It All Started With Glee Club

Puck is a boyfriend

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Now that I was dating Rachel, things were different in a lot of ways. First off, after a bit of pouting from Finn over the fact that I was actually going out with the chick he kept sending longing looks, our friendship blossomed because we connected over having two pregnant chicks to please at all hours of the day.

Oh, wait – I don't think I've mentioned that everyone now knows that Rachel is carrying my spawn, have I?

Well, it all started when, one night, I got a frantic phone call from Rachel. I answered it with a smug smirk on my face, because she just couldn't get enough of me apparently. The smug look quickly transformed into one of horror, when Rachel actually started speaking.

"My dads' know, Noah. They came home unexpectedly and heard me throwing up and I was only wearing underwear at the time because I'd just vacated the shower and Dad spotted my baby bump immediately and well…They know everything, Noah."

My heart beat so fast that for a second, I didn't even know if I was alive or not, hell, I was so messed up that I didn't even try to picture Rachel's sweet body in her underwear at all!

"D-do they know about me?" I asked with a stutter. A fucking stutter, like I was retarded or something. Damn, fear was not a good look on me.

"No," Rachel interrupted my internal scolding quietly and I sat up, frowning.

"Wait, what? I thought you said they knew everything?" I pointed out, reaching out after a sweater without thinking.

"Well, apart from your involvement in it all," Rachel explained in a rush, "I didn't want to get you into any trouble until we'd discussed matters more."

"There's nothing to discuss, Rach," I muttered, fiddling with the button on my jeans as I pulled them on. "I'm the kid's dad and I'm not gonna let you soldier it all alone. Relax, I'm coming over."

I hung up, not giving her a chance to convince me to do otherwise. I was out the door and halfway to the Berry's house, before I realized that I'd actually gotten dressed and formulated a plan to go to her house before she even finished saying that her dads knew.

Huh, I guess, she just brings out the protective instinct in me, I thought and pulled into the curve in front of Rachel's house. On my way to the front door, I noticed that despite the late hour, all the lights in their living room was still on and I could hear muffled talking coming from the opened window. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. Who knew if they'd kill me on sight? I was awesome, but not even I could go on living with a bullet in the head or whatever these guys had planned out for me for defiling their only child…

It took a few seconds that felt like an eternity, but then Black Mr. Berry slowly opened the door. His eyes ran over me, assessing me in one glance and then he sighed deeply and turned his head. "Don't bother interrogating her anymore, Hiram, I know who the father is…"

What followed was pretty much on the top of my list of worst experiences ever, easily knocking the time my mom caught Santana on her knees giving me a blowjob in my room and just. Did. Not. Leave…

Rachel sat next to her Daddy, and tried comforting him while I had a staring competition with Black Mr. Berry.

Eventually, Black Mr. Berry, whose real name was actually Abraham, managed to get Hiram to stop weeping about, and I quote, "lost dreams and innocence broken." Rachel excused herself in the middle of things with a green tint to her skin and Hiram ran after her, muttering something about, "why did it always happen to the Jews," leaving me alone with Abraham Berry.

The look he sent me could have melted the flesh right off my bones and I swallowed hard, desperate for some kind of distraction. Finally, he leaned back a bit and blinked once. "I've never had a problem with you, Noah," he stated and I was immediately taken back to the time where he'd witnessed my meltdown after my old man up and left. "In fact, I've always encouraged the people in temple that spoke poorly of you, to see otherwise."

The neutral tone in his voice was creeping me out and I didn't know what to say. He just continued quietly, "I know that you're a good kid, with many abilities to succeed in life at your disposal. I've never said anything to your mother about the blatant bullying you've put my only child through over the years."

Oh crap, I think my heart was seizing and I could feel my skin turn clammy and cold at the realization that the man in front of me, gay or not, could probably kick my ass and had more reasons to than most of the people I knew. He'd known about my behavior towards Rachel all along…Whoa.

Abraham kept talking, and all my fear of him turned into anger when he spoke again, "You are going to help Rachel with this baby, no matter what. You will not run away from your responsibility or I will personally make you regret ever coming out of your mother in the first place. Are we clear?"

"Look Sir," I was pissed, but not suicidal, as I defended myself, "I have no intention of letting Rachel do anything on her own. It took two to make that baby and I'll support her in any way that I can. It's my kid too."

