minutes later, Santana was sitting topless on my lap, grinding in all the right places, while I worked her neck just like I knew she liked it.

Suddenly, just as Santana moved her hands down to my pants and began unzipping them with expertise, I had a flash of Berry's big brown eyes that glinted with happiness that day where we'd been at the doctor together; how her eyes had locked with mine briefly when the doctor pointed out that little spot on the screen that would become our kid someday soon. The ghost of her once spoken words slammed through me like a freight train, "I trust you, Noah."

"Okay, what the hell just happened?" Santana frowned down at me and I didn't need to look to see that my downstairs partner had gone soft and uncooperative. "Are you like sick or something, because this has never happened to us?"

I swallowed and quickly stood up, uncaring that San toppled backwards, boobs still out and all. "I gotta go," I muttered and more or less ran out the room like I had a pack of rapid attack dogs on my ass.

Of course life hates my guts because I literally fell over one of the tiny freshmen as she was tying her shoelaces and had to do some kindda acrobatic shit to stay upright. Matt and Mike, who'd been standing around Mike's locker broke out into applauds and Matt even pulled out a sheet of paper, wrote something on it and held it up in the air. It said, "6, 5 – you can do better."

I rolled my eyes, but grinned a bit as I straightened up. I could smell Santana's perfume on me and I looked back at the door when the memory of my first embarrassing sexual encounter reentered my mind. Santana was pulling her loosened hair back into her tight ponytail and when she exited the room a moment later, it was pretty obvious that she and I'd just been fooling around.

Fortunately for my reputation as a stud, Santana didn't out my problem to everyone; maybe she thought it was something she did and wouldn't risk my cutting reply if she did actually say something. Thank fuck for teenage insecurities.

Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly caught a familiar sight of brown and cursed inwardly. Of course she just happened to be walking by the second that everyone in the hallway realized that I'd (supposedly) sexed Santana up once again. There were catcalls and sly grins, but for once I wasn't interested in upping my rep; my eyes were glued on Berry's now disappearing form.

I went after her, not liking that twist in my gut that was making itself known. I'd only caught Berry's eyes for like a nanosecond, but there'd been this glimpse of hurt there that was doing weird things to me and I just didn't like that she thought I'd been screwing Santana for some reason. I conveniently forgot that I probably would've been doing just that if Puck Jr. had been cooperative.

To my frustration it was like Rachel Berry had vanished. I looked for her in all her usual haunts. The empty choir room, the auditorium, the principal's office. I had a brief, yet very awkward conversation with Friggins' secretary, who I'd banged over the last summer holiday when I'd been over to clean her pool. It seemed that she was in the mood for seconds…Why is it that everyone wants you once you're no longer available?

Whoa, wait up. What am I saying? I'm the Puckerone; I'm always available for time with the ladies. Except…Well, maybe I didn't want to be. And that frightening thought echoed through my very being while I continued looking for Berry without success. Eventually, I gave up and settled for the fact that we'd see each other at Glee. There's no way she'd ditch that in order to avoid me, I was sure of it.

When I walked into the choir room that afternoon, I only ten minutes late because one teacher wanted to know why I had turned in a decent essay for once( totally Berry's fault by the way). I was momentarily pleased when I saw that I'd gotten it right, that she would be in attendance, but that quickly disappeared when I noticed that all the chairs around her were vacant and people were shooting her cautious looks.

She was practically oozing out this big blackness around her, basically telling everyone to leave her the hell alone. I took a deep breath and made my way over to one of the free spots next to her, ignoring Mr. Shue and Finn's frantic headshakes to warn me off.

"What's up, Berry?" I greeted her with my best charmer smile plastered on my lips. I mentally told myself that I wasn't in the dog house; that I hadn't actually done anything wrong and that she was just being crazy, that her pregnant hormones were acting up on her.

Berry didn't look at me, too occupied with staring down at the floor like it had offended her deeply. "I don't have time to chat."

Okay, the charming route wouldn't work if she wouldn't look at me, so I tried something else. I leaned closer, gently nudging her in the shoulder, "How's the nausea going?" She always seemed to like when I asked her about anything baby related.

The death glare she sent me, could have killed a rock, I'm just sayin'. "I said I do not have any time to chat."

She gathered her things and got up from her seat and walked over to Quinn Fucking Fabray in the corner farthest away from me. The pregnant blonde sent me a half glare, half panicked look at the approaching doom, but I just shrugged, suddenly feeling a bit annoyed with everything.

I mean, what was Berry's problem? It's not like we were dating or anything. We just so happened be two people that were having a baby together, that's all. So the more I thought about it, the more irritated I felt. Add my little problem with Santana and I was not having one of my best days.

The day didn't get better from there, because a few minutes later, Mr. Shue suddenly made up some lame ass reason for Finn and Quinn to be elsewhere and addressed the rest of us with a big smile that would have been a serious competition to Berry's if she wasn't so pissed right at that moment. "So guys," the teacher started, rubbing his hands together with excitement, "although I have no doubt that you are all working hard with your weekly assignment, Rachel actually brought up a valid point today."

"Oh great, RuPaul is at it again," I heard Santana mutter and I instinctively snapped my head around to look at my ex with as much venom as I could muster. And given my lifelong practice, I was fucking deadly right about now. I might be sort of irritated with Berry at that point in time, but no one but me would ever call her names again. No one! I pretended that I didn't just think that and glared harder to cement my displeasure.

Santana frowned, but didn't get a chance to say another scathing word before Shuester continued, as always ignoring our bickering with an ease that came with a lot of practice. "Anyway, Rachel pointed out to me that given Finn and Quinn's new living arrangements, we should do something to cheer them up and show that we're still here for them."

