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When a mute nine-year-old Harry Potter enters Hogwarts, secrets long kept hidden will be revealed.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Narcissa Malfoy stared down at her son's sleeping face. Tears stained her cheeks as she softly hummed a tune and rocked the baby lightly, watching the boy's struggling breath.

Lucius Malfoy stood nearby, a solemn expression on his face as he watched his wife and son, "I'm sorry, Narcissa," He told her softly, "I've done everything I can. No potion or spell is working. He's... He's not going to make it."

"He will," Narcissa insisted, head snapping towards her husband so she could glare at him, "Draco's strong. He's a Malfoy and a Black, and if you hadn't brought home that object, this never would have happened. He would have been taken to full term!"

The usually arrogant man bowed his head, grey eyes glistening with tears. When the Dark Lord had presented him with the object, he hadn't known it would go off on the first pregnant woman nearby. He had thought it wouldn't go off until Lucius had instructed it to do so, once it was situated in the Potter's home to get rid of their children before they were even born.

However, when news arrived to them that the mudblood had gone into labor earlier in the day than expected, he had been in a hurry not to be on the Dark Lord's bad side. He had called for Narcissa to grab the quill, which was the object meant to kill the Potter's sons (the reason was unknown to Lucius), and it went off on Narcissa, sending her into labor three months early.

Now, he not only would undoubtedly be severely punished by the Dark Lord for being unable to fulfill his mission, he had killed his first son. His only son, since Narcissa would not be able to have any more children after this accident, would soon be dead.

"I'm sorry," He repeated to the woman. He lifted his head to his wife, looking sadly as his son began to wake up, attempting to produce a cry but being unable to, "You should sleep. It's late."

"And what if he needs something?" Narcissa asked, voice thick with tears. Lucius looked away again, unable to think of a response to that. He knew there was nothing else they could do, but Narcissa wasn't going to believe it.

"I'll be in the library," Lucius told her, but he recieved no answer. Slowly, he turned around and left the room, thoughts swarming around in his mind. He had to fix this.

He stormed into his library, anger coursing through his veins. He wand was in his hand before he knew what was going on and without even uttering a spell, a nearby lamp exploded.

"Why is this happening!?" He yelled angrily, flinging another spell at the wall and leaving a scorch mark, "Why does Potter get to have two kids with a mudblood while my only son has to die?"

Another nearby lamp exploded, leaving the room barely lighted. He glowered at nothing in particular.

"I have to fix this," He said, softer than before and with less anger, "Narcissa's always wanted a son. I can't deprive her of it. I can't have her hate me."

An idea sparked into his mind. It was a risky idea, but he was willing to do anything at the moment. If he wanted the Malfoy line to continue, he needed to take some risk chances.

He headed back to the living room, willing to do what he must. It would crush Narcissa when her son died, and if he could prevent the sorrow that would overwhelm her, he would.

Thankfully, his wife had fallen asleep in the chair when Lucius arrived. So he carefully and quietly pried her arms out from around the fitfully sleeping, tiny child, and pulled the boy out of her arms. He glanced down at the small child, tears in his eyes. He would fix this. This child would not get a chance to live, yes, but he wouldn't let his wife know that.

Pulling his wand out, he shot a light sleeping spell at his wife, and then a disillusionment charm on his son. He knew St. Mungo's inside and out, and he knew exactly how he would do this.

His dying son held securely, but invisibly, in his arms, Lucius flooed to St. Mungo's. No one bothered him as he stalked through the halls and headed directly towards where he knew the Potter's son's would be located.

He found the area quickly. Peering in, he immediately spotted six babies lying in cribs. He looked back to quickly make sure no one was looking before stepping in. His grey eyes quickly scanned the charts on the cribs and he stopped at the nearest Potter crib. He scanned the chart, quickly reading, "Alexander Charlus Potter, son of James Charlus Potter and Lily Marie Evans."