We stared at each other for a never ending second, before Abraham then shocked the hell out of me by smiling softly and saying, "Yeah, I'm not surprised to hear that. Let me worry about Hiram, you just keep taking care of my little girl."

Somehow that freaked me out more than the threat of violence and death and vengeance and shit. This guy trusted me to do well, to be better than I was. Now I knew where Rachel got it from, I guess.


The next day in school, people were looking at me funny, some grinned where they usually cowered and some actually muttered mockingly as I passed. Something I had not endured since I was dating Rachel the first time around. My senses immediately heightened, fully expecting a slushie to the face any second.

I turned a corner and was met with not only Santana's angry and slightly disbelieving face, but Finn's as well and that's when I knew that they all knew. How the hell did they find out so quickly? My mind instantly went to Kurt and I started searching the crowd for him and his black and co-fashion obsessed beard.

It was like he knew I was looking for him and what my first instinct would be, because suddenly there he was. Right in front of me with his hands raised. "I didn't do anything," he got out in a rush, diving one of those damned manicured hands into his bag and withdrew his sparkled cell phone and held it up so I could see what seemed to be a video clip from Jacob's infamous blog.

Again, I was assaulted with knowledge, knowing just how people had found out about Rachel's pregnancy and my involvement. "How the hell did he find out?" I muttered, grapping Kurt's phone to watch the stupid clip of the curly haired Jew with the unhealthy obsession of Rachel.

"I've managed to find out that he was hiding in the tree by my bedroom window," Rachel's voice surprised me and I actually jumped like a scared little girl, nearly dropping the phone in my hand. "I think he overheard Dad and Daddy's reaction when they first saw me yesterday and then when you arrived on the scene not long after that, it would be an easy guess as to who was responsible for the paternity."

The sound of her voice was odd, I noticed with a frown, handing the cell phone back to an equally confused Kurt, whose eyes were firmly on Rachel's blank face. It took a minute, but then it hit me; she sounded completely calm and collected, like none of this getting out fazed her at all.

I looked around and spotted several students and even a few teacher looking at us with something that looked like morbid curiosity in their eyes. Sighing with growing irritation, I took a firm, but gentle hold of Rachel's arm and led her into one of the rarely used classrooms nearby.

"Noah," she protested, her free hand cradled protectively over her belly. "I don't see any reason to manhandle me like this, I'm perfectly cable of following directions if you'd bother giving me some."

I didn't know whether to roll my eyes or grin at her being so…well, her. Finally, I just turned around and looked at her. "Okay, Berry. Tell me what's really going on behind those big brown eyes of yours." I demanded.

Rachel's brow furrowed as she crossed her arms. She looked genuinely bemused. "I'm not sure what I understand what it is that you want to know, Noah. I'm merely focused on getting through what will no doubt be a haring day full of judgmental stares and comments. Nothing else is, as you say, going on."

"Why aren't you freaking the fuck out right now? I mean, you're the chick that basically had a meltdown when Finn suggested that we just skip the matching outfits at regionals because it worked wonders for those choir kids in Sister Act 2."

Rachel huffed and uncrossed her arms and I was fully expecting her to yell at me, break down into a blubbering, insecure mess or have a Diva fit. Once again, she surprised me with her maturity.

"Noah Puckerman, I do not understand why you keep trying to make me feel a certain way. I've stated numerous times that I'm not ashamed of our unborn child or your involvement in it. It is true that I would've liked to keep it a secret for a little while longer, although I realize that it couldn't have lasted much longer anyway, because unlike Quinn, my Jewish hips are kicking in and I'm already bigger than she is and she's about a month or two further along than me. So," Rachel didn't pause and I spared one brief thought on the fact that her breath control was extremely good before focusing again, "I simply do not understand your question."

"Rachel," I began hesitantly, hating that her words had on some level brought me peace when I knew that she was the one that was now gonna live through an even worse experience of high school because that stupid dweeb, Jacob had outed her. "I know that, okay. I just hadn't expected you to behave so rationally about it all. I mean, it's one thing to say something and another to do it when it counts. I know that better than anyone." Hell that's one of the reasons that Quinn let me fuck her in the first place, but I don't think Rachel will appreciate that little tidbit of knowledge.

