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Netflix & Sex

Fandom | Once Upon A Time

Collection | Hatter/Hook Shorts

Characters | Killian & Jefferson

Hook pressed himself into the ledge of the doorframe lightly, casually leaning against it as he knocked on the door before him. He took a deep inhale before he fully committed.

The heavy mahogany door swung open, wafting a deep, sweet cologne out of the space between the door and the inside of the lavish house. The next wave of air that pulsed outwards brought with it sweet Madagascar vanilla and notes of pumpkin.

“Hey.” A voice says, which is nearly already seductive in nature as the door swings open. The man that answers is watching the other while leaning against the inner frame of the door.

“Hey yourself.” The guest says, smiling back at him.

The two men had recently started dating and tonight Jefferson invited Killian over to watch this new serial killer series on Netflix and to just get to know each other a little better. That is if you can manage to do that with someone so intoxicating around as the Captain is to the Hatter and vice versa.

Okay, so the Hatter is mostly basically hoping to get laid. There hasn’t been any real force to it, yet. Hook seems completely at ease letting it take its time to play out, but the Hatter? He’s getting tired of waiting. So very restless.

“Are you going to invite me in or just stand there looking so irresistible and perfect as usual?” The Captain jokes, watching his newfound lover intently.

“Of course, sorry. It’s just that you distract me so easily it seems.” Jefferson’s face reddens ten shades darker as he confessions the power that Killian holds over him anytime that he is around it seems.

“Well, there’s plenty more where that came from, love. I can assure you that.” Hook says, stepping inside the door and marveling at the inside of the house. It’s the first time he’s been over since they’ve started dating and now he can see why it’s been so lonely for the Hatter.

He can’t even begin to fathom what that would be like, to have to deal with that on your own. Even more so if you are dealing with it and you have a young daughter that you are taking care of by yourself.

“Is that a promise?” The Hatter asks, watching him intently. Hook just smiles lovingly back at him.

As beautiful and sized as the house is, it’s quite a lot for just the Hatter and Grace, who is spending the night with her friends for a birthday party.

“Your house is... really magnificent.” Killian says to the other man, looking around at all of the art on the walls with a serious intent to him.

“Thank you, I’ve put a lot of work into it.” The Captain looks over towards Jefferson, who looks equal parts full of hatred while also displeased as he takes in the same areas as his boyfriend does. “It still has some minor improvements, but it’s definitely getting there.” He mumbles, always having high regard to do things to stay updated, especially inside of his home since that’s where he spends most of his time.

Well, at least where he has spent most of his time over the last several years that he was trapped here due to Regina. But that’s beside the point, the point is here, in the present.

“Could I offer you a glass of wine, Killian?” The Hatter says softly, glancing sheepishly over towards Hook for a moment, who is now peering out of the curtains into the dark of the night at the neighborhood around him.

“Jefferson, absolutely. You know me.” The Captain chuckles, knowing that his lover was already smirking to himself at the pun he made. “Where are we starting the series?” Hook glances up towards Jefferson who is coming over with his glass of wine.

“I mean, anywhere really. I was thinking of the master bedroom, but of course, if you’d prefer we could stay in the living room. There is also the theatre room...” The Hatter trails off, looking down the long hall before him. He realizes that he is saying too much, that Killian already knew what his answer was when he initially asked the question.

“The bedroom, duh.” The Captain says, blankly staring at Jefferson as he does. The Hatter erupts in laughter, grabbing the popcorn he just popped along with the candy bars and bottle of wine.

“Come on, let’s get this party started.” Jefferson suggests, pulling Hook behind him as he goes towards the bedroom. The Hatter is careful to set the food down on the side table as the Captain plops himself down on the bed, kicking off his shoes before getting comfortable in the island of pillows and blankets.

“Love, join me.” Killian pleads with the Hatter as he beckons him over to the side of the bed before pulling him on top of his own flattened body, which causes Jefferson to erupt in a fit of laughter, nuzzling his nose against his lovers.

“You. Are. Perfect.” The Hatter says, pointing a finger into the end of his nose with each word he says. “Okay, so what episode should we start with? This first one is Ted Bundy. That could very well be interesting.” Jefferson asks, flipping through the channels to look at what serial killers are in the first season.