Under it read a bunch of information about the boy. Weight, length, birth date, ect. Lucius quickly took out his wand and changed a few things on it before he picked up the sleeping child, healthy child. He laid little Draco back in the crib, letting the disillusionment charm drip off before he waved his wand over the boy and watched in sorrow as his son turned into a copy of Alexander Charlus, complete with the dark red hair and hazel-green eyes.

The only difference was his small, dying body.

Lucius sighed, tearing his eyes away. He waved his wand one more time over Alexander's body, watching as the boy's features changed into one identical to Draco's.

"Hello, Draco," Lucius whispered to the child. He quickly slipped out of the room.

When Narcissa woke in the morning, she would find her son alive and healthy. Lucius would tell her that one of the potion's worked, and Narcissa would be spared the sorrow of her son's death.

When the mediwitch arrived later, she would find Alexander Potter dead and have to tell James and Lily Potter that a mistake had been made and they would only be going home with one child.

Severus was awoken from his fitful slumber by a swift knock at his quarters door. He peered up from his bed, glancing over at the picture of Lily next to his bed. She had died only days before with Potter, leaving only her son alive. The only good thing that had come out of it was that Voldemort was dead as well, but Severus couldn't find himself to be joyful over that fact when his only love was dead.

Another knock at his door broke him out of his musings and he quickly spelled his hair into it's normal, straight form rather than the messy bedhead he was currently sporting. Standing up, he immediately stalked up towards the door, not even caring that he was in the same clothes as the night before. Hopefully, whoever it was wouldn't notice.

He opened the door to reveal the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Albus," He said silkily, a scowl planted on his face, "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I see I have awoken you," Albus spoke, a twinkle in his eye. Yet, his expression is sad, "I'm afraid I have some upsetting news for you."

Severus stilled, "More?"

The old man nodded gravely, "Perhaps we should continue this inside to avoid roaming students," He suggested, earning a nod from Severus.

The door closed and the dark haired man turned quickly to the Headmaster, "What happened?"

"Lucius and Narcissa were arrested this morning for Death-Eater activities, leaving young Draco without anyone to take care of him," Albus said slowly, "And you are his godfather."

Severus cursed under his breath, too low for Albus to hear. He looked away, his mind a whirlwind of thoughts. He hadn't expected for them to be caught. The Malfoy's were a rather prestigious and powerful name, and Severus had been sure they would get away with it.

"I have to take care of Draco," He spoke with a glower, "Very well. I will arrange for his room to be added onto my quarters. Where shall the boy stay while I am teaching?"

"I have already planned that, dear boy," Albus assured him, "Poppy has already assured me that she will watch after him, and Dippy will be placed in charge of him when she is busy tending to students."

Severus could have laughed out loud. Lucius was going to have a heart attack if he found out that his son would be taken care of by a house elf.

"When shall he be arriving?" Severus asked bruskly, mind already imagining the horrors that the boy would create.

"Shortly," Albus responded, a wistful smile on his face, "One of the Malfoy's house elves should be bringing him any second now."

As if on cue, a 'pop' sounded in the room and there as a house elf standing in front of him, holding a toddler in his small arms.

"Dobby has brought the young master," The house elf said proudly, carefully cradling the child. His overly larged ears bounced as hs nodded.

Severus leaned down and gathered the sleeping boy in his arms. Draco stirred and opened his grey eyes, peering up at him. A grin spread over his features, "Unc'e Sev'vus!" The boy exclaimed excitedly, small hands reaching up to grab at the man's long hair.

"Stop that." Severus told him sternly, grabbing his hands and carefully pulling them away from his hair, "Draco, you'll be spending the night here."

The toddler clapped happily, "Dwaco sweep over!" He said, squirming to get out of Severus' arms. He gently put the child on the ground, watching as he toddled over to the nearby couch and climbed on top of it, immediately setting off to playing with the pillows.

Albus watched this with a twinkle in his eyes, "I shall leave you two to get settled," He told the young man in front of him before leaving the quarters without another word.

Severus glowered at the door as it closed. 'Meddling old fool' He thought, annoyed, 'I am not fit to be a parent'.

