It All Started With Glee Club

Puck gets overprotective

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"I swear if this pimple doesn't go away…"

"I just bought this awesome top, really shows off my chest and…"

"…hope I don't accidentally blink this year."

All around me people were talking about that stupid ass Thunderclap like it was the biggest news since sliced bread. And, okay, not a lot happened in McKinley High, so I guess that's one thing, but still. It was stupid as fuck.

Also, my girlfriend and mother of my kid were going way overboard, reminding me why I spent so many years avoiding her save for the slushie thing.

Here I, Puck the Badass, am suddenly finding myself at the line in the crappy cafeteria for lunch, listening halfheartedly to Rachel blabbering on and on about color coordination and shit. It wasn't interesting in the least the first time I was forced to listen, and counting this time (the fifth) it was not getting any better.

I grabbed a couple of bottled water and quickly scanned the measly food options for something that wouldn't a) upset my scary ass pregnant girl's unstable stomach and b) force me into yet another lecture about dietary habits and what not. Don't even ask me how many times I've listened to that

"… What do you say, Noah?"

Oh shit, she was actually asking for my opinion. "Uhm, sure, sounds great." I feebly replied, hoping I would dodge a bullet that would pierce me relentlessly. Unfortunately, Rachel's dark eyes narrowed ominously and I knew I was screwed.

"Oh really. That's nice that you're agreeing that we should wear matching outfits to the Thunderclap. I'll make sure you get your pink shirt with laces this afternoon."

Crap. It was almost painful, but I managed a semi smile. "Sounds awesome. I'm hot enough for it to work, so bring it on, Berry."

Rachel rolled her eyes and started making her way over to the glee table in the corner where the rest of the gleeks were sitting, minus Santana, Brittany and Finn.

Quinn's eyes met mine briefly before they traveled over to Rachel's, or more specifically, her protruding belly. "Wow, Rachel, you look like yours is gonna be a big one. I mean, you're bigger than me already. Maybe you're taking the whole 'eat for two' too literally."

"Hey," I got out, fully ready to say something I probably shouldn't say in retaliation, when Rachel's tiny hand slipped into mine and she put on her diva smile.

"Thank you Quinn. I appreciate your honesty and may I just say that your pregnancy is making you glow. It's nice to see that not living with your parents, hasn't affected your beauty. Good thing living with them won't ever be an issue again."

I raised a brow, noticing the shocked look in not only Quinn's eyes, but the rest of the group sitting at the table. Rachel bringing up a hurtful subject all the while looking perky and innocent was definitely not like her.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit turned on. And, as an added bonus; she was no longer mad at me.

Of course, I wasn't the one hurt by her words so it was no skin off my back, but judging from the flash of genuine hurt in Quinn's eyes she was hit pretty bad.

"I-I've gotta…uhm, the food doesn't agree with me. Excuse me." Quinn muttered and in seconds, she was across the room and out the door.

I traded an uncomfortable glance with the other gleeks, while Rachel stood without moving, looking blankly at her fellow teenage mom to be's escape.

"I'll be right back," said Rachel after another long minute and left. I wanted desperately to go after her, there was still a part inside of me that feared that Quinn's vindictive side would spill everything and I just didn't want it. For some reason, the thought of losing Rachel and not just my future child was sending chills down my spine. And also, I really wanted to be there if it evolved into a chick fight.

Artie interrupted my thoughts and I allowed him to distract me from giving in to my desire to run after my girlfriend. "Pregnant girls can be evil, yo."

Rolling my eyes, I smiled and nodded in agreement. "Tell me about it, Dog."


When I saw Rachel again, she was sitting in the choir room right next to Quinn, and they both looked…happy. I'll never understand girls, never.

I walked up to them, but other than a quick smile from Rachel, they didn't acknowledge me so I walked over to Finn instead.

"Hey Man," he greeted me, smiling widely as was his habit. "Got booted from the girl moment like me? I think they're like connecting over being pregnant and stuff. It's nice, to be honest, it's the first time I've seen Quinn so relaxed in a long time."

