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Poppy Pomfrey frowned at the boy in front of her. Her "assistant" had seemed to zone off, staring into space with a haunted look in his grey eyes. Poppy tilted her head and huffed. This wasn't a rare occurrence. The boy often zoned off like this, and Poppy could not for the life of her find out why this happened.

The boy always responded with the same thing.

"Draco," Poppy spoke, waving her hand in front of his face. The boy blinked, snapping out of his trance. Her frown lightened, "Are you alright."

"Fine. Just day-dreaming," Draco responded, even though his shoulders shook slightly. He went back to his book, grey eyes flying across the page.

Poppy sighed, turning back to her potions. It had been a rather calm day in the hospital wing, but Draco was worrying her. The boy's "day-dreaming" was something she often worried about, since it obviously wasn't normal for a nine year old boy. He's once explained to her what it was and she knew it wasn't day-dreaming.

After all, a sudden feeling of dread/terror/sadness wasn't what one typically associated with a day dream.

"Do you think my dad will let me go flying today?" Draco questioned curiously, looking up from his book, "The rain's stopped."

"Maybe if you ask really nicely," Poppy said with a small smile, her hands never slowing as she worked on the potion,"And if you do, you better not be coming in here with a broken arm. It's been a relatively calm day. I'd rather you not ruin it."

Draco rolled his eyes, grinning at her, "I'm always careful, Madame Pomfrey."

"Need I remind you that time you decided to play tag with the house elves and took a tumble down the stairs last year?" She raised her eyebrows at him.

The pale boy flushed red and mumbled a quick, "Forgot about that."

"Honestly. You would think you didn't live in a school full of children."

"They're all older than me," Draco protested, "And they're always busy with school. Although, Fred and George are always eager to do something fun, but Dad doesn't really like me spending time with them. He says they'll corrupt me."

Poppy laughed heartily, "That they will. Those two boys have only been here two months and they've already been in here more than most of my seventh years. I think they've gotten more detentions as well."

"Well, at least they don't mind playing with a nine year old," Draco grumbled, but there was a small smile on his face.

They fell into a comfortable silence, Poppy working dutifully on her potion and Draco reading his book. He was rather fond of days like this. Ever since he could remember, he'd spent the days in the hospital wing. When he was younger, he spent most of his time with a house elf named Dippy (Dobby often showed up as well) and watching Madame Pomfrey from afar as he worked on learning to read and write.

However, as he grew older, the woman began to allow him to do more things around the Wing. It started with fetching her ingredients for a certain potion which turned into actually brewing the potions and then to helping assist her with the injured or sick students.

Now, he loved helping out, but those days where he could just relax and read a book were his favorite days.

The silence was interrupted as the floo in Madame Pomfrey's office flared. Draco's eyes darted towards it in curiosity as the woman rushed towards it. The Headmaster stepped out, a small child's body in his arms.

"Albus!" Draco heard Madame Pomfrey gasp, "Is that-"

"Yes, he was in a car accident. His relatives are in the hospital so I brought him here," The Headmaster spoke, "He's not too injured, but you will need to look him over. He passed out from shock, most likely. You may need to keep an eye on him until his relatives are out of the hospital though."

Draco watched in silence as the Headmaster walked over to the nearest bed and placed the boy down on the bed. Draco caught sight of a mass of dark hair as the Headmaster turned back to Poppy. They began to speak quickly to each other but he didn't hear any of it. He was too focused on the boy on the bed.

It was a weird feeling that flooded through him suddenly. He felt as if he should be in pain, but he wasn't. He felt like he should be injured, but he was perfectly fine.

Without even noticing what he was doing, he was walking towards the boy on the bed.

It wasn't anyone he recognized, so he wasn't sure why he felt this weird... connection to him. The boy looked younger than him, small and scrawny. He had a mass of messy, dark hair on top of his head that was matted with blood. 'A head injury', Draco recognized instantly. He was wearing baggy clothing that was several times to big for him. Actually, Draco was pretty sure it would be big for a small whale.

"Draco," He jumped as Madame Pomfrey suddenly called his name. He hadn't realized they has stopped talking, "Go over to my potions cabinet and bring me the purple potion. It should help with his concussion."

He nodded, immediately heading towards the potions cupboardand grabbing the requested potion before bringing it back. He watched as the woman tilted the boy's head back and carefully poured the potion in his mouth before gently rubbing his throat so the boy would swallow.

He gasped lightly as he saw the boy's hair move out of the way to reveal a lightning bolt scar.

