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The Regressor's Second Chance


The three people readied their weapons. Cale, without any reluctance, gave permission for them to take care of the enemy however they pleased. He really could care less if they were met with painful deaths since they had a hand in torturing a child. "Everyone have their scrolls?" Cale had purchased scrolls that would take them back to his office after they were finished here or if an emergency arose during the mission. He really needed to look for a high or highest-grade mage who would be able to perform teleportation spells or could make teleportation scrolls. There was only so much a mid-grade mage could do. The three confirmed that they did in fact have their scrolls. Cale looked back at the pocket watch. "Ten seconds." He then pocketed the watch and readied his longsword. The four of them shot off as soon as the ten second mark came. Ron and Marcus moved to the front of the group, moving through the shadows. Beacrox followed closely behind Cale. They moved through the trees, keeping to the darker spots of the woods trying to avoid the sun's rays. It was definitely strange doing a heist of sorts in broad daylight but they wanted to time it with the arrival of the knights. A thud came from in front of him as a body fell to the ground. Ron moved away from the now deceased guard, hunting for his next target.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The execrable smell of blood, rotting flesh, and bodily fluids filled the air. Bodies of friend and foe littered the ground of what was once Puzzle City. Most of the bodies made up the unit he was stationed in, his allies, his comrades.

Cale Henituse stood in the middle of that battlefield with his sword raised. In front of him was the head of the enemy, White Star. A bastard who wanted to release a god and take over the world. A bastard who was responsible for the deaths of thousands.

His eyes flicked briefly to the people running toward him in the distance-well, not toward him but White Star. It was Choi Han-a fake bastard that he did not like, Rosalyn-a strong and confident mage, and His Majesty, King Alberu. There were other distinguished individuals and soldiers behind them.

Cale felt a little bit of relief when he did not see his lover's face. Cale knew what the outcome of this battle would be and it was not going to be pretty.

White Star raised his own sword. Cale readied himself to reflect the attack. He felt his legs lock and his arms vibrate in intense pain when the force of White Star's attack shattered his sword. A blinding white hot pain filled his shoulder before his sight turned white before finally fading to black.

All feeling left his body except for the feeling of weightlessness. His eyesight finally returned to him.

"What the fuck is this!"

Cale was no longer on the battlefield, nor was he inside a tent receiving treatment. He was standing inside a lavish sitting room that had one wall completely lined with books.

"This is my domain."

Cale spun around to locate where the voice had come from. Behind him, standing in the middle of an entryway, was a beautiful young woman with waist long black hair and caramel skin. Long, pointed ears poked out from her silky looking strands. Her bright purple eyes stared at him in amusement.

"Who the fuck are you and where the fuck am I?" How did he wind up in this room and with a mixed-blood Dark Elf?

"Quite crass aren't you? I like that." The woman came in all the way and gracefully sat down on the expensive looking chair. Cale knew what expensive looked like since his family used to be one of the richest there were and that couch screamed that it was made of money.

The woman cracked a smile at him. "I tend to dabble off topic a lot and I also want to clearly explain things so it may take a while." She gestured to the seat across from her with a delicate looking hand. Cale decided to oblige and gracefully sat down. "My name is Miura and I am the God of Death that watches over Earths four-hundred-and-twenty-one through four-hundred-and-fifty."

She paused to give him time to digest the information. It sounded like there were multiple Earths with multiple gods that took care of a select few. It sounded a lot like a business.

"The Earths that I watch over are very similar to Earths one through thirty and Earths one-thousand-and-eighty through one-thousand-aone-hundred-and-ten. But that is not what is important. What is important is that the Temple of the sealed god, the God of Despair, will be able to be free with the destruction of your Earth. He has been able to achieve this feat by gathering up enough despair throughout this domain. And unfortunately, we are unable to go down to Earth to stop him because of our treaty with the demons." Her voice held an un-hidden wrath inside it. "But because of the blood that flows through your veins, the blood of a Hunter, you have a special ability."

Cale knew somewhat about Hunters. The former King, Zed Crossman, had reached out to him when Cale was in his thirties to explain about the Thames bloodline. It was the last thing Zed was able to do before he was killed not long after.

