Just Another Normal Day (Normal Days I)

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

'I am perfectly all right, Merlin!' Arthur could hear himself snap at his servant and he knew he should feel bad about it, but right now he was just too mad to bring himself to care.

He was standing outside the barn, or rather, what remained of the barn. The king of Camelot had no idea what Morgana had done with that last spell, but the whirlwind that came from it had made the already weakened building collapse almost entirely. Fortunately no one had died as a result of Morgana's last trick, although several CO19 officers were severely injured. The Section Chief herself had come out of it with a twisted ankle and several scratches and bruises from where Morgana had thrown her against the walls. Not that Ros Myers was the kind of person to comment on that. Arthur even doubted she would admit that she was hurt even when she was bleeding out.

Or maybe it was just easy to forget that you were hurt when there were so many other things to occupy your mind. Arthur knew he was not in his best shape himself, still feeling the aftereffects of the drug and the benefits of being magically tossed across the room, but he found it surprisingly easy to ignore that.

Harry was on the phone, shouting again, but Arthur did not feel the need to know who the unfortunate person was his wrath was directed against. He was still too busy replaying the final showdown in the now no longer existing barn in his mind. In hindsight it had been an extremely foolish idea to take his eyes off Morgana. He had known she was dangerous, he had known he should have dealt with her when he had the chance and he had still messed it up, even as he had her cornered.

But he was almost as angry with Merlin as he was with himself. After all, he had the chance as well, but at the moment itself he had been incapable of doing what it took. And he had not yet forgotten their fight either, so his servant's fussing was more than a little unwelcome.

'You're bleeding,' the warlock pointed out.

'Scratches,' he replied dismissively.

Merlin did not understand, but then he had never even liked Lucas. Arthur had, still did. He had no idea if the man was even still alive. If anything, it was for sure that Morgana was not going to be happy with the way things had turned out. And now Lucas was at her mercy and they had no idea where to even start looking. The king of Camelot felt like hitting something or, better still, someone in frustration.

Ros seemed to share this feeling. The Section Chief glared at Merlin as if she wanted him for lunch. No doubt she held him responsible for the failing of the operation. Arthur found he shared that feeling. If he had done something, this would not have happened and Lucas would not have been abducted to God knows where.

Well, at least one good thing had come from all this: Hogan had been taken. If anyone would know something about Morgana's plans and hide-outs it would be him. They could get their information right from the horse's mouth, had the horse's mouth not been firmly shut, with no intention of opening anytime soon. The former CIA officer had been cuffed and manhandled into a car to be transported back to Thames House, where hopefully they would succeed in changing his mind about not talking.

'News?' he asked as Ros came over.

The expression on her face should have been all the answer he needed. 'Not bloody likely!' she spat. 'Harry's arranging a meeting with the Home Secretary now. You are going to meet him in an hour.'

Arthur was severely tempted to ask why, but he decided to save that question for her boss. They may have been allies, possibly were still, but right now Ros's temper was already running low. It would not do to try her patience any further.

'What do you want me to do?' Merlin asked. The look in his eyes was guarded. You didn't need to be an expert on the Section Chief's moods to see that she was positively livid and that she blamed Merlin for the fact that this entire operation had gone completely belly-up. Arthur found he could not blame her for that.

'You and I are going to interrogate Bob bloody Hogan.' Ros spoke the name as if it were some kind of contagious disease she might catch if she came anywhere near it. 'And we had better get anything useful out of him.'

Arthur suddenly didn't mind that he would go with Harry on his own. He had a feeling that putting Ros Myers and Merlin together in a room with Bob Hogan might not only be bad for the American's health, but was quite possibly a danger to all the persons involved.

He left them to discuss their interrogation strategy and joined Harry in another car. He quickly shed the blanket some of the medics insisted he wore around his shoulders and slid into the passenger seat. Harry was still barking orders into the phone and Arthur thought it best to leave the head of Section D to it.

It at least gave him the time to order his thoughts. He still had no idea what he was even supposed to think about all this. Maybe it was just best to start with something simple, something he was absolutely sure of: Lucas was no traitor. Every doubt he had harboured – and after his abductions there had been a good few – had gone down the drain the moment he had heard the spook snap at Hogan the very reasons why he would be the last person alive to ever betray his colleagues. The fact that he had pointed his gun at the other man had, admittedly, greatly helped in convincing the king of Camelot.

