Changing Lives


After the Final Battle went horribly wrong, Fawkes presented Harry with a choice.Waking up in 1972 in his ten year old body, Harry has to stop a war without anyone figuring out who he is.

Action / Drama
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Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I wouldn't be sharing a room with my three siblings in my Grandparent's house.

The story was inspired by mini-mid's Harry Potter and the Pheonix Burning but I do plan to make many important changes to the plotline.

Harry's eyes snapped open and he stared at the night sky. His mind was spinning as he tried to remember what had happened. Memories flashed through his mind as he remembered Colin, Fred, Remus, and Tonks' bodies all lying in the Great Hall before the remaining fighters had left to finally finish the war. He remembered the killing curse hitting him and the choice he had made, then tumbling from Hagrid's arms and beginning to fight again before Voldemort had disappeared from his sight.

Luna had fallen first, taking a killing curse that had been aimed at Neville. They hadn't even seen who had cast it. After Lucius Malfoy had sent the same horrible green curse at Hermoine, Harry had seen something he never thought possible as Hermoine's death caused Ron and Draco to fight side by side against her killer. Ron had fallen as well before Draco had killed his own father in revenge for the murder of those he had always pretended to hate. The loss of a second child had sent the Weasley parents into a frenzy, taking down five Death-Eaters before Ginny's death right in front of them sent Ms. Weasley into shock. She had never even seen the green light coming at her.

In his grief, Harry cast every spell he could think of as he parted the crowd of Death Eaters to get to Voldemort. He found Voldemort in the middle of a crowd of his followers, letting them shield him just as he had accused Harry of allowing his friends to do. A vicius duel had begun and Harry had been convinced more than once that he would not survive the fight until both had cast a spell at once and their wands locked as they had so many years ago in the graveyard. Harry found strength in his determination to avenge his friends and the killing curse Voldemort had cast had rebounded against him, killing the man for the final time, but the fight didn't end there.

As the battle raged on, Harry, Neville, and Draco all ended up fighting together against the remaining Death Eaters until Draco was killed by someone he had once called his friend, Gregory Goyle. The battle continued until it came down between Harry and Neville fighting back to back against Bellatrix and and two others who had refused to leave unlike many of the remaining Death Eaters who had realized they were losing the battle. Bellatrix Lestrange made her final mistake by killing Neville, whom Harry believed to be his last remaining friend. In his rage, Harry didn't even remember what curse he had cast, he only knew that there wasn't much left of the woman.

As the smoke settled and the survivors gathered, Harry discovered that the only remaining Weasleys were Arthur, Percy, and George. Bill and Fleur had fallen together, side by side, and Charlie had taken three Death Eaters with him as he avenged his brother. Hannah Abbott, Terry Boot, Parvati Patil, and Dean Thomas were the only other students that had survived the battle. Madam Pomfrey, Professors McGonagall and Flitwick had been killed along with most of the Order and Harry had suddenly found himself wondering if winning was even worth it.

Hours later, he had headed into the forest in hopes of having one final conversation with his friends but he was unable to find the stone. He had broken down, falling down against a tree as the adrenaline finally began to fade away and he found himself able to feel the pain of the injuries he had been ignoring. Through the cloud of tears, he almost didn't see the Pheonix in front of him until he heard a voice inside of his head.

'Too many lives have been lost today.' The voice said, 'In fact, too many lives have been lost throughout this war with that mad man who called himself Voldemort. His death does not erase their's.'

"I tried, Fawkes." He said as he stroked the bird, still in shock himself, "I'm sorry."

'I know that you did, Young One. This was not your fault. Too much was placed on your shoulders. I can tell you are to be my bonded now and I can offer you a choice. It's not often done but under these circumstances, I believe it may be needed.'

Harry sighed, willing to do nearly anything, "What can you do?" he asked.

'It's not so much as what I can do as it's what I can allow you to do. You can stay here and try to rebuild this world or I can send you back.' Fawkes replied, 'Back to the beginning of the second war or back to when all of this had only just begun.'

"Can you really do that?" Harry asked skeptically.

Fawkes answered, 'I can, but the choice is yours.'

If he went back to his first year, he would have his friends back, but the war had changed them so much that they would never be the men and woman who had died today and there were many others who had died before, in the first war. How selfish would he be if he only saved some when he could save them all?

He took a deep breath before looking up at the Pheonix, "Send me back to the beginning."

The bird began to sing and that was all he had known before he had woken up here. He began to sit up, wondering what the Pheonix had done as he realized that he was much smaller but his injuries were still there. He cried out in pain as he attempted to stand before falling back to ground and suddenly the sound of rushing feet could be heard and he heard voices asking who was there. He saw a woman's face in front of his own before he fell into unconsciousness.

Harry awoke in a bright room with a nurse by his bed changing an IV. He blinked, attempting to bring her into focus but failing as he didn't have his glasses.

"Hello, sweetie." The nurse said softly, "Are you in any pain."

"No." He lied automatically.

The nurse looked skeptical before asking, "Can you tell me what your name is?"

"Harry Potter." He answered instantly, before wondering if he should have said something else, "Do you know what day it is?"

"May 3rd." The nurse replied with a kind voice.

Harry knew he was going to sound weird with his next question but he had to find out. "What year?" He asked in a small voice.

The nurse frowned before answering, "1972.", sounding slightly concerned. Harry quickly did the math in his head and found that his parents would be in the end of their first year. "Can you tell me who your parents are, Harry?" The nurse asked.

Harry gave a small sigh, "I'm an orphan." He answered honestly as he looked at the sheet, feeling overwhelmed at the situation. He really had been sent back in time.

The nurse gave a small gasp, "Oh, you poor thing." she said instantly before going back to fiddling with the IV before quickly leaving the room.He could hear voices on the other side of the door but could only make out snatches of conversation.

"He must be from that orphanage..."

"...burned down?"

"... what did..."

"...similar injuries..."

He realized that if he had understood correctly, he might have accidentally given himself the perfect cover story but wondered if whatever had happened to the orphanage was a early attack of Voldemort's if there were people with similar injuries.

A blurry flash of fire appeared in front of him and he jumped. The figure peered curiously at him before the voice was in his head again. 'Hello, Young One.'

"Fawkes?" Harry whispered to the bird.

'Yes, Young One. Pheonix's are immortal and though the details are hard to explain, I know what my future self has done. You have been sent back to 1972 in your ten year old body so you can attempt to end this war before so many lives are lost.'

Harry stared at the blurry bird. "What do I do?" he asked, suddenly finding himself scared as the weight of the world seemed to be on his shoulders again.

'The nurses already believe that you have come from an orphanage that burnt down in an attack by Voldemort and I believe this will be a good story for you. Once you arrive at Hogwarts, your last name should draw attention and I believe your grandparents will likely take you in. There is a spell that can reveal who your parents are. If it is used, it will say your father is Edmund Potter, your grandfather's brother who disappeared many years ago. The spell will only reveal magical parents so the issue of your mother will no longer be a problem as it will be assumed she is a Muggle.' Fawkes explained.

"What happens now?" Harry asked the bird slowly.

Fawkes trilled, 'Allow them to place you in a 'new' orphanage. Come September, you will be in Hogwarts and once there, I believe you will soon find a new home. I will check on you however I cannot stay with you. Though one day we will be bonded, Albus is still alive in this time.' Harry nodded and stroked the birds back before falling back to sleep, deciding to worry about the details later.

AN: Yes, I am writing another story. I hope you like it! Credits to: B00kw0rm92, my sister, who helped me with the idea's and beta'd it.

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