"Your unique ability is a one time use kind of deal. You are a regressor." Cale let the God of Death's words sink into him. If what she said was true, that meant that he could return back to a point in time. "I am meeting with you to ask what you want. You have two options. You can either be reborn without your memories as your mother's child or you can regress back to a point in time and save your world. I should warn you that if you choose rebirth, that Earth will perish in the future along with all the other Earths if the Sealed God is released."

Cale felt hope swell within him when he had heard that his mother had been reincarnated. But he could not readily accept that offer. If the sealed god was released on his Earth, then the other Earths under this domain would be affected. He was also hesitant because of his lover-though were they technically lovers when all they shared were a few sweet moments and a few stolen kisses? For fuck sakes, Cale died a vergin! Ugh, he really should have met his lover a lot sooner in life instead of just a few months before his death.

"Have you made up your mind?" The question was kind and not demanding.

"Will I be able to save everyone?" Cale's voice tried to crack but luckily it did not. He was still trying to process everything, and it felt like everything imaginable was flying at him at the speed of light. Death, a god, and a deal. It was almost too much for him.

"Yes," Miuru's answer was immediate and her voice was confident.

Cale slowly licked his lips. "I would like to return. If I can save those I love, then I will try."

Miuru gave him a warm smile. "Good luck," she said before reaching forward and placing her hand on his forehead. A black mist shot out from her hand and wrapped around him. Cale felt himself losing consciousness once again.

His eyelashes fluttered. Light beat through the curtains and washed over his face. A harsh tsked forced him to open his eyes all the way.

Standing beside his bed with the bed curtains open, was Ron Molan. The old butler had more brown in his hair and less wrinkles on his face. Upon seeing him awake, Ron plastered a benign smile on his face even though his brown eyes were harsh. "Tsk, drinking as soon as you turn sixteen. Bad habits are unbecoming, Young Master." He then placed a glass of lemon tea on the bedside table without a sound.

Cale flinched, both internally and externally. He was stuck between being happy that this man was alive and hating the fact that he was alive.

"This butler act does not suit you," he told Ron, uncaring of his actions.

Ron's hand twitched and that benign smile turned sinister. "And pray tell what the young master means by that statement? This old Ron has been serving the young master since he was a boy, I do not see how it is an act."

Cale just blatantly stared at Ron. He debated internally just what and how much he should reveal. If he wanted to accomplish everything that he wanted to do, he couldn't do it alone. Ron might not be the best of choices given how dangerous the old man was, but he was also reliable and skilled. Cale also didn't want to see him die again which would undoubtedly happen if the old man and his son followed that punk bastard again. He also knew that the two Molans would stay by his side if they thought he could help them with their revenge-that was what they truly wanted after all.

He cleared his throat before taking a sip of the bitter drink. "You said I'm sixteen?" Cale wanted to confirm that he had heard correctly.

". . .Yes," Ron answered slowly. "Did the young master drink so much that he has forgotten?"

"No. In fact, I don't easily get drunk." He placed the still semi-full drink down. "Ron Molan, former head of the Molan Household that ran the underworld in the Eastern Continent along with the four other Assassin Households."

Before he could say anymore, a dagger was placed at his neck. "How do you know this?"

Cale spoke carefully, not wanting to accidentally cut himself. "What do you know about my mother's household?"

"The Thames were former nobility that had been completely erased from history in just a few short years. What does this have to do with you knowing who I am?"

Cale rolled his eyes. "You should have at least changed your names if you were going into hiding." He scoffed lightly and the blade of the dagger pressed harder against his skin. "The Thames possesses a special bloodline. We are Hunters though we are currently being hunted by the Hunters. Anyway, that's not important right now. What is important is that our bloodline is special. We have an affinity with time. My affinity has to do with regression."

"As in moving back in time?"

Cale started to move his head but realized that he couldn't, so instead, he released a sigh. "I could have chosen rebirth but I decided to regress. I know that you want to protect your son and that you also want revenge against the people who killed your wife." The hand holding the dagger shook, but only minutely. "A birthday banquet will be held for King Zed's fiftieth birthday. During it, Arm will stage an attack-oh, technically they destroy Harris Village right before that." Cale's heart quivered at the thought of the village where his mother had gone to on the day that she had passed away.