"Yes, this is Harry Potter. I trust you are mature enough not to be immature about this," Poppy spoke sternly.

Draco nodded quickly, grey eyes fixed on the scar.

A cough startled him out of it and he looked down at Harry Potter as the boy started to cough violently, clutching at his throat.

"What's happening?" Draco asked in a panic.

"He's having an allergic reaction," Poppy said quickly, voice laced with her own panic. She rushed over to the potion cabinet but Draco didn't pay attention.

Suddenly, Draco felt light headed and his throat seemed to feel as if it was about to close up. He swayed on his feet, his surroundings blurring together.

As he fell, he could hear Poppy shouting in surprised terror before everything went dark around him.

"Adequate work, Mr. Weasley," Severus spoke to the third year Gryffindor. Much as he loathed to admit it, Percy Weasley was not as dimwitted as the rest of the Weasley family.

The boy smiled proudly, knowing that it was rare for the potion's master to compliment someone.

Severus looked up as there was a quick knock at the door and a fifth year Ravenclaw girl stepped in.

"Professor Snape, Madame Pomfrey needs you in the Hospital Wing right away," The girl said, eyes wide.

"Can it wait?" Severus asked. He was in the middle of a class and he did not feel like dealing with some injured student.

The girl shifted her weight, looking nervous, "She said it was Draco, sir."

Severus straightened immediately, worry flooding through him, "Class dismissed. Carefully clean up your potions before leaving."

He was already out the door before he finished speaking, walking as fast as he could to the Hospital Wing. No one tried to stop him as he made his way there, obviously able to tell that something was wrong.

He stalked into the Hospital Wing and immediately caught sight of the blond hair on a nearby bed. His son was lying there, still and pale. His clothes had been charmed into standard hospital pajamas, making it clear that he was currently a patient rather than the assistance, "What happened?" He demanded to the woman who was standing over a nearby bed as his hand landed on his son's forehead to check for a fever. There was none.

"I'm not sure," She said, turning towards him, "I turned my back for a minute and he had... fainted. The diagnostic scan said he was experiencing an allergic reaction, however he did not come in contact with with any potion. I suppose it could have been the smell of it, but he's smelled all these potions before and the most he's ever experienced is a headache."

"Did it say what he was having an allergic reaction to?" Severus asked, brushing the boys blond hair out of his eyes.

Poppy hesitated, "Yes, it was rather strange. It said it was an allergic reaction to Motherwort. It's the main ingredient in the Concussion Draught, as you obviously know. I was giving it to a patient of mine when my patient had an allergic reaction to the same thing."

"So, a coincidence?" Severus asked.

"Most likely. It's still rather odd, especially considering who the patient was."

Severus looked up at her before his eyes fell on the bed next to them. The mass of dark hair was immediately distinguishable.

"What is Harry Potter doing here?" He asked, glowering at the woman.

She turned her attention back to the boy, fussing over him, "He was in an automobile accident. His relatives are in the hospital, so Albus brought him here while they recover. He has a concussion but he's mostly fine. His accidental magic is to thank for that, no doubt. I'm not going to be able to heal the concussion, though, since he's allergic to Motherwort. It was a rather violent reaction as well. His lungs began to close up and I nearly didn't give him a bezoar in time. "

"Odd," Severus muttered, fingers raking through his son's blonde hair. He scowled lightly at Potter's body, "He's... rather small for nine years old, isn't he?"

Poppy looked at the boy with a frown before glancing over at Draco and back at Harry. Draco was significantly taller than Harry.

"Perhaps he hasn't hit a growth spurt yet. That's how James was and by the time he was a fifth year, he was taller than most of the seventh years. He liked to brag about that," Poppy spoke fondly, causing Severus' scowl to deepen.

Severus decided to change the subject as he watched the young boy's chest rise and fall, rise and fall, "Draco will be alright, correct?"

She nodded, "He should be fine. Although, I'd like to monitor him for a few days to make sure nothing like this happens again," She sighed in disappointment, "And I thought it was going to be a quiet day. Obviously, I was wrong."

The moment Harry opened his eyes, he was greeted with a rather bright light. He immediately squeezed his eyes shut, holding in a groan. His Uncle would not be happy if he made a noise. He never was.

Once a few minutes had passed, he slowly opened them again. His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion at the high, white ceilings (which were definitely not his cupboards ceilings) and he turned his head to the side.

A blonde boy was lying in the bed next to him. He put a finger to his mouth in the universal 'Be quiet' sign and nodded towards a door behind him.