“I mean, if there is any place to start love, it’s definitely with Ted Bundy.” Killian determines, watching as he settles on the episode they have picked, and looks after him longingly as he crosses the room to dim the lights.

Jefferson pulls back the sea of blankets and lays down next to the Captain, getting comfortable as he can feel his eyes already getting heavier with the three glasses of wine that he is in already.

“I’m really glad you’re here.” The Hatter mumbles into Killian’s thigh as he nestles down deeper into the Captain, content in his place. “It means a lot.” He finishes, yawning into his lap. Jefferson feels Hook laugh, his stomach shaking lightly as he does.


“Babe?” Jefferson can hear someone call out around him, he settles down deeper into where he is sleeping before he gives way to whoever is shaking at his shoulders. “Jefferson?” He cracks open an eye lazily.

“Huh? Oh, shit. I fell asleep. I’m so sorry.” The Hatter starts to profusely apologize as he looks up towards the Captain who is staring down at him with a wide grin spread across his face.

“Don’t worry, love. You don’t have anything to be sorry for, you didn’t miss much.” He says, watching as Jefferson yawns, stretching his arms into the air before he comes back to the remote that he is now holding.

“Want another episode, or something else?” The Hatter asks, reaching over to finish off the glass of wine he had sitting next to the bed.

“Hmm...I’m thinking maybe something else.” Hook suggests, reaching towards Jefferson’s hand and pressing the off button as the TV shuts down. Jefferson’s excitement grows as he watches the Captain, the mere thought of them finally getting to spend time together alone is enough to drive him mad.

“Is that so?” The Hatter says, smirking. A soft growl plays at his lips as he does.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve never stopped thinking about you, you know that right?” Killian softly says, taking Jefferson’s hand in his own, rubbing soft circles into his palm.

My God, the Hatter thinks. This man is more than he could have ever imagined having in his life.

“What do I have to do to get you into the shower with me?” Jefferson begs, looking up at Killian as he does who smiles painfully slow at him.

“Simply start the water, I’m anywhere that you are.” The Captain states, knowing that he has his hold on him and that he can do as he pleases with him at this point. The Hatter’s body is hot under his.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Jefferson simply states, getting up and turning on the water as he watches it steam before him. The Captain comes into the bathroom behind him as he marvels at the sight before his eyes. He lets out a low whistle.

“I think it’s disrespectful if anyone ever said you’re mad, you’re simply very right-minded.” Killian says, chuckling into the nape of his neck as it sends a shiver down his spine. The Hatter lets out a soft, low moan. He has waited his entire life for this event and being able to have Killian around him at his disposal is just what he has been asking for.

“I think you’re right.” Jefferson agrees, watching Hook as he begins to disrobe, letting his clothes drop casually to the floor. “I think you’re always right, that’s what I like about you the most.” He says, his voice a low whisper even though there is no one else around.

“Love.” The Captain groans into his neck, taking his place back against his body where he fits perfectly. Little does the Hatter know that Hook has waited his entire life for this moment as well.

“Hook.” Jefferson huffs out breathlessly. “You’re very tempting.” The Hatter growls towards Killian who bites effortlessly at his neck. Hook laughs, dark in nature.

“Just the way I need to be.” The Captain says, letting one arm dance along in the water as he feels the temperature of it before pulling Jefferson in with him.

He begins to carefully wash the Hatter’s body, letting the soap suds drain slowly down him which promotes Jefferson’s body to send multiple signals to Hook that he is definitely enticing him with his tactics.

“I could do this, every day, for the rest of forever.” Jefferson says, watching the Captain carefully as he continues to wash him painstakingly slowly. He offers this...nearly as an invitation to Hook.

“Is that so?” Hook wiggles his eyebrows towards Jefferson which provokes a subtle laugh that echoes in the walls of the shower.

“It is.” The Hatter states, smirking at his lover who quickly slides down to his knees in the shower, giving Jefferson a seductively dark and enticing glance with the ease that he puts into everything. The Hatter is already hardening under his concentrative looks, and Hook effortlessly takes him whole in his mouth - causing him to let loose with a dark, gravelly moan that he was holding back.