Having said that, he still had no idea why Lucas had thought it a good idea to make Arthur believe it was all for real. He had not really been afraid for his life, but he sure as hell had been ready to dispose of Lucas as well as of Hogan and Morgana if he got as much as half a chance. Was that just the nature of his work or had he really been right at the very edge, about to turn over to Morgana and burn all his bridges behind him?

Well, it was a useless question to be asking. The only person who could answer it was either dead or in a very tight spot and he had only gotten himself into that position because of Arthur. He would love to pretend otherwise, but it remained a fact that had Arthur not floated the idea of taking on Morgana on their own, Lucas would still be with them. True, he might still be quite pissed off and frustrated, but he would also be very much alive.

He was pondering this as he silently walked next to Harry through the corridors of Whitehall. The head of the section was still on the phone, snapping, barking and giving orders left, right and centre, but Arthur was not really listening. It wouldn't do him much good and by now he had resigned himself to the fact that he would never understand more than a tenth of the things his allies were saying.

Things only got interesting again as they entered Nicholas Blake's office. It had only been a few days ago since he had last been here, but it felt like a lifetime. Because a few days ago he had had no idea what was really happening here and now he was into it up to his eyeballs. Arthur decided he liked the ignorance better.

'Harry. Arthur.' The greeting was far less friendly and far less amused than it had been too.

'Home Secretary.' Harry's greeting was equally curt. Arthur himself settled for just an acknowledging nod. Last time he checked Blake had been altogether friendly with Richard Dolby, even if he had taken Ros's side in the end, and he doubted things had changed that much.

'Take a seat,' Blake told them.

Arthur reluctantly did as he was told. He very much preferred to remain standing so that was towering over the politician. In Camelot that always was rather effective. But in Camelot he always got his way and that was not the case here, as much as he'd hate that.

'Would you like to explain what you were doing this morning, Harry?' Mr Blake looked like he had spent the night in his office, living on only coffee and adrenaline. His tie was hanging halfway down his chest and his clothes were all rather crumpled. 'I had the American ambassador on the phone and he told me your people had threatened to tell lies about them to the press…'

'They were not lies,' Arthur interjected.

Blake's face told him he really had not wanted to know that and he continued as if he hadn't. 'And now I had a call from your boss telling you called out the cavalry to do God knows what!'

'Yes, that has to be somewhere in my job description,' Harry said pleasantly, not at the very least impressed by the accusing tone. Arthur suspected he had years and years of experience in playing politicians. It should not be that much of a surprise that he seemed perfectly at ease here. If he was worrying about his officer's safety, of which Arthur was almost one hundred percent sure, he didn't show it. 'Especially when the most dangerous witch in history abducts my officers and threatens to blow dozens of civilians sky-high. She still has my best field officer. I require every assistance I can get to get a full-scale witch hunt organised as soon as possible to track her down before she can do any more damage.'

'Harry, we don't call the cavalry for personal rescue missions…' Blake started. 'As much as I would love to help you, I cannot allow you to use our resources, paid for with the tax payers' money, to be used to save one officer.'

'Why not?' Arthur demanded. Lucas had saved his life. He must have known he put himself at risk, doing that. It was a sacrifice and Arthur could not allow that to go unanswered. He had relied on Lucas to keep him safe throughout the operation. Now it was time to return the favour. And they could not afford to lose any more time while this politician was being deliberately obstructive. 'Home Secretary, I do not think you fully understand the situation we are currently in. Lucas North risked his life for me. I can't sit back and wait for Morgana to torture him to death!'

Even while he said that he recalled a very different, yet very similar conversation he had once had with his father. In the back of his head he heard his father's voice again: 'Then don't look. This boy won't be the last to die on your behalf. You're going to be king. It's something you'll have to get used to.'

Arthur remembered those words had made him want to throw up, even back then, when he had still been that arrogant prat of a prince. 'I can't accept that,' he had told his father.

'One day I will be dead and Camelot will need a king. I'm not going to let you jeopardise the future of this kingdom for the sake of one serving boy!' Uther's voice rose in anger as he turned towards his son, who was just about ready to ride out and face danger for his manservant who was dying as a result of a poison that had been meant for Arthur himself.

'Because his life is worthless?' Arthur had demanded, face wrinkling in disgust at that idea.

'No, because it is worth less than yours.'