"Albus, I'm telling you, it's rather odd that two nine year old boys, with the same birthday, nonetheless, are both deathly allergic to the same thing," A woman was speaking quickly, attempting and failing to keep her voice quiet.

"One is a Potter and one is a Malfoy, Poppy," Harry perked up slightly at his last name, "It is a coincidence."

Harry heard the lady scoff and he wondered what they were talking about.

"It's a rather big coincidence! Albus, I'm just asking that you look into-"

"There is nothing to look into, Poppy," The man, whom Harry assumed was Albus, spoke sternly, "Coincidence like these happen often. These children have never even spoken to one another. There is no connection between them."

Without another word, the older man left the room, leaving the woman, Poppy, standing there.

"Insufferable old man," The woman muttered, walking over to them. Harry, sensing the danger, immediately closed his eyes in an attempt to feign sleep. He was a second too late, however, as the woman immediately put her hands on her hips, "Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter. Are you two awake?"

Harry, without thinking, immediately shook his head. His green eyes were wide, terror taking hold of him. She was going to be so mad.

Draco, as Harry quickly determined was his name, laughed into his hand for a split second before turning towards the woman and speaking in an innocent tone, "Morning, Madame Pomfrey. Can I have an explanation as to what happen?"

The woman looked at him sternly, "You suffered an allergic reaction to Motherwort, which was in the Concussion Draught I was giving Harry," She explained to him before turning towards the both of them, "You should have told me the minute you were awake. I need to be monitoring the two of you. I don't want to use a spell to tell me exactly when you two wake up."

Harry stared at her blankly as Draco immediately shook his head. This woman was insane.

"I'm sorry, Madame. I just... wanted to hear what you guys were talking about," Draco apologized, sitting up in his bed and looking ashamed.

"What the Headmaster and I are speaking about is none of your business," Said Madame Pomfrey sternly, "Now, Draco, are you feeling well?"

He nodded, "Good as new."

"Good," She said with a quick nod and as she turned towards him, her expression turned softer, "Harry, is your head bothering you?"

Harry quickly shook his head, even though it was a lie. He had a rather bad headache but he knew from years with his aunt and uncle never to complain.

"Anything else bothering you?" She asked, "You weren't injured too badly, but I want to make sure everything is alright."

It all came rushing back to Harry. The car crash!

He opened his mouth to ask if his relatives were okay but quickly shut it. He knew better than to speak in front of others. He just shook his head.

Madame Pomfrey frowned, but didn't say anything about it, "Alright, if either of you two need anything, just call me. Oh, and I don't want to see either of you out of bed."

She moved to head to a back room but Draco stopped her, "Madame, how long have I been... unconscious."

"A few hours," She responded softly, "Your father was around for a while but he had to get back to classes. You gave him quite a scare."

Draco smiled softly and nodded, "Alright, thank you."

She nodded shortly and headed back to what Harry assumed was her office.

Harry had deduced a few things from that short conversation. He seemed to be in some kind of hospital and his nurse had lost her mind. Draco either had as well or was playing along with the crazy lady.

The blonde swung his feet over the side of the bed and looked over at him, "I'm Draco. You're probably wondering what you're doing here. I'm actually rather surprised that Madame Pomfrey didn't explain it to you, but she's probably had a long day and forgot. Anyway, you're in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing because you were in a car crash. You're to stay here until your family is all better."

Harry looked at him, confused. Hogwarts. What a strange name.

"It is a rather strange name, now that I think about," Draco said wistfully. Harry froze. He hadn't thought he had spoke that out loud. His Uncle was going to kill him. Draco continued speaking, though, with wide eyes "Wait, you don't know about Hogwarts?"

Harry just stared at him.

"But, you're Harry Potter! You have to know about it!" Draco seemed to be rather shocked by this news, "Oh, I'll have to tell you about it. The Boy-Who-Lived can't go around not knowing about Hogwarts. Well, this is where you'll be learning how to control your magic. For seven years, starting in two years, you, like me, will learn all about magic. It's a rather wonderful place."

Harry tilted his head in confusion.

"You don't know about magic, either!" Draco exclaimed, mouth opening in surprise, "Did your relatives not tell you about it? Well, it's... rather hard to explain. You're not a Muggle- er... non-magical person- you're a wizard! Like... have you ever done something you didn't mean to do? Something that seemed impossible whenever you were upset?"