“Oh fuck.” Jefferson groans out, his arms plastered up against the side of the shower as he grabs for anything around him that he can use to keep his legs from turning into Jell-o and melting into the water that trails down into the drain.

Hook begins to bob up and down, taking slow but deep movements as he uses his tongue to his advantage, his throat opening wider for the Hatter. He is giving him everything he wants and then some. He laps at the slit on the tip of the Hatter’s ever-hardening cock as he leaks pre-come and the taste leaves him begging for more.

“Jefferson, fuck.” Hook is doing all he can to not lose it already, so tastefully enveloped in the way that the Hatter makes him feel. So entirely whole, so good.

“You’re telling me.” The Hatter’s voice goes ten octaves deeper as he tries to get a sentence out while the Captain is busy going to work to keep him so occupied that he can barely muster any strength to stay standing at all at this point.

Droplets of water trail down the Hatter’s body like a thunderstorm and his body is preparing the same messages for his lover the longer that he toys with him. Killian grips at his thighs, using them as his lifeline to keep going. He is intoxicating to him, breathing his scent in as he stays where he is for a moment - going all the way down to the base as he sucks and swallows the more pleased that he can tell that Jefferson is getting.

“Fuck, you’re so good.” Jefferson spits out between his gritted teeth, sucking in a sharp, deep, inhale of air. “Oh, God. It’s perfect, you’re perfect, so perfect and good to me. I don’t deserve you.” The Hatter continues on, praising Hook for all that he does for him, all that he is.

“I want you, so very badly.” Hook says, looking up at him with pleading eyes. He looks at the glistening silver, off-white scar across the Hatter’s neck and determines that it looks more daunting than usual - more threatening. He never wants to lose him, not ever. He could never handle something like that happening, there would be no way that he could face living a life without him by his side.

“Please never leave me.” The Hatter gulps, feeling as though his own air is caught in his throat as it threatens to choke him the longer it stays that way. Breathe, he has to breathe.

Both men stop short. The Hatter stands frozen in his own fear as Hook pulls himself up slowly as his face meets against Jefferson’s. He nuzzles his face into the nape of the Hatter’s neck, sucking in his familiar smell as he does so, staying there for as long as he can allow himself. He feels a tear in his chest that he tries to shove back down where it belongs when he realizes that he, too, wouldn’t be able to live without his lover in his life. That isn’t a chance he would be willing to take, having to take on something that would be that detrimental.

“Jefferson, I would never...I could never leave you. You’re my whole world, my whole life, love.” Hook says, laughing in disbelief. “Why on Earth would you think something like that?” He questions, shaking his head. “God, I love you.” Killian finishes his thoughts, his mind a blur until he realizes what he’s said. What he’s done.

“What did you say?” Jefferson asks him, watching him intently as his eyes search his face for any sign that what he said wasn’t true.

“I said that I love you. You know that I do, don’t you?” Killian thought he had been forthcoming before, but maybe it was something that really needed to be said first for it to be something that he saw as a truth.

“Killian, I love you, too. I’ve always loved you. I believe you.” The Hatter stumbles over his own words. Watching the smile light up on Killian’s face is all the confirmation that Jefferson needed to know that he was as serious as his answer claimed him to be.

“Now, let’s get back to our Netflix session, shall we?” The Captain offers, pulling the Hatter from the shower and quickly drying both of them off to only pull him back over to the bed. Hook flops down on the pillows, dragging the Hatter down on top of him. “Make me yours, love.” Hook says, dauntingly.

“Are you sure?” The Hatter asks, timid in nature for as outspoken as he can sometimes be.

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t say so if I wasn’t sure.” Hook grumbles under the weight of his partner. From the bedside drawer, the Hatter pulls leather belts out and places them on each of the Captain’s wrists, seemingly careful to apply just the right amount of pressure to Killian’s limbs. “Come on, you can do better than that.” Hook smirks at his lover, watching intently while he works.

Jefferson’s hands are quick as he swiftly fastens the straps tighter, nearly turning Killian’s wrists white under the pressure.