Those harsh and unfeeling words now echoed in Arthur's mind and he realised that even in this day and age things had not really changed. Arthur was still the privileged royal who was expected to stand by and watch as other people risked their lives for him, lost their lives for him. And it made him furious.

And the Home Secretary reacted as expected. He was a little nervous, knowing who it was that he was talking to, but his resolve never wavered. 'It cannot be done. He is just one man and I have an entire population to think about. I am truly sorry to hear about this, but it was his duty.'

It was her duty and she will be honoured for it. His father's words sounded in his mind once again, immediately followed by Morgana's: I don't want her honoured, I want her rescued!

And that was exactly how Arthur felt now and, by the looks of it, Harry as well. The head of Section D slammed his fist on the table, making the cups on it rattle. 'This man sacrificed eight years of his life in a Russian prison for the sake of this country!' he bellowed. 'And he has never once betrayed any secrets to his interrogators. We owe him.'

Nicholas Blake at least looked slightly uncomfortable, maybe even guilty. 'I understand your emotions…'

But Arthur had just about enough of it. 'Emotions?' he echoed. 'Is that really all this is to you? Someone's life is at stake here!' Somehow he had ended up on his feet during that little speech, although he could not for the life of him remember doing that. Not that it mattered. And he was too angry to care about it anyway. 'Lucas North has been taken by Morgana, because he tried to save me and therefore wasted every chance he had of getting out of there himself. I will not leave him at her mercy!'

If he had hoped that this would actually change Blake's mind, he was sorely mistaken. The politician gave every impression of wanting to get out of this office, as far away from the angry king of Camelot as he possibly could, but Arthur's shouting did not change the decision he had no doubt already made before Harry had even begun his report. 'I agree, it is regrettable.'

Wasn't this man just infuriating? Arthur just wanted to bang his head against the nearest wall. He might even have done it, if he believed it would actually help. As it was that course of action would probably only lead to someone calling the security and that would not help at all in getting Lucas out of Morgana's clutches at all. There was however one way…

'Regrettable?' he shouted, unable to hold it back. He could hardly believe someone could truly be this unfeeling. Could he really just sentence one of his own people to die from his comfortable chair whilst drinking a cup of tea? It made the king's blood boil. 'It is a shame, that it is, but I will not call this regrettable until we know for certain that he has gone. Until then we are going to do everything in our power to bring Lucas home and you are going to cooperate.' He stabbed his finger at the politician's chest.

He knew he was treading on very thin ice here, but it had worked well enough the day before. If he had learned one thing from his encounter with Laurie Werner it was that blackmail worked even better than shouting and if that was the way to get this annoying man to do his bidding, then that was what he would do. Of course it would be even better to have the option to throw him in the dungeons, but without that option available he would have to settle for the next best thing.

At least his barely concealed threat ruffled some feathers. 'I beg your pardon?'

Harry sent Arthur a warning glance, which the king pretended not to see. 'Because if you will not, I think my colleagues are more than capable, and willing, to dig up some dirt on you and only imagine how the press would react to that.' It was a gamble. He wasn't even sure that there was something to threaten Nicholas Blake with, but desperate times asked for desperate measures and it would be more than worth it if Blake fell for it.

And he did. He had gone unhealthily pale and he had been bristling with rage only seconds later, but he did give his permission to use quite a few resources to try and bring Lucas back. Of course that was not how he phrased it. In his words it was only to try and catch Morgana, who indeed was a credible threat to national security. It was of course purely coincidence that finding Morgana would automatically also mean finding Lucas, because officially they were not allowed to go and look for him until after they had dealt with Morgana.

But Arthur was not going to be difficult about it. He felt reasonably pleased with his own performance when they exited the office, Harry already digging up his phone again to issue orders to the team.

'I have to ask,' the elderly spook said as they walked out of the building. 'Is this the first time you manipulated the will of another person?'

'Apart from Merlin and Miss Werner?' Arthur asked.

Harry nodded.

The king thought about that for a second and then nodded too. 'Yes, I think so.'

The head of Section D snorted. 'You're a born spook, Arthur Pendragon.'

Somehow he quite liked the sound of that.

By the time she was on her way to collect Merlin from his temporary desk Ros at least had her emotions more or less under control again. She still felt like shouting at the warlock for letting Morgana escape, but she could control herself now. She even was capable of giving herself a good mental scolding. Her emotions were supposed to stay far away from Thames House and Ros had just committed the worst crime possible: she had allowed her personal feelings to influence her work.