"A war will rage between the Whale Tribe and the Mermaids, also Arm's doing." Cale was honestly surprised that Ron was listening to him, though the dagger at his neck was still annoying. "A war between the mage faction and non-mage faction will happen in the Whipper Kingdom. I am unsure, but I believe the mages-or at least some of them- are colluding with Arm. I also believe that the Jungle or at least some of it was destroyed by the Mogoru Empire. The Empire will also attack the Caro Kingdom under the guise of friendship-though technically the Northern Alliance will be responsible for the actual attacking. The first place the three Northern Kingdoms attack will be our territory." Cale moved with great care so that he could look at Ron. "Only a few survive. I know the pain you felt when you lost your family because I too have lost mine. The events I just mentioned are just the beginning. Behind every single one of them is Arm. It will be a twenty-year-long war with everyone against Arm on the losing side."

"You say you saw all of this before you regressed?"

"Yes," was Cale's immediate reply.

"How were you able to regress?"

Cale released a tired sigh. He was too old for this. "I died by the hands of the leader of Arm-a mother fucker who just reincarnates every time he is killed-when I was in my forties. When I died, I met the God of Death and she gave me an option. I chose the annoying one for the people I care about. I was only able to strike this deal because of my bloodline, as I have mentioned already."

Ron removed the dagger from his throat and gave him a threatening looking smile that wasn't actually directed at him. "What do you plan on doing, Young Master?"

Cale gave him the most trashiest smile he had. "I plan on becoming stronger than that White Bastard and flip his plans over."

Ron tucked his dagger away and gave him a respectful bow. "I would like to be included in your plans."

"Of course. I never would have told you if I hadn't planned on having you help me."

. . . . .

"Do you plan on having lunch with your family, Young Master?"

Cale's eyes quaked. It had been over twenty years since he had last seen his family. He really wanted to see them but didn't think he would be able to act like normal. He shook his head. "I think it would be too hard to see them. I'll need a few days to calm myself."

"What should I tell them?"

"Tell them that I will be having lunch in my room and that I am nursing a hangover." Cale honestly believed that that was the best course of action.

Ron's brown eyes turned softer. "I understand."

"Have Beacrox come here for lunch. I want the two of you to join me while I go into more detail about the events I witnessed and heard about." Cale didn't miss the small quake in Ron's eyes. "He is your son and he is also skilled. I need as many people as I can get on my side."

"Thank you." With that, Ron left the room. While he was away, Cale got up and grabbed a pen and some paper. He wanted to write everything down and make a to-do list while his memory was still working fine.

Before long, Ron and Beacrox came in with a cart filled with food. There was steamed vegetables, salisbury steak, soup, and rolls. They set the food on the table in his room and made him a plate.

Cale went over and sat down on the comfortable couch. When he saw that the two did not make a move to sit, he pointedly stared at them. "This will be a very long conversation." He then gestured to the couch opposite him. "Sit and eat. The two of you are here as my future business partners, not as my servants."

"Ho." Other than the surprised gasp, Ron made no other noise as he fixed a spot for him and his son. "What do you mean by business partners?" Ron asked after he sat down.

"Just as I said. Information is everything. I know what will happen so I know where to look but I need a place where I can gather that information."

"You plan on opening an information guild," Ron said, catching on.

Cale nodded in affirmation. "I plan on opening several throughout the Western and eventually the Eastern Continents. The forefront will be a tavern. This will give us a source of income, keep our identities hidden, and keep suspicions low."

Beacrox looked between the two, confusion clearly written on his face. "Am I missing something?" The question was directed toward his father instead of Cale.

Cale narrowed his eyes but decided to be understanding. "Quite a lot," he drawled, sounding annoying and trashy. "Before I discuss my plans any further, I should start with my story. Ron already knows the gist of it, but this time I will go into more detail."

And Cale did. He started his tale off with the reason why he decided to start drinking a few months ago and why he adopted the trashy persona. He then started explaining major details that happened in the future. About how he had his ass handed to him by a punk bastard after Harris Village was destroyed when he was eighteen, how Basen was injured and how many lost their lives in an attack led by a crazy mage who worked for White Star. How the Mogoru Empire, the Northern Kingdoms, and most of the Eastern continent along with the Mermaids, Lion Tribe, Bear Tribe, and Red Flame Dwarfs were in league with Arm. How the Magic Tower and the Alchemy Bell Tower experimented and killed thousands of lives. He explained the people, events, and powers that came into play during the twenty-long years while only leaving out a few minute details.