“Mmm, that’s more like it.” Hook moans under the intense gratification that he gets as he watches the Hatter do his best work for him. He becomes his art, his passion.

The Hatter is delicate in his process as he kisses softly, small pecks from his pelvis up to his jawline. He makes note of each area that he lightly touches before he comes back tenfold with hasty, strong bites that he trails from his jawline now down to his pelvis.

Hook looks down his body as small welts begin to form in the areas where he has left his mark. Some of the bites begin to bleed. The Captain growls out in pleasure and pain, laughing darkly as Jefferson begins to apply an ample amount of lube to both of them.

“God, I fucking love you.” Jefferson moans out, his voice low and electrifying. His eyes seem to have gone ten shades darker the longer that he is toying with Hook sprawled out before him.

Jefferson begins to sweat, the beads dripping down onto the Captain under him who shivers as the drops become cold on his warming skin as they collide together.

“Come on, fuck me like you want to.” Hook spits out, gritting his teeth as he groans in immense pleasure.

“With pleasure.” Jefferson slyly states back, watching Hook squirm under him. He briefly braces against Killian before plunging in him deeply and with quite a lot of force. The Captain all but muffles a yelp as he begs the Hatter not to stop.

This is his favorite part.

“Don’t stop, please, harder. God, it feels so good when you fuck me like that. Please make me yours. I want you to come for me.” The Captain tauntingly pleads out from under the Hatter who is losing his mind.

“You like that?” Jefferson grunts, his thrusts becoming harder the more forceful that he works to make Killian groan and pant out.

“God, I do. I want more. I want you to fuck me so hard, it feels so good. Goddamn...” Hook lets out a pleasurable moan, his lover working to contain his own orgasm the longer that the pair are playing out.

Jefferson grunts louder, thrusting his hardened cock into Hook as he forcibly utilizes his tactics to make the Captain come undone. He knows just what Killian likes and he intends to continue to give it to him until he is unable to keep his own orgasm stilled inside of him.

“Come for me, baby.” Jefferson begs of the Captain, longing to feel him underneath his touches, his thrusts, and his unwavering love. He knows that he is just barely right where he wants him now. He has this ultimate power over him that he is unable to get away from.

“Jefferson, I’m so close, you’re going to make me come. I’m sorry...I can’t...I’m going to come. Please, God, fuck me. Fuck me so hard, you’re so good to me...” Hook trails off, his panting becoming louder and more frantic the closer he gets as he chases after his own orgasm the more that the Hatter thrusts into him in just the right spot.

All it takes to unravel the Captain now is a series of quick jerks of the Hatter’s hand as he works him up and down, barely able to contain his own orgasm at this point. He knows he isn’t going to last much longer.

The pulsating from Killian’s everlasting orgasm is enough to really send the Hatter over the edge.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t stop, Killian. I’m going to come, God, you feel so good inside of me. I want more.” Jefferson groans out in pleasure as his orgasm rears up on him.

He pumps harder and faster, deeper into Hook before his thrusts stop and he stills inside of him - knowing he has reached his max finally.

“Oh fuck, it’s right there. Fuck, I’m coming, oh shit it feels so good.” Jefferson moans out loudly, so loud he is sure every single house in the neighborhood could hear him right now, and quite frankly he really doesn’t give a shit.

Jefferson is very quick to release the straps that he has holding the Hatter’s hands up against the posts of the bed. He carefully rubs at his wrists, holding them there for a moment in his own hands. He pulls them up to his face, kissing them softly as he does.

“That was perfect, you’re always so amazing, so intoxicating to me.” Hook says, breathlessly to his lover. Jefferson turns a deep shade of red, unable to take compliments well.

“No, you’re amazing. You are my whole world.” The Hatter says to Killian, pulling him closer to him. “What do you say we get cleaned up and then call it a night? I’d really love for you to stay here, with me.” Jefferson gently says, afraid of rejection.

Killian leans in, kissing him slowly as he does. He smiles softly at the Hatter, his grin spreading across his face so widely that he is unable to keep it contained.

“I’d love nothing more.” Hook says, pulling the Hatter in even closer. “I’d even watch a shitty Netflix series with you if it meant getting to stay like this with you, forever.”

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