It All Started With Glee Club

Puck squares off with Kurt

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So; Berry was acting like I was made of thin air now and to my surprise, I hated it way more than I'd ever expected.

Whenever Santana or any of my other "girlfriends" and/or hot cougars had been pissed at me and wanted to make a point by ignoring me, I'd just laughed and jumped to the next available chick. No sweat – except now, I was suddenly desperate to get back into this girl's good graces. It was confusing as hell.

It messed with my head. And on top of all that I actually showed up in most classes, just to make sure that Berry was okay, and judging from the confused looks some of the other gleeks had given me lately, I was also staring at her a bit more than I'd realized.

But I couldn't quite act like I used to, I mean, what if in her anger she walked a bit too fast down the hallway, bumped into one of the cool kids, who'd slushie her and cause her to fall down and hurt not only herself, but the baby resting inside of her?

Okay, it's official, I was losing my mind.

It didn't exactly help my state of mind when Quinn suddenly reappeared on my radar, radiating sweetness that I knew enough about to know was false advertisement.

Then, one early afternoon, just after glee, the pregnant blond sought me out with a beaming smile on her lips. I probably should've grinned back and gotten the hell out of Dodge before I messed things up even more; hell, knowing what I do now; I should just have turned around and run in the other direction.

But to be honest, Quinn caught me in just the right moment. I was seriously rattled, feelings like guilt and anger and hurt were swimming inside of me and confusing me way too fucking much. In glee, I hadn't been able to get Berry to even look at me; apparently she was more caught up with Mr. Shue's panic attack about those smoking hot criminal, babes that had performed for us and then led him to get us some butt ugly wigs to rehearse in.

So, feeling like a pansy because I was feeling rejected and guilty all rolled into one, I looked down at Quinn's sugary smile and agreed to help her out.

The night itself was actually pretty cool, I mean, once Quinn and I got those ginger kids to bed using every trick in the book. After Mrs. Shuester and her weird sister with the crazy eyes came back and saw what a great job Quinn and I had done, I was actually in a decent mood.

I was even a bit proud for withstanding some of Santana's infamous sexts. Seriously, that chick can be very, very detail oriented. Of course, my dick wanted me to hand in my man card, but that's not really what I chose to focus on. I was already in trouble with one girl and didn't need any more drama in my life.

Quinn smiled at me again for the millionth time that night, as I led her out to my truck to take her back to Finns'. "I gotta admit, Puck," she started softly; "I was pleasantly surprised tonight. You've proven to be a really good support in times of need." Her eyes lingered on my lips for just one second longer than was decent and that's when I knew that she was remembering the night I'd fucked her brains out. "I see why Man- I mean, Rachel is so calm despite it all."

"Yeah, well," I started uncertainly, focusing on not crashing the truck as my memory immediately brought back the look of deliberate avoidance that Berry had had all over her in glee all week. "Whatever."

"Uuh," Quinn looked ecstatic as she continued with what I think she thought was compassionate, "Is there trouble in Paradise? You seemed so sure of everything last time we spoke, I mean, you even threatened me and everything."

Judging from the look in her eyes, I knew she was waiting for an apology, but screw that. I still meant every word I'd said that day and I most definitely wouldn't be saying sorry to the girl that had brought about some of my biggest insecurities. Shut up, even the Puckasaurous can have issues. Lima Loser my ass…

"So, err," Quinn spoke again after a few minutes of tense silence, "I guess I didn't need to have gone to the lengths I did to get you alone tonight."

Wait, what? I turned and looked at her with a raised brow before turning my attention back to the road. I vaguely noticed that the my grip on the steering wheel were turning my fingers white, evidently my sixth sense already knew that I wasn't gonna like whatever it was the blond cheerleader was about to say.

"Yeah, I kindda manipulated Kurt into taking her off my hands and Finn's been over at her house tonight practicing with all the "Hairography" or something." Quinn's tone was amused as she talked, keeping her eyes averted, looking out the window. "I know you're probably wondering why I'm risking putting my boyfriend into the hands of a girl that's never been able to hide her feelings for him from anyone but him, but I know Finn. He's nothing if not loyal – unlike someone else."

The last part was uttered with this smug tone that made me want to pull over and literally kick her out of the car, but I kept the urge inside and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. I would never harm a girl, I wasn't my old man. Okay, I might throw iced beverages at them or some shit like that, but I never laid a hand on any woman unless it was with intentions of sexual gratification.

"Quinn," I said, having regained my composure, "don't pull shit like this again. I know what you're doing, you know. I'm not as dumb as your boy toy is. I know me and Be-Rachel aren't as united as you and Finn, but I do know that no matter what the future brings, I'll always have her back. Now get out, we're here."