I glanced over at the still mute, but also still fuming brunette at my side. I was amazed that she had enough compassion left to try and cheer up her former crush and her former rival. Apparently, Finn had done something stupid (like he was prone to do when he was nervous) and song his ballad to Quinn's strict parents that sort of told them that their baby was having a baby, resulting in Quinn living at Finn's house after being kicked out. I frowned a bit, how could Berry manage being pissed at me for some reason, and still be sweet to her old tormenter? I didn't get a chance to mull that over for long before Mr. Shue started talking animatedly again.

Mr. Shue tried to get us to vote on a song, but after Berry mentioned, "lean on me," with such gloom in her voice and face, no one wanted to go against her, not even Beyonce to everyone's mild surprise, and we quickly ran through the number before Finn and Quinn came tumbling back with an obviously acting Ms. Pillsbury, who kept winking at Mr. Shue when she thought no one was looking. Those two really needed to figure things out, I have enough drama in my own life, I don't need to witness theirs.

We performed the stupid song and I couldn't quite stop glancing at Berry. She was looking at Quinn with such honest empathy that it was hard to imagine that she had been Miss Ice cold minutes before. At some point my eyes met Quinn's and she smiled so softly at me that I almost remembered why I'd used to want her before she hooked up with Finn. Maybe I should try and be nicer to her again. After all, I was super nice to Berry normally and Quinn might have my spawn inside of her too. It wouldn't be fair to treat them differently.

Except, Berry was different, there was no denying it and I broke eye contact with the girl I'd betrayed my best friend with.

The moment the song was over and we'd all participated in a pansy assed group hug to like confirm our feelings or whatever, Berry was gone and I hurried after her, suddenly eager to get things out in the open. When she just practically jumped into her girly car and drove past me like I was not even there, my earlier annoyance returned with vengeance and I cursed loudly, just hoping that some dweeb would give me attitude right about now.

Before I even knew it I'd whipped my phone out and had sent Berry a text. You srsly need 2 chill. Let's talk 2morrow when you're not a bitch.

I walked over to my truck and jumped inside, waving distractedly to Finn (and Quinn), who was being picked up by Mrs. Hudson, and simultaneously patted the steering wheel thanking the man upstairs that I at least didn't have to be driven around like a fucking grade schooler – or worse, take the bus home.

Then my phone beeped and I gotta admit there was a part of me that mentally gulped before my bad ass self reminded it that I'm Puck and I ain't scared of no one! The minute my brain took in what Berry had sent back, I slammed my hand into the steering wheel I'd just patted so lovingly and cursed again.

You need to learn proper grammar. Don't come near me tomorrow or I will not be accountable for what will happen.

Damn, overreact much?

Why I ever thought this chick was better at everything than Quinn Fabray, I have no idea. I especially had no idea why I had felt to goddamn guilty about fooling around with Santana on top of that. "Well," I muttered when I spotted Santana herself exit the school without Brittany for once, "screw that. I'm not tied down yet!"

An hour later, I parked at the curve in front of Santana's house. She smiled at me, still trying to fix the hair I'd mussed up good in the back of my truck. Evidently, she'd completely forgiven my original reaction that morning, because she finally left her unruly hair alone and crawled over me, hitting all the right places if you know what I mean, before exiting the truck and disappearing into her house with a sated grin on her face.

I smirked and started making my way back home. Suddenly, a wave of something that felt suspiciously like nausea washed over me and I pulled over, dry heaving like I'd been puking for hours. I placed my head on the steering wheel and sighed, closing my eyes.

Only to open them again a second later when Berry's accusing eyes flashed through my inner eye. "Fuck," I whispered. Not once had I felt this bad after getting off (twice even). Sighing when I felt a bit more in control of myself, I sat up straight and drove home in silence.

When I finally got home, I had forced that whiny part of myself into submission and regained my earlier annoyance over Berry. I shouldn't feel guilty over fucking Santana; I'd done that on and off ever since we were thirteen for fucks sake! She shouldn't act like she owned me! The only thing we had in common was that kid in her belly. And the fact that we're both good looking Jews…And that we both dig singing and dancing…And that we're both more or less obsessed with getting the hell out of Lima…And that we both aren't that easy to understand and get to know and-

"Okay," I hissed at my subconscious and threw myself on my unmade bed with a groan. "So we have a lot in common…"

"Who are you talking to?" I looked up and met my little sister's eyes in the doorway. She didn't step inside because lately she'd become a bit more girly and my manly room wasn't exactly her taste. Or it could be because I'm pretty sure there were a couple of plates under my bed that could basically walk on their own by now…

"Nothing, beat it," I demanded, rolling over on my side and instantly regretted it when I saw the window where Berry had revealed herself in my dream, that stupid dream that had gotten me to notice her properly in the first place and led to the whole baby drama in the first place.

"Moooaam, Noah's being a jerk to me!" My sister screamed in her shrilly voice and I growled angrily when my mom's voice immediately flew back up the stairs.

"Noah, stop being a jerk and play with your sister!"

Okay, it was now official; if I wasn't banging them, I just wasn't any good with women. This day had been a major suck fest!


"Fine!" I roared back at my reprimanding mom and got out of bed and walked after my now smugly smiling sister into her hideous pink room to play some guitar for her as I always did. I mean, come on; it was no coincidence that I knew all that girly Aguilera stuff that night I'd conceived my future kid with Berry.

"Play some Christina Ag-"

"Don't even think about it," I objected and started playing some Justin Bieber instead.

Fuck this day, I hope the next one's gonna be better…


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