I looked over at the girls and realized that Finn was right. Quinn looked better than I'd seen in a while and for once, her smile was just as big and beautiful as Rachel's. Well, I conceded on the inside, no one's smile was a beautiful as Rachel's, but it did give the cheerleader a human façade that fit her well.

My observations were put on hold when Mr. Shuester came into the room grinning brightly with a proud look in his eyes. "Great news gang, I've gotten you a spot on the Thunderclap."

All around me there was groans and moans even as Shue continued explaining the conditions. I sighed, knowing full well, who Rachel would expect to be Co-Captain with. Damn boyfriend responsibilities.

I knew that I would most likely have avoided taking any pictures with her and anything involving Glee Club not too long ago, but I wasn't a pansy. I could handle whatever mockery I was bound to get. And if Azimo and his wanna be just as cool as me friends said anything, I knew I could kick their asses. Although, I knew I'd have to hide it from Rachel, knowing her views on violence whenever it wasn't about music or her place in the spotlight.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see the pitying looks from some of my fellow gleeks and I turned my head and smirked, making damn sure they all knew I wasn't scared of anything, especially getting one fucking picture taken.

Besides, the beaming look that Rachel kept sending my way for the duration of practice was well worth it.


The next day went by and before I knew it, Rach was dragging me down the hallway to the room where the photographer had set up shop so to speak. They got into some boring debate about something with angles and light and crap, so naturally I stopped paying attention, preferring to flex my big ass guns a bit as a much needed distraction.

Suddenly I heard sobbing and I nearly broke my neck, that's how fast I snapped it around to see what was going on. One quick glare at the shocked photographer told me that he hadn't deliberately made Rachel cry, so I stopped planning his imminent death and turned to console my girl.

Except, in the blink of an eye, Rachel stood up, wiped her face delicately with a monogrammed handkerchief and said, "As you can see, my acting skills are perfect. I can do anything, so you won't have to hold any auditions, Sir."

"Seriously?" I asked, crossing my arms and raising my eyebrow in question.

All I got for my trouble, was a ," Shh, Noah, not right now," before Rachel's full attention flew back to the older man, who was looking at her like she'd just popped the kid in front of him. I could totally relate, and I knew beforehand that Berry had the Crazies.

Fifteen minutes later, Rachel was damn near skipping her way into the choir room to announce her part in getting us all a part in a mattress commercial. I couldn't help but grin proudly as the others started basically jumping for joy.

Of course, we all needed Rachel's brilliance to get a decent commercial done when it came down to it. I found out that I couldn't act for shit and that sucked. But we ended up doing something way cooler than some lame sketch. But it wasn't without difficulties, because I learned that my growing feelings for Rachel were turning into this massive protective instinct.

The minute she stepped onto those admittedly soft mattresses, I freaked. Within two quick strides, I'd reached her and helped her down to the ground again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the rest of our club looking at me like I'd lost my fucking mind. But I hadn't, I just didn't want anything to happen to Rachel or our kid and that's pretty much what I told her.

"You're being ridiculous, Noah," Rachel announced, placing one hand on her hip and the other on her baby bump. "I mean, look at Quinn, she's further along than I am, but I don't see Finn stomping around acting like an asinine alpha male."

Behind me I heard Finn's voice, "I think Puck's right, Quinn. You should, you know, be careful."

"Don't drag me into this!" Quinn's hissed response was clearly audible over the mutterings of the crew around us. I couldn't care less, I just wanted Rachel to get off her high horse and listen to me.

"Look," I ran a hand through my 'hawk, trying not to let my frustration show too much, "you might be right about the Quinn part, but you're bigger than her already, so you look more and probably are more fragile and-"

"Wait, are you calling me fat?"

Instantly my self-preservation threw up huge neon signs in my mind that flashed repeatedly, "Abort, and get the hell out of Dodge!" I swallowed a lump of something that was definitely not fear and soldiered on.