Huffing haughtily, seemingly completely over her earlier lust to seduce me or whatever it was she had planned, Quinn left and slammed the door.

That left me sitting outside of Finns' house with this crazy, insane and violent need to go inside and throw him up against the nearest wall, hit him a few times until he told me every single detail of his evening with my kid's mom.

Fortunately for my criminal record, my more mature side won out and I reluctantly turned the truck around and drove home. I turned on some of my more kickass music and put on a wife beater and started exercising to clear my head. After an hour, I was sweating and panting like a fat kid running up stairs and I finally just fell down on my (thank fuck) clean floor with a groan of exhaustion.

As I lay trembling on the floor, I realized that yet again my routines hadn't managed to beat out that little brunette from my mind. It was like she had wedged her way in and nailed herself to my brain's walls or something like that.

I wanted to call her and interrogate her about her night with Finn, demand that she never spoke to her crush ever again, because she belonged with me! Well, not her as much as the baby growing inside of her. I-argh, who was I kidding? The baby was actually the furthest thing from my mind at that point in time. It was the thought of her big, soft lips planting themselves on Finn's that made me want to punch a hole in the wall.

"Damn it," I muttered and sat up, placing my sweaty head in my hands. There was no denying it anymore; I was totally into Crazy Berry.


The next morning, I practically ran into the school, eager to find Berry and let her know that I sort of, kind of, maybe, almost wanted to start dating her again and this time for real. No dreams from the man upstairs to guide me, just me and my admittedly confusing feelings.

Of course it was like she knew I was looking for her, because I just couldn't seem to find her. Finally, just before the bell rang, signaling that another class that I was almost flunking was about to start, I found her. She was standing beside Beyonce and she looked fucking furious for some reason, making me frown a bit as I approached cautiously.

I wasn't exactly keen on letting one of the biggest gossipers in school, no; the entire town really witness the conversation I had planned. After another, brief and for me unusually uncertain second, I stepped forward, rudely interrupting their hissed discussion.

"Berry, we need to talk."

She looked at me with surprise, annoyance and something else swirling in her eyes. "I'm in the middle of something. I'll find you later if it's that important."

"No," I responded, leaning with what I hoped looked like nonchalance, up against the lockers, blocking Beyonce's view of her. "You'll just avoid me again and force me to track you down again like some loser. We talk, now."

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Fine, but you need to be brief because I still need to talk to Kurt."

"You spent your evening with Finn," I blurted out, so not starting the conversation like I'd planned, "and judging from the way I heard some of the guys talk earlier, you had Beyonce here help you look like a total skank to get him to go home with you."

"Yeah, well," Berry's eyes fluttered around the now empty hallway, save from us and Beyonce. "You slept with Santana. And I do realize that we have no say over one another, since our actual relationship ended some time ago, so stop acting like my being around Finn is any of your business. And how I look should be of no concern to you either."

"Maybe," I began, but then Berry's crazy hormones kicked in and she leaned to the side and sent a withering glare at the eagerly listening girlish boy behind me.

"And I wouldn't have been dressed as a less than honorable woman if it hadn't been for Kurt. I wanted to have at least one friend in this school, so I agreed to put on something completely horrendous and parade around like an imbecile and then it turned out that not only did I gain Finn's unwanted, yes unwanted, Noah, attention but Kurt wanted me to look stupid so he could humiliate me."

"What?" I turned a bit and grabbed a hold of Beyonce's expensive looking sweater, making sure he couldn't run away.

"Oh stop it," Berry interfered, slapping my hand like I was her fucking dog or something, forcing me to let go. "I'm perfectly able to fight my own battles."

Hummel finally spoke, once he'd stepped away from my reach; his lips curled in plain disgust as they looked at Berry. "I have no idea what makes you so special in everyone's eyes, Rachel. You can sing, yes, but you're so irritating and self-cente-"

"Don't finish that sentence, Man," I damn near growled out the warning, flexing my guns to make my meaning clear as fucking day.

"Or what?" Hummel laughed resentfully, "you're gonna throw me in a dumpster, because suddenly you want to act like you care about her feelings? Oh please, don't make me laugh. You've treated her worse than anybody else!"

"No, I was planning on beating you to a pulp," I threatened angrily; I didn't like to be reminded how much of an ass I'd been to Rachel, especially now that I'd finally understood that I was sort of into her. "How's that for making you laugh?"

"Stop it, both of you!" Rachel yelled at us, walking between us and holding her hands up to keep us from advancing at each other. Not that I thought that Beyonce had any intention of going after me because, let's face it, the dude is a total wimp compared to me.