So get a bloody grip on yourself, Myers, she told herself sternly, forcing herself to remember exactly what had happened the last time she had let herself be blinded by her feelings. And Ros was in no hurry to repeat the Yalta experience, which in this case meant she had to rein in her temper and work together with that pathetic excuse for a sorcerer who failed at his attempt of being Superman.

At least he seemed fully aware of the consequences of his actions, which was something, Ros supposed. He had thrown himself at his work while she had arranged for Hogan to be transported to one of their charming basement holding cells. What he had been doing, Ros did not know, but he had been doing it with a devotion she had seldom seen before.

And they would need to work hard on this one, because right now they hadn't got a clue as to where Lucas had been taken. Ros had called Malcolm the moment they had left the barn to trace that tracker that Lucas was still carrying on his person and the technician had promised to get right down to it. At least this had given her some hope that they would be able to get to him before it was too late.

But her hopes had gone right down the drain the moment she had set foot on the Grid and Malcolm had run at her with the news that for some reason that was even beyond his comprehension the tracker had stopped working. This should not have been possible, unless it had been destroyed, which would only have happened if Morgana had found and destroyed it. That didn't do anything to improve either Lucas's chances of survival or the Section Chief's already bad mood.

'You, with me,' she told him in passing, not even waiting for his reply. She wasn't sure yet she could listen to one without flying off the handle again.

Merlin seemed to sense that. He just got up and followed her, although to remain silent was apparently too much to ask. 'What are we going to do?' he asked.

The Section Chief was tempted to throw her hands in the air in exasperation. It wasn't as if she hadn't told him before. 'Are you deaf?' she countered.

That had him blushing and stammering like a school boy. 'No, no, I mean, how are we going to interrogate him?'

'Just a nice little getting-to-know-you chat,' Ros replied through clenched teeth. If it had been up to her she would have intensively interrogated the man right away, but that idea had been vetoed by Harry, just in case the powers that be decided that the American should be returned to his rightful owners and they would not want to upset them by returning Hogan in a more or less damaged state.

Sod them. If the CIA got their hands on Hogan they would just release him again. Or they would lock them away in the black hole that was their prison system and they would never see him again. And in either of those cases they would never get the information they needed from him.

'We'll go in, try to get something out of him and report back to Harry when he comes back,' she clarified.

Merlin frowned. 'That's it? He'll never tell us anything!'

That she could have figured out herself perfectly. Hogan was a trained CIA officer with years and years of experience. Even though he may be fat and out of practise, he quite possibly knew every single way to get another spy talking. And that would also mean that he also knew every single way to keep his mouth shut, no matter what they did to him.

'We are not allowed to touch him,' Ros pointed out. 'But with your powers you don't really need to touch him, do you?' That was the small flaw in Harry's order and she would not hesitate to use it. Ros's own appearance might also serve to throw him off balance. Hogan hated her with a passion for her involvement with Yalta. It might strengthen his resolve not to talk, but it might also make him angry enough to blurt something out that he should not have said.

Merlin had frozen in mid-motion. 'You can't be serious!' he exclaimed. 'I mean, we can't…'

Ros cut him off. 'Yes, you can,' she snapped. 'Because if you cannot, Lucas will die and Morgana will get away. And right now, I am your superior officer, so you will do what it takes. Is that understood?'

The warlock sent her a defying look.

'You may not like Lucas,' she told him. 'But he is your colleague for the moment and he was abducted to save that precious king of yours when you could not. You owe him.'

That seemed to land the message home and the warlock nodded. 'I know.' He almost sounded subdued now and he didn't meet Ros's eyes. Shame, she should hope.

'I should bloody well hope so,' she growled at him. 'Now, when we're in there, you are going to ignore everything he says about me or my past. He'll try to turn us against each other and you're not going to let him. Keep in mind that we need to get him talking. The rest is not important.'

Had she been carrying out this interrogation with Lucas, she would not have needed to say this. He would have understood all this without her needing to spell it out to him. But he was Morgana's prisoner and it would be up to them to get him back. She had made a silent vow to herself that she would not let him relive the nightmare that had been Russian prison again. A year ago she had failed to bring Zaf home and he had died. Lucas was going to come home.

But Merlin nodded. He even seemed to grasp the meaning of what she said, which was a miracle in and out of itself. Arthur had called the man an idiot and the more she saw of the warlock, the more she tended to agree with him.