A crash sounded, and a wail came from nearby. He sighed, turning to find Draco crying on the ground, having fallen off the couch.

Of course this would happen. Severus Snape, resident dungeon bat, was now a father.

Nine year old Harry Potter sat in the back of the car, staring sullenly out the window. He ran a hand through his messy, dark hair and sighed. His uncle was angry, furious even. They had gotten their report cards and Dudley was failing. Harry, however, was not and this had to be Harry's fault.

"You and your freakiness," Vernon ranted, glaring at Harry through the rear view mirrow. Dudley, sitting next to him, smirked at the smaller boy. He was rather proud that his own mistake would be blamed on his freakish cousin, "You just had to go and do better than Dudley. What kind of... of freakiness did you use?"

Harry stayed silent, staring intently out the window. He knew it was better not to speak when his uncle was like this. He would, hopefully, get less of a beating when he got home, and maybe he could get some food before he went to bed.

"What did you do to our Dudders, boy? What freaky thing did you do to cause him to fail? Our Dudders is too smart to fail, you freak. What did you do?" His beady eyes landed on his nephews small form, blue eyes looking accusingly at the child, "No food when we get home. You are to go to your cupboard immediately. No meals tomorrow, and you will have extra chores. Actually, scratch that. Don't go immediately to your cupborad. I'm going to have a little chat with you first."

Harry's fingers twitched and he pulled them into a fist. 'Chat' was Uncle Vernon's word for a beating.

It was much more socially accepted.

Dudley obvious had decided that Harry had gotten away too easy as, after a few minutes had passed, he grabbed his arms and dramatically yelled, "Ow!"

"What is wrong, Dudders?" Aunt Petunia immediately asked in concern. Harry's green eyes darted over at Dudley in growing dread.

"Harry hit me!" Dudley wailed, fake tears pooling up in his small, beady eyes.

Harry froze. He wanted to protest, but he knew better. It would do no good.

Vernon slammed on the brakes, face turning purple and a vein sticking out of his forehead, "You freak!" He yelled, voice laced with anger and hatred. He quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, turning towards Harry in an attempt to grab the child.

Harry saw what was about to happen seconds before it did. Vernon, it appeared, did as well.

Through the rear view mirror, Harry saw a minivan come speading down the road, not suspecting the parked car. Harry could see the terror in the driver's face as he attempted to slam on the brakes, moments too late.

Harry felt himself jerk with the impact, body being pulled back by the seatbelt. He could hear his aunt's screams and his cousin's wails as the car spun and his head connected with the back of his Uncle Vernon's seat.

He wasn't sure when the car stopped spinning, because the world continued to for a while. Harry brought his hand up and felt a familiar wetness coating his messy hair. He pulled his hand away and saw three blurry hands in front of him.

"Dudders, Dudders, are you okay," He heard his aunt saying quickly. Harry blinked lightly, looking up as the world finally came into a semi-focus even though his glasses were now broken. His aunt was turning, trying to see her son. Harry could already see blood coating the woman's skin, clothes, and hair. The airbag had come out, but it obviously hadn't been enough.

His eyes trailed to his cousin, horrified by what he saw. The large, nine year old boy was unconscious and obviously heavily injured. His arm was bent at an angle and there was a large cut covering the side of his face that seeped blood. Harry pulled his green eyes away, unwilling to look any farther.

He didn't even have to look up to know that Vernon was unconscious as well. If he hadn't been, Harry knew his uncle wouldn't hesitate in blaming him on this.

Sirens began to wail in the distance as he began to beat on the car door. It wasn't long before someone had the door open and was pulling the child out.

Author's Note: So... I started another story. I bet you all hate me, since I haven't updated Changing Lives since like, March. I apologize. I lost all inspiration for it after some reviews that were rather discouraging. However, I have a lot of plans for this story. I've always really liked stories where Snape takes in Harry and Draco and I was like, whoa... I'm going to make Harry and Draco twins. I don't even care how unlikely it is.

Anyway, this was the Prologue to explain events that happened before the actual story takes place. If you guys see any grammatical mistakes, please let me know!

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