"Oh butt out of this, Rachel," Kurt groaned angrily and pushed her into me; something I'd never expected of him.

If I hadn't just caught my pregnant and hopefully soon to be girlfriend in my arms before she slammed into the lockers, thus risking our child's life I might have been reasonable enough to see that Kurt was just as big a drama queen as Rachel. He had probably acted without thought, seeing as he had watched her tumble with widened and shocked eyes, but I had just caught her in my arms and therefore understanding his actions was at the bottom of my list.

"You son of a bitch," I snarled, lightly enveloping Rachel's tiny body with my arms, "pushing a girl is bad enough, but doing it to a pregnant chick is just not something that's gonna end well for you!"

Immediately, I wanted to beat myself with a big club; I'd revealed Rachel's secret to Kurt Fucking Hummel of all people. I knew that he couldn't have misunderstood my words, and after casting one quick look at his stunned face, I didn't even try to lie my way out of it. Instead, I settled on concentrating on the most important thing.

I gently lifted Rachel's chin and forced her to meet my eyes as I asked softly if she was okay. She nodded, and the shock and fear for what could have happened slowly seeped out of her. "I'm fine, I was just surprised Noah, you can let go of me now."

For the first time since our argument about everything, Rachel's eyes were looking at me without the anger and hurt; now they only showed kindness and I knew I'd never get a better chance than this, so I ignored the still frozen Hummel beside us and said confidently, "Yeah, well, I just ain't ready to let my girlfriend out of my arms yet. Deal with it."

"O-okay," her reply was a mere whisper, and a bit too hesitant to make me completely calm, but it still felt damn good to hear.

I don't even know how long I stood there with her in my arms like a fucking wimp, but eventually I knew I had to address Kurt, who was still standing with his mouth agape, staring at us like we were the second coming and the moon landing all rolled into one.

Rachel surprised me once again by simply turning in my arms and looking blankly at Kurt. "If you won't say anything about this, I won't say anything about your feelings for Finn."

"What? You're into Finn? What is it with that guy?" I muttered, but aside from Rachel's elbow in my gut, my words remained ignored as the two drama queens of Lima High continued their conversation.

"Yes, I am pregnant and Noah is the father. We will be keeping our child and if you could focus on the fact that I am not after Finn and that, despite my, as you so often say self-centered diva moments, I'm actually a nice person and I'd really like it if we were friends."

I kept my mouth shut as I waited for the gay teen to talk. But before he opened his mouth, Rachel added quickly, "and just so you know, I'm probably one of the few people in this entire town that can understand your struggles with being openly homosexual. In case it has escaped your notice, I do have to two gay dads."

Then the most unexpected thing happened; Beyonce laughed with honest amusement dancing in his eyes and then he sighed, fixing his over sprayed hair into perfection and I just knew that we now had someone else in the know; someone that, no matter how bitchy he could be, was gonna keep our secret and help us out, if for no other reason than he was feeling guilty about having laid a hand on Rachel.

But I didn't actually care about any of that; it wouldn't be long before everyone would know anyway. All I cared about was that my new found girlfriend (how fucking weird is that?) was squealing happily at the mere thought of having an actual friend and I couldn't quite decide if the thought of her loneliness made me want to hit someone, or made me want to kill myself a little bit because there's no denying that Kurt had been right; I'd played a big part in bullying Rachel in the past…

I didn't get a chance to think about that for long, because the next thing I knew, Rachel had wrapped her arm around mine and started walking to class, babbling on and on about all that I'd missed during our parted days. I can't deny that I had missed her ramblings. Unfortunately, we had assigned seats in that class and we didn't share anymore classes until glee, so I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I'd liked. I promised myself that I'd wait for her when her final class ended and walk with her to glee.

When we strolled into glee that afternoon, it became clear that Beyonce had actually kept his promise in more ways than one. No one seemed to know that we were dating again and except for the unfamiliar choir standing around awkwardly with a guy that kept shouting something about fever and pointing at his ears to Mr. Shue, everyone stared at our linked hands with dumbstruck expressions.

"What the hell?" Santana's voice could probably have cut through steel as she glared evilly down at us from her seat. "Are you crazy, Puck?"

"Nope," I replied and then completely ignored her, and placed myself next to Rachel, who smiled to herself as she helped me fix my horrendous wig for our performance.

"Thanks," I whispered to her and her small smile grew into a full-blown grin and I couldn't quite pretend that something fluttered inside of me at the sight of her happiness. Luckily, Mr. Shue called us to attention before I could do something crazy, like giggle like a lunatic and point mockingly at Finn, announcing, "She's mine, she's mine, nah nah nah nah nah," over and over again.


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