The tale took over an hour to tell and they had already finished lunch. Cale had downed two glasses of that horrendously sour drink because his throat kept becoming dry with overuse. When he was finally finished speaking, Beacrox and Ron both leaned back into their seats with matching grim expressions.

"I do not like this future," Beacrox murmured with a hard glint in his eye.

"We have our work cut out for us," Ron commented, his own gaze hard and vicious.

Cale nodded in agreement. "That's why I want to open up information guilds. We also need talented people who can stealthily carry out operations and gather information quickly. We also need information on Ancient Powers and Artifacts. We need to gather as many as we can to keep the enemy from getting them."

Ron stood up from his seat. "I will begin the search for people that we may be able to use."

Beacrox also stood up and started helping his father clean up. "I will look for buildings for sell and gather books of value that pertains information on the ancient times." Beacrox and Ron paused before leaving. "I will try to stick to the ones that have already been translated."

"You can bring the original translations. I know enough of the ancient language understand the gist of it." He had resorted to teaching himself the language amongst others to try to read as much information that might help in the fight with White Star.

"Oh," Ron sighed in bewilderment.

Beacrox nodded. "I will deliver the materials shortly."

Cale flashed them a smile before standing up. "While you are doing that, I will head to my mother's grave. She left a diary for me there that may be useful."

After that, the three parted ways. Cale gathered a long coat and put it on before heading down the stairs. He managed to avoid running into his family while he made his way out the back end of the mansion.

The family cemetery was up on a hill located in the back of the estate. Cale trekked up the small incline slowly, his heart pounding with each step. When he reached the top, he easily located his mother's grave.

"Hey, mom," his voice was soft and broken. He hadn't been to her grave since she passed away nor did he ever get the chance after the attack. The damn bears had completely wrecked everything.

He bent down, not caring if his flashy white pants became dirty. He traced a trembling hand over the name written on the tombstone. "I'll have to make a mess of your resting place," he apologized to the empty air, knowing full well that her soul no longer rested here or even in this dimension.

Retracting his hand, he called forth the shovel from his spatial pouch that hung on the loop of his pants. He should have had a servant to do this task but felt like he should accomplish this much on his own.

He stood up and slammed the head of the shovel into the ground. Placing his foot on it, he dug it deeper into the ground before shoveling the surprisingly loose dirt out. Even with the dirt not as compacted as it should have been, it still took him over an hour to reach the small box buried there. He really needed to start working out if he wanted to get as strong-possibly stronger- than he was before he regressed.

With tired hands, he brushed the dirt off the box. He tried opening it but it wouldn't budge. He curled his fingers trying to get a better grip to yank the damn thing off. His fingers slipped and sliced themselves on the edge. The box opened as soon as his blood touched it.

Cale let out a strangled laugh. "Magic!" He shook his head. He really should have known that his mother would have taken that precaution.

Inside the small box was a journal that was perfectly preserved. He sat the box down and took the journal out. His mother's handwriting filled the pages. With bated breath, he read over the words she had written.

She explained a little about the Thames family and their research. She talked about how his time was warped and how she was proud that he was strong enough to come back in time. She even reminded him that he was not alone and had a lot of loved ones that he could lean on. She even wrote why she extracted her power and split it into two and where they were hidden. He laughed when he read that one of them was in the journal. She even told him about two other ancient powers that were hidden in the Forest of Darkness.

When he flipped to the last page of the journal, a light appeared out of the journal and flew toward the ground. The ground shook and a tree with bright red leaves sprung out of the ground in front of him. The branches of the tree reached down and wrapped him in their embrace. He couldn't help but feel warm on the inside knowing that this was what his mother's test looked like.

'Oh, aren't you a cutie!' The voice belonged to a younger version of his mother and it made his heart tremble. 'You have red hair just like me!'

Cale chuckled. "Of course I do, mom."

When the ancient power spoke next, there was a slight tremble to it. 'Mom? Mom! Oh, my little cutie. You know, you look like Deruth around the mouth. No wonder you're so cute. . . It must have been hard.'

"It's been bearable," he didn't want to lie to his mother nor did he want to tell her the truth.

'You pass, my cute little son. I'm just sad that you are so young. Good luck!' The light disappeared and flew into his chest. He closed his eyes and completely absorbed the power into him. Now all he had to do was to gain the other half of this power.

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