They reached the interrogation room and Ros mentally braced herself. It would not do to let herself be ruled by her emotions now. Go in, get that information and get out again.

'After you,' she told Merlin.

Hogan had been properly cuffed to his chair and Ros was glad of it. While she was quite certain that between her and Merlin they would be perfectly capable of restraining Hogan should he try something, it was better still to know that he couldn't try something in the first place.

The American gave Merlin a fleeting glance, but didn't seem to be thinking him important. And taken into account that Merlin's performance in the barn had been anything but impressive, Ros could not really blame him for that. She sincerely hoped that he could get himself together and be a bit more decisive in here. They needed that information.

But Merlin's attitude was worrying. As soon as Arthur was in some way involved, Merlin would give it his all. He had worked on the operation so hard only because Morgana had been trying to get to Arthur and even the Al-Qaeda operation had been a way for him to get help for the traitor problem in Camelot. But now Arthur was no longer in danger and the warlock could obviously not care less about Lucas. If he could, then he would not have been so quick to distrust him in the first place.

She was well aware that she was trying to delay the moment she had to look at the man they had taken captive. She wished she could figure out why he terrified her so much, because really, it wasn't as if he had done so much harm to her. True, he had been demanding of Harry to hand her over when her involvement with Yalta had been revealed and she was pretty sure that he would have killed her if only given the chance, but when it came down to it, Juliet Shaw had come a hell of a lot closer to achieving that goal with her blasted needle than this piece of garbage.

So, get yourself together, Myers, she told herself firmly. You mess this up, then Lucas will pay the price for that failure.

That was exactly the kind of encouragement that she needed right now. Lucas was still in danger and this man held the key to finding him. And Lucas had seen too many years of captivity already. It was her job to make sure that he didn't see any more.

She slid the door shut behind her and leaned against it with an expression of perfect boredom, while Merlin took a chair. This, of course, didn't mean that she did not dare come any closer. It was purely for operational reasons.

Hogan's eyes seemed to measure her and Ros forced herself to meet his gaze evenly. She would do well to remember that she, and not he, was the interrogator here.

'Ros Myers,' Hogan acknowledged in the end. His tone managed to convey perfectly all the contempt he felt for her.

The Section Chief grimaced. 'The feeling is mutual.' Forcing herself to think of the things this man had done helped in turning her irrational fear to rational hatred. That she could deal with. No problem whatsoever. 'Now, I think you know how this goes,' she told him nicely, slowly walking over to the chair next to Merlin's, opposite Bob Hogan. 'You are going to tell us where your charming accomplice is or you'll never see daylight again.' It would be no good trying to charm Hogan into anything anyway. She might as well start out being her usual self all the time.

'And where would spilling the beans, as it were, leave me?' Hogan wondered.

'With the warm feeling of doing the right thing,' Ros countered with a smile that normally sent all her enemies – and her own colleagues half of the time – running for cover. 'Must be a new experience for you.'

Hogan seemed not in the least bit alarmed, which was an alarming fact in and out of itself. 'Do you even know how that feels, Miss Myers, after all you've done?' The smirk was too obvious to miss.

A small part of Ros, the impulsive part, wanted to do nothing more than to hit Hogan, or do something equally stupid. She did not know how he did it, but that man got right under her skin. A somewhat wiser part told her to start following her own advice and not listen to anything he said about her and her past. Yalta had been over and done with and her involvement with them had been forgiven the moment she had been reinstated.

She ignored him. 'What do you think will happen to that comfortable retirement if you keep your mouth shut?' she asked casually. If her hand tightened around her coffee mug that was purely coincidental. It had nothing to do whatsoever with her urge to throttle this man with her bare hands. Nothing at all.

The American's eyes narrowed. 'Are you offering me a deal, Miss Myers?'

In your dreams. There was just no way she would ever give in to any demands Hogan might make. He was not going to be free again, not while she lived and breathed. 'Well, let's look at it this way, shall we?' she proposed, before she elaborated: 'You tell me nothing and I can make this process a very long and painful one for you. You tell me where to find Morgana and I might just decide to not kill you.' Right away.

This of course was bluff. If Blake was trying to make nice with the Americans there was every chance of them having to give Hogan back. That they lost track of Morgana in the process was something those politicians probably didn't think about for a moment. Honestly, the longer Ros worked here, the more she understood Harry's absolute dislike of every single politician in existence. It would be up to her – since Merlin didn't seem to be doing anything useful so far – to get that information they needed as soon as they possibly could.

