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Man Down

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Harry was rather overjoyed when Madame Pomfrey announced that she wanted Draco to take Harry on a tour of the castle. According to her, she had important matters to attend and felt that two nine year olds needed to leave the room at some point before they went insane.

So, as Madame Pomfrey left to go get ready for whatever business she was going to do, Harry looked down at his newly transfigured clothes in awe. They were normal muggle clothes, but the fact that they actually fit him was... amazing.

Draco looked at him oddly, "Alright, Harry. If you've stopped fawning over your clothes like a girl, let's go visit Hagrid."

Harry would have been offended if it hadn't been for the smirk on his friend's face.

He grinned at him and nodded, walking over to him so they could finally leave the Hospital Wing.

"Alright, remember, don't try and call any attention to yourself. Your hair is long enough to cover your scar, but act normal. If anyone asks, I'll just say that your a friend of mine who's visiting, alright?" Draco spoke, going over the plan.

Harry nodded as he spoke, speaking quickly over the connection, 'Got it. Lets go.'

Draco grinned at him and they opened the doors to the Hospital Wing.

The first thing Harry realized about the outside of the Hospital Wing was that it was... darker. Granted, that was a given since the Hospital Wing was insanely bright except for during the night, but it still caught Harry's attention.

The next thing he realized were the portraits on the wall. They were moving.

He turned an alarmed and questioning look towards Draco who just sighed and muttered, "I've got to give you 'Hogwarts: A History'."

Hagrid, as it turned out, was a Half-Giant. He was huge, towering over Harry and Draco when he opened the door to the small hut which he lived in.

Harry couldn't help but look up at him with wide eyes, speechless.

"Hi, Hagrid!" Draco greeted chirpily, "This is Harry."

"Harry Potter," Hagrid spoke, his rumbling voice surprisingly warm, "I haven't seen 'ya since you was a baby!"

Harry broke out of his stupor and smiled politely but like always, did not speak.

Hagrid frowned slightly and Draco explained, "Harry doesn't speak."

The Half-Giant looked surprised but Draco obviously decided that it was time to change the subject, "How's Fang doing?"

Fang, it ended up being, was a gigantic, but friendly, dog. Harry was surprised when the dog had placed his gigantic paws on his shoulders and began to lick his face. He had flinched for a moment and tried to get away, before giggling like the nine year old he was.

"Would you two like any rock cakes?" Hagrid asked as he poured some tea, "I just made 'em."

"Oh, we just ate," Draco told him quickly.

Harry shot him a confused look, because he knew that they had not eaten yet. However, a few words entered his mind, 'Rock- gross.'

He understood what his friend was trying to tell him and just nodded along, feeling insanely guilty for lying to the man. He was not supposed to tell lies, but he guessed that things were different in the Wizarding World. Draco was doing it, after all. So, maybe some things were okay in the Wizarding World that weren't in the Muggle World. He'd have to ask Draco later.

"So, Draco, where've ye been? You haven't visited me in a while," Hagrid spoke, breaking Harry out of his thoughts.

"The Hospital Wing. I was actually a Patient, instead of helping out. I had an allergic reaction," Draco explained, sipping at the tea that Hagrid had handed him. Harry sipped at his own as he listened to the two talk.

Hagrid gave a sympathetic groan as he sat down in a nearby chair, the chair creaking in protest, "That happened to me once. I was just a youngin', and ate a something... I don't remember what it was. That's probably not a good thing. What was it you were allergic to?"

"Motherwort," Draco answered, "It's one of the main ingredients in the Concussion Draught. Madame Pomfrey was giving it to Harry, and I smelled it. Actually, we both had an Allergic reaction to the same thing. Isn't that weird?"

Hagrid nodded, beetle shaped eyes turning to Harry. Harry frowned lightly. He could have sworn the jovial man seemed... sad.

"There are some strange coincidences in the world," The man said, "Like this one time, I was out in Diagon Alley looking for some..."

Poppy strolled through the Hospital, searching for room 307. She felt weird, out of place. She had taken Muggle Studies back when she was at school and was very well versed in how Muggles worked but it was still weird to actually be walking around in their world. Granted, she was wearing normal Muggle Clothing, but she still felt as if people could tell she didn't belong.

She sighed in relief when she came upon the room she was looking for. A skinny woman with a broken arm sat by the bed of a rather large child, tears in her eyes as she held the boy's hand. Poppy's trained eyes scanned the child in front of her, immediately recognizing a head injury, broken arm, and a broken leg. She was fairly sure there was more, but the hospital robes hid any evidence that she would be able to find.

Lightly, she knocked on the door and watched as the woman's eyes flickered up to meet hers.

"Hello," Poppy said, "I'm awfully sorry to hear about your accident."