Harry thought for a moment, remembering just the week before when his Aunt Petunia gave him a rather horrible haircut. He had grown it back to normal in his sleep and his Aunt had been furious. He'd gotten a rather bad beating from his Uncle before he was put in his cupboard for the day with no meals.

Or, there was another time when he was seven when he was running from Dudley and his friends and ended up on top of the school roof.

That was a punishment he didn't like to remember.

Harry looked back at Draco and nodded slightly.

Draco grinned widely, "That was your magic. That's what you're going to learn to control. See, there's an entire magical world that's separate from the Muggle World. Your parents were part of it before they ... er, died," He looked rather sheepish now, "Anyway, you've probably heard lots of stories about animals like Unicorns and Dragons and Phoenixes. They're actually real, although I've never seen one before. Well, I've seen a Phoenix. Dumbledore had one named Fawkes."

Harry decided that he rather liked this kid. He babbled a lot and wasn't making a lot of sense, but he seemed to like Harry. He also seemed to understand him in a way no one had before. Harry wasn't even speaking and the boy knew what he was saying!

"You know what, I'm going to stop talking now. I'm getting off topic. I do that a lot. My dad says I have to work on it. Here... I'll just-" The blonde climbed out of his bed. Harry desperately wanted to tell him to stop. The woman had said not to get out of bed, but he didn't want Draco to be mad at him. He wandered over to a nearby table and grabbed a book before bring it back to him, "This is 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'. You can borrow it if you'd want. It'll tell you all about creatures in the Wizarding World. I have 'Hogwarts: A History' as well. You can borrow it when you're done with this one."

He smiled at his new friend and Harry gladly took the book. If the boy was telling the truth, and Harry was beginning to think that he was, then the book would probably tell him a lot.

If magic was real, after all, then that changed everything. Harry would no longer be a freak, as that meant there was an entire world in which he belonged in. A magical world. One that his parents lived in.

Oh, how he wanted to ask all sorts of questions, but he knew he couldn't. He was not permitted to ask questions, or even speak in general. If he spoke now and word got around to his Uncle Vernon, he would be in a lot of trouble. The only time he was permitted to speak was if an adult directly asked him a question that was not a simple 'yes' or no' question that he could nod or shake his head to.

A freak like him was not permitted to speak, even if there was a whole world of people like him. He frowned. Obviously, there was something extra freakish about him which allowed everyone else to speak and not him.

Draco tilted his head at him, obviously being able to tell that something was troubling the smaller boy, "Are you alright?"

Harry nodded.

"Are you sure?"

He nodded again.

"Do you ever speak?"

Harry shook his head, eyes wide.

Draco frowned, "Wait, but you said something earlier."

Harry shook his head quickly, panicking. He hadn't said anything. There was no way he could have slipped. 'I didn't, I didn't, I didn't.'

"But you did!" Draco protested before he froze, "Wait... your lips didn't move."

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't. I didn't."

"Harry! Harry, calm down," Draco spoke quickly, panicked,"It's alright. Everything's fine. Harry! Harry! Everything's fine!"

The last thing Harry heard before a calming sleep took over was, "Draco Malfoy, what did you do?"

Author's note: Well, here's the first chapter! There's not much Harry/Snape interaction yet but don't worry, it's coming. I should explain a few things so you guys aren't confused.

I knew that I wanted both Harry and Draco to be allergic to something so I would have a catalyst in the discovery, so I went searching online. I came up with Motherwort which is in the mint family and has healing properties. I made it the main ingredient in the Concussion Draught, which is what Madame Pomfrey needs to give Harry for his concussion.

Also, Harry is mute and has been his entire life. I'm going with really emotionally abusive Dursley's, who also physically abuse and neglect Harry. The Dursley's have called Harry a freak his entire life and told him that he's not allowed to speak. Because of this, he's gone his entire life without speaking unless he absolutely has to or the Dursley's tell him to. This is the reason he is mute, as some of you were asking. It will be explained more in later chapters.

I'm going to do my best to update this as good as I can. I was a few chapters in when I posted this yesterday and I'm working on my fourth chapter right now. I don't want to post them all at the same time, though, but I decided to go ahead and post this one before I move today. I will do my best to keep constant updates and if I ever go a while without updating, someone yell at me on PM.

Also, if you guys have any ideas that you want to see in this story, you are more than likely to suggest them! I have a lot of ideas and I know where this story is going but I'm open to suggestions!

Wow, this was a long Authors Note. I'll leave now and post this so you guys can get to reading! Oh! One more thing, if you ever see any grammatical errors, please inform me of them!


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