Hogan knew this. 'You're bluffing, Myers. Your government won't let you get away with that.'

Ros smirked at him. 'They let me get away with treason,' she reminded him. If he was going to try and use her past against her, she might as well use it against him as well. 'How difficult do you think they'll be when they learn I accidentally killed the man responsible for the station bombing? Who knows, might do our image some good with the general public.'

Merlin had been getting restless during this little exchange. He gave the impression of sitting on a hedgehog rather than a comfortable chair. 'We're wasting time here,' he suddenly interjected. Ros felt the urge to slap him down for interrupting him just as Hogan was finally starting to look a tad bit uneasy, but the warlock was already going on again before she could say a single word. 'You're trying to buy time so that we won't get to Lucas in time,' he accused Hogan.

Maybe Ros had been mistaken about him, she wondered. Maybe the warlock did care about what happened to her colleague. Or maybe he was just trying to get back into Arthur's good books by helping to save the man Arthur considered a friend. That scenario wasn't out of the question either. Either way, he seemed rather passionate about this and as long as that was the case she did not feel the need to question his motives. She would save that for later. For now they were allies.

Hogan replied with a smirk of his own. Keep this up and this would turn into a smirking contest rather than an interrogation. 'You must be Merlin. Not quite as impressive as I would have imagined.'

Had Ros been in his place she would have retaliated immediately by showing him some impressive magic, preferably the kind that would keep this man pinned against the nearest wall to drive the message home. Merlin did no such thing. 'We want to know where Morgana is,' he told Hogan. 'And we will use any means necessary to get that information out of you.' There was a cold in his voice now that Ros had only heard a few times before and even though she would rather die than admit it, she found it a bit scary. It was almost, she pondered, as if there was some deathly magic radiating off him that would be obvious even to those who did not know that he possessed those powers in the first place. There was authority here. From anyone else's mouth this would have sounded like plain old threatening, but Merlin managed to make it sound as if he would not have any trouble at all making good on his threats. There was something rather unnerving about that.

Hogan too had heard it, if that flash of unease that crossed his face was anything to go by. But he had been a spook all his life and he had learned to mask his feelings. 'Well, you see, here's the thing, Merlin,' he said. There was a gleam in his eyes that Ros did not trust at all. 'I can start telling you everything I know, of course, but what good would that do me? You would just get rid of me as soon as the last word had left my mouth. And at least I know you won't kill me as long as you think I still have some valuable information. And I won't part with that unless you offer me a good deal that involves money, a passport and safe passage to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with either the UK or the US.'

Ros had been in the Service for quite a long time, long enough to know that they would not be getting anything from him today. Her fingers were itching to turn the screws on him, but she also knew she could not do so until she knew for sure that they would be allowed to hang onto Hogan for a while.

'We're done here,' she announced.

Merlin stared at her with wide eyes, clearly incapable of believing that she would give up that soon already. 'But…' he began to protest.

Ros forced herself not to explode. Had that man not yet learned to obey orders without question? 'No really, we're done.' She got up and walked around the table, placing her coffee, still steaming hot, in front of Hogan on the table. 'And you might as well finish that.' Her smile was sickening sweet. 'You're going to need it for when I return the next time. Because then I will not be so nice as I was just now.' And that was more of a promise than it was a threat.

Hogan scowled at her. 'You really think you could fool me into drinking that, Myers?' he snorted. 'What would happen to me if I drank that? Would I just start throwing up or would it be something much worse?'

Ros copied Connie's most dismissive tut with ease as she shook her head at him. 'None of that, I think,' she told him. 'Though I do need to warn you. It's very…' She pushed the mug off the table, spilling its contents right into the American's lap. 'Hot,' she finished. She had done that some years before as well, but why not use the same tactic more than once, especially when there was just no way one could argue with the results?

Hogan howled in pain as the hot liquid came into contact with his private parts and Merlin's eyes widened at the sight of it. The warlock had clearly not been expecting her to do something he would probably call sadistic. Maybe it was just best that he didn't yet know she had not so long ago killed someone with a fork. He might just faint hearing that.

She leaned over. 'And next time, I'm going to do much worse to you,' she whispered into his ears before straightening up. 'So I'll leave you to ponder the consequences of not being a little more communicative.'

With that threat she ushered Merlin out of the door. No matter what it took, she would get this man to talk. That was a promise.

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