The woman responded stiffly, but politely, "It's alright. I just hope my Dudder's is alright."

They fell into an awkward silence and Poppy's brain worked quickly to try and find a way to gradually bring up the subject of the familiar potion.

"How is your husband?" Poppy questioned politely, taking a few awkward steps in.

The woman, whom Poppy knew was Petunia, sniffed, "He has some broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a rather bad concussion. He's not allowed to leave his room right now, but he should be alright. It's Dudder's both of us are worried about. He's... in a coma."

The Mediwitch tutted sympathetically, "I am so sorry, ma'am. No mother should ever have to go through this."

"No... No, they shouldn't," Petunia responded, wiping away a tear, "Anyway, was there something you needed miss..."

"Poppy," She responded, "And yes, I'm here with a rather important thing to bring up regarding your nephew."

Suddenly, the woman's entire demeanor changed. She suddenly became stony... angry. Poppy wondered what could have brought upon such a change and her stomach twisted eerily. She'd had a few worries after seeing some... unusual injuries when examining Harry but she had brushed it off as injuries from the accident. After all, they would never hurt their family.

"Yes? Has he done something?" Petunia asked in a demanding tone.

Poppy quickly shook her head, "Oh, no. Harry's a wonderful child. He doesn't talk much... but he hasn't done anything wrong. Actually, I was here because I'm starting to suspect that Harry's brother may be alive, and I need your permission to do... a sort of DNA test."

"Brother?" Petunia said in a high pitched voice, "He's an only child."

The Mediwitch nodded, "Yes, we thought he was. You see, your sister was pregnant with twins, as I'm sure you know, and one of them died at birth. We have reason to believe now that there may have been a mix-up at the hospital, and he may still be alive."

The woman was turning a greenish color now, but she did not say anything.

"We need permission from the guardian's of both boys to administer the DNA test," Poppy continued, "Since it requires their blood and..." Her voice lowered, knowing their were muggles around who didn't know about the Wizarding World, "Magic."

Petunia flinched slightly at the word and Poppy frowned, but said nothing.

There were a few seconds of silence before Petunia finally snapped, "Yes, yes. Do what you want! I don't care what you do."

Poppy smiled lightly, glad that she had gotten the woman's permission but slightly disturbed by her reaction.

Harry was given a shock when they wandered past the great hall and a group of older Ravenclaws were yelling in disgust, covered in blue and silver gunk.

He turned an alarmed look to his new friend, who just freely laughed at the group.

"Oh, I love the twins," Draco said through laughs. At Harry's confused look, he continued, "Fred and George and I wandered across them picking on a second year Hufflepuff about a week ago. Fred and George have been planning their prank for a while."

Harry's eyebrows raised, 'Well, then I'm on their side.'

Draco grinned at him, 'I-too.'

The dark haired boy smiled widely and the two went to walk away when there was a bunch of loud, popping sounds. Harry jumped about a foot in the air, turning wide and scared eyes back to the Great Hall to find the source.

In the place of the group of Ravenclaws were now a bunch of toads hopping around frantically.

Draco burst back into laughter, "I knew they weren't done!" He said cheerily, throwing a fist in the air, "Maybe now those jerks will think twice before picking on someone smaller than them."

Harry frowned slightly and went to say something to Draco through their link when an older boy with familiar red hair came storming through, holding both of the twins arms and looking furious.

Fred and George, however, did not seem to be scared of the boy at all.

"Hiya Draco, Harry," George began happily.

"Like our little... surprise for them?" Fred continued, a devious smirk on their faces.

The older boy let go of their arms, apparently ignoring Harry and Draco for the moment. Harry did not mind one bit.

"What were you two thinking?" The older teenager demanded, blue eyes flashing angrily, "What if you had been caught? You could have gotten detention for life! Snape would have tried to get you expelled-" He stopped for a moment, turning to Draco, "No offense, Draco."

"None taken."

"If you want to pull pranks, you've got to be more careful than that! I understand that the group most likely deserved it, but you can't be so obvious!"

Harry's mouth had fallen open in the teen's rant. He had been sure the boy would have hurt Fred and George, or at least give them an earful for pulling the prank. He hadn't expected the teen to just yell at them for being obvious about it.

There was a short silence before the teen's whole demeanor changed, "Good job on the prank, though. Brilliant spellwork for firsties."

Matching grins broke out on the twin's faces.

"Well..." Fred began.

"We learned from the best."

The older boy smiled widely, "That you did, boys. Now, are you going to introduce me to your new friend."

Fred and George's blue eyes lit up and they immediately spoke in unison, "Charlie, we would like you to meet Harry!"

Harry was glad that the twin's didn't say his last name but as Charlie, whom Harry had deducted was their older brother, turned to greet Harry, the boy's eyes flickered to his forehead and his face went slack.