"You can't deny that your baby bump is just a little bit bigger than hers, so you should just be more careful, that's all…" I was pretty much sweating bullets as I ended the sentence. The glare she was giving me was worse than anything I'd ever been on the receiving end of before, and let's not forget that I dated Santana for a long time.

"Oh really? So not only do you see me as a disgusting pig," I had no fucking idea where she got that from, "but you're saying that I'm weak too. I can't believe you."

Rachel turned to walk away from me, probably to call her fathers, who would come running and more than likely be packing heat to end my sorry ass, and I snapped.

I grabbed hold of her wrist and stopped her from walking away from me as I all but yelled out, "Stop being so stupid, Berry. You're not fat; I don't see you as a fat pig at all. You're fucking beautiful and anyone claiming anything else will get their ass kicked! And I don't think you're weak, I'm pretty sure you could wipe the floor with just about anyone here. And fucking excuse me for caring about my kid; I don't want anything to happen to any of you, especially over some stupid commercial, okay? But fuck that; go jump to the damn roof amd crack your skull for all I care!"

I stopped, taking a deep breath to calm my anger, while trying to ignore the dumbfounded expressions on the faces I could see out of the corner of my eyes. I knew my badass reputation was in serious jeopardy, but fuck if I cared at that point in time. I was furious all of the sudden; why the hell did Rachel suddenly act like everything we'd been through didn't matter? Why was she treating me like I was an asshole? Well, fuck her, I wasn't going to come running if she tumbled off one of the fluffy mattresses and hurt herself or our child.

I gasped as the image of an injured Rachel suddenly flew into my mind and I retracted my earlier thoughts instantly. Of course I would come running; I'd have her at the nearest hospital before any of the others would even get a chance to fucking blink. The mere thought of her hurt was causing my entire body to tremor for a moment.

Rachel's voice brought me back to the present and I looked down at her silently, gaping a bit at her soft spoken words. "Okay then. Thank you Noah for caring and I'm sorry for misinterpreting your intentions. I'll sit over by Artie during shooting. Tina can take the first verse where all the action is taking place."

Then the crazy brunette leaned up on her toes and planted a quick, sweet kiss on my still slightly parted lips and walked over to Artie where Quinn was sitting too and sending glares at Finn. I felt someone walk over to me and I looked to the side and met Finn's gaze. He looked almost miserable.


"Now I have to come up with something just as awesome to prove my feelings or there'll be no living with her after this…" Finn announced quietly, biting his lips in worry. His entire face was etched in concentration and I could feel my spirit rising and I let out a barking laugh and slapped him on the back.

"Good luck with that, Dude."

We didn't get a chance to talk more after that because Rachel interrupted the moment by calling out, "Are we doing this or what? We might need another rehearsal now that Tina is taking over and her voice could use a bit of a better warm up, seeing as it's not as powerful as my own."

Grinning I took my place, but not before sharing a small, sincere smile with Rachel, who was now perched beside Artie like the Diva she really was.


It didn't take long before the ad was aired and that's when I was hit by another wave of problems. Not only did Mr. Shue's home life turn to shit; his and Sue Sylvester's actions brought even more drama to our lives and we had to take a full on Thunderclap picture without him, but when I got home that afternoon, after dropping Rachel off at her house, I was met with my mother's loud voice.


I held up a finger to stop her momentarily as she barreled down the stairs, practically shooting fire out of her nose, and took out my phone and dialed Rachel's number. She answered after the first ring and I quickly spoke before she could say anything.

"So you know how we planned to tell my mom about everything this weekend? Well, it might be a little too late for that…"

There was a beat of silence and then I heard Rachel sigh heavily. "I'll get my dads and be right over, Noah." Then she hung up and I gingerly placed my phone on the coffee table and looked right into my mom's narrowed eyes. I took in a deep breath and let it out with a nod at my mom a second later.

"Okay, now you can start..."


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