Not knowing that I was thinking about that one night where I might have sired my kid's half sibling, Rachel nodded with a small smile and I had this wild urge to just go over and kiss her, and because we were kindda dating, although there hadn't been an actual date yet, I did just that.

Her soft lips were as warm and addictive as I remembered and it was only the sound of the warning bell that put an end to the kiss. I would've kept going, but Rachel was and had always been, super committed to her studies so she ended the kiss and had the audacity to pat my cheek twice before leaving with a much brighter smile on her lips.

And I didn't even care that she'd basically petted me like a dog. In fact I'm pretty sure my smile was even bigger than hers as I followed suit and went to class.

As luck would have it, I shared that particular class with Finn and after a bit of glaring from his side, he and I actually ended up talking. He leaned over at one point and asked me if Rachel was as scary as Quinn when she was in one of her pregnancy moods and I took the time to clue him in on my theory about pregnant chicks and their hidden training in all things crazy.

Anyway, that's how not only Rachel's dads discovered the whole pregnancy deal, but the entire school as well. I hadn't told my mom yet, but Rachel had informed me that we were going to do so at the soonest possible time to prevent similar drama to that which had taken place with her dads.

To say I was looking forward to it was a gross overstatement, but I knew it had to be done.

But that wasn't really on the forefront on my mind; remember when I said that a lot of things had changed now that I was dating Rachel again? Well, fortunately for me, having impregnated her and already seen her naked, made Rachel a lot less shy about herself and we were making out like I'd never experienced before. And considering who's saying this, that's not to be taken lightly.

Somehow I always ended my days with swollen lips and a goofy grin that matched the one Finn usually walked around with, well the one he used to have all the time before Quinn got pregnant anyhow – I guess, she wasn't as levelheaded as Rachel and yeah, I do realize that that whole sentence doesn't seem right, but hell, I don't care.

I hadn't slept with Rachel again despite our heavy make out sessions, but I knew we were definitely heading that way and I won't lie and say I wasn't looking forward to it. If I was completely honest to myself, the night I spent with Rachel, her one moment of sadness aside, had been one of, if not the best experiences of my life and I was eager as fuck to get a repeat performance.

Evidently, my lustful thoughts and wishes weren't quite as in my head as I'd thought, because one day, in Glee, Brittany came up and sat down next to me with this little distracted smile that was a signature look on her, "Hey, Puck, you look on edge lately. I can help you with that." And then she actually proceeded to put her hand on my thigh, dangerously close to Puck Jr.

I was about to push her off me, because although I'd been a douche to most of my previous girlfriends and fidelity hadn't really been anything other than a fancy word, I didn't want to hurt Rachel. A part of me knew that should I ever get the balls to tell her about the whole Quinn deal, that it would fill up my hurt quota for the rest of our relationship however long it might be. But I never got a chance to push Brittany's hand off, because suddenly, Rachel was standing by my side, gripping the cheerleaders hand and firmly removing it.

"I'd appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself, Brittany." Her tone of voice was saccharine sweet, but the look in her eyes clearly told the admittedly dimwitted cheerio that her advances would not be tolerated. I held in a smug smirk, it was totally kick ass to be fought over like this, I have no idea why chicks always complain when dudes fight over them.

"Hey, don't touch Britt, RuPaul," Santana hissed from her seat next to Brittany. I rolled my eyes and ignored them; taking Rachel's soft hand in mine and kissed her knuckles briefly, while pretending I didn't see the shocked looks from my fellow Gleeks. So what if the Puckerone's reputation suffered a bit, I was still totally badass.

"Come on guys," Mr. Shue, thankfully, entered the choir room a moment later and drew the attention away from Rachel and me. "Let's run over the number we practiced last week one more time. And then you can all tell me if you're planning on anything special for the upcoming Thunderclap."

Oh damn it; I nearly groaned the words out loud. As if having to tell my mom that I had impregnated the golden child of Lima at sixteen wasn't enough, now I had to endure being hassled over some fucking picture because I was a member of the glee club. Could my life get any worse?

Rachel turned to me with a beaming smile, just as the thought ran through my head. "That's perfect Noah, we simply have to talk about what we're gonna wear. I'm so excited!"

Okay, apparently it could…


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