Harry unconsciously pushed his hair over the scar.

"Yes, yes, yes," Draco spoke up, seemingly annoyed, "He's Harry Potter. Now, don't you dare go spreading this around school. No one's supposed to know he's here. And don't turn into an annoying fangirl."

Charlie seemed to compose himself, blushing in embarrassment, "Yes, yes. Anyway, I'm Charlie Weasley. I'm these two devils' older brother. Seventh year, and Head Boy."

Harry smiled in acknowledgement, but as always, didn't speak.

Draco quickly explained, "Harry doesn't talk."

Luckily, Charlie did not seem to be too phased by this as he only nodded and held out his hand. Harry eyed it for a moment, completely thrown off on the fact that Charlie wanted to shake hands with him.

He was not permitted to touch other people. Hand shakes weren't allowed for freaks like him. That was for people like Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. Maybe even Dudley. Certainly not him.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Harry reached out his hand and shook hands with the teenager in front of him. He held back the cringe, not wanting to seem rude.

Charlie grinned down at him, "Well, it's about time little Draco got a friend that's not these two devils. They're a really bad influence on them. Maybe you can keep him normal."

Fred and George made annoyed sounds and Draco just laughed. A smile flickered onto Harry's face.

Finally, he had found somewhere where he belonged, and they actually accepted him for who he was. They liked him... Even if they were a little strange themselves.

Harry knew what Quidditch was. There was an entire section about it in 'Hogwarts: A History'. He'd been extremely interested in the sport the moment he read about it, and now he was going to have a chance to see a match.

Granted, it wasn't an official match, but it was a match nonetheless. After Charlie had left to go do some of his Head Boy activities (which Harry had no idea what it consisted of), Fred and George had decided to call a Quidditch match with some of their friends. Since first years were not allowed to have their own brooms, they would be using school brooms.

Harry was fairly certain that they were not supposed to be using them, but it was Fred and George. He was pretty sure that 'Rules' was not in their vocabulary.

He scanned the field, watching as a bunch of first years ran onto the field with matching grins. Harry only recognized Fred and George, but he was pretty sure the dark-skinned, hyper boy who was sitting at the commentator box was Lee Jordan, someone that Fred and George mentioned often.

"On the red team, Fred and George Weasley are our beaters. Our chasers are Alicia Spinnet and Angelina Johnson. Our Keeper is Stephan Williamson and our Seeker is Cedric Diggory!"

Harry's eyes dropped down to where Percy was sitting a few yards away. He'd met Percy only moment's prior when the boy overheard the twins talking about it and tried to talk them out of it. When it became obvious that his brother's weren't going to back down, he insisted that he come to make sure nothing went wrong.

However, it seemed that he was more interested in his book than the game.

Harry briefly wondered how big the Weasley Family was before the two teams, red and gold, were off and flying around.

He'd missed the names of who was on the Gold team, but he recognized Oliver Wood flying around, whom he'd met earlier as a Quidditch fanatic and the only one flying who wasn't a first year.

Harry felt his eyes landing on the Seekers who were darting around the field. It seemed like an amazing position. It was, after all, the most important one. If the Seeker caught the snitch, the whole game was over.

Speaking of the snitch, He was shocked as he quickly spotted the snitch darting between the players. The snitch was supposed to be hard to spot, but it seemed fairly easy. He guessed that it was just because he wasn't actually playing. It was probably much harder on a broom.

"Alicia scored! Ten points for the Red team," Lee Jordan screamed excitedly into the microphone.

Draco was nearly bouncing in his seat, "Did you see that? Alicia just got it past Oliver Wood! Wood! She's definitely gonna make it on the team next year!"

Harry nodded in agreement, impressed that the first year had gotten it past someone on the actual team.

"Cedric and Kara are still searching for the snitch. Neither of them has seen it yet, it seems. Oh! Angelina goes for the score, good dodge from that bludger there, and... Amazing block by Oliver. Don't worry, Angelina. Ollie over there is a pro."

His eyes darted across the field and quickly found the snitch again. It was hovering around Stephan Williamson, who seemed unaware of it's presence.

Draco seemed to be vibrating in his seat now and Harry desperately wished that he could ask someone if Draco did this all the time. Sadly, nobody was around... and Harry wouldn't ask them if they were.

"Oh! Cedric has spotted the snitch. Wow, that was fast. He's going for it, but Kara is now hot on his tail. Come on guys!"

Suddenly, Harry heard Draco gasp and yell out, "George! Watch out!"

Harry's eyes darted over to the twin who desperately tried to dodge an oncoming bludger that had been shot from one of the beaters on the other team in an attempt to throw the opposing team's seeker off course. His heart leaped in terror as he watched as the bludger slammed into the red-head's chest and knocked him off his broom, plunging towards the ground.

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