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Sunset dreams and Healing Scars.


They meet between fireflies and campfires, and leave with hearts in their hands. ![currently writing, will go through revisions later]!

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Mirage <3
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Finally home.

*Disclaimer: Do not take any of the actions that the characters do in this to be real, this is fanfiction. Despite this being a realistic au, this is purely based on the dsmp characters, not the CCs. If any of them experience discomfort with this, I will take it down*

The car bumped up and down the familiar country roads, and Tubbo breathed deeply, taking in all of the scents from the open window. The sun was just barely set, and a deep pink light bathed his face in light warmth. It was drizzling slightly outside, just enough to make the car window fog up, and the clouds hung overhead. He rested his chin on his arm and continued to stare out, blinking slowly, trying to clear sleep out of his eyes. A bird called out in the distance, and another one answered it.

About an hour later, while his earbuds were blasting "Are You Bored Yet?", he spotted a large, hand-painted sign hanging above the gravel road that read “Camp l’manburg”, and sat up, excitement trickling through him. The car passed slowly under the sign and they parked in the bright green grass a little down the road. One of the camp counselors walked out of the large mess hall to their left and waved at them, excitement clear on his face. Tubbo waved back, unbuckling his seatbelt and leaping out of the passenger’s seat as fast as he could, his mom stepping out beside him. He stretched his arms up in the air and rubbed his slightly aching chest. He had been sitting in an odd position for too long, and now that he was moving, it hurt pretty bad. He heard a loud grunt from behind him and looked back to see his mother hauling his pack out from the back of the trunk and he took it from her, hefting it behind him,

“Don’t worry ma, I got it.” She nodded at him reluctantly then pulled him in for a bone-crushing hug without any warning,

“Love you Tub’s,” She muttered into his air and he nodded, pushing her away slightly.

“Love you too ma, but you were kinda squishing me.” She chuckled merrily and patted his head,

“Alright, bye dear, see you at the end of summer. I’ll miss you!”

“Bye ma, see you in a few months!” She swung herself back into the car and Tubbo waved goodbye as it took off down the road, leaving the camp.

He turned back around towards Wilbur, the camp counselor, and grinned at him,

“Ey Will, long time no see!” Wilbur took his bags in his arms and nodded.

“It has been a long time Tubbo, good to see you. You’re here before all of the other campers, so I guess that you can go hang out with Techno over there.” He pointed left to where his brother was reading a book on one of the many blue hammocks that were set up in a circle around some trees.

“Ok cool, thanks Wilbur.” Wilbur smiled and put the bag in the rickety old camp truck to presumably take it to the cabin that Tubbo would be staying in. He walked down the small hill that lead to the hammocks, trying not to fall, and sat down on the one next to Techno. The pink-haired man looked up from his book, glasses crookedly perched on his nose. Tubbo waved at him and Techno jerked his head and grunted in greeting before going back to his book. Tubbo swung around on his hammock for a while, plugging his earplugs back in and hitting start on the iPod that he was still holding. Technically, he wasn’t supposed to have any electronics at camp, but he had been here for a while, and he was pretty sure Philza -the Camp Director- had a soft spot for him. When he looked up from choosing a song, there was finally another car in the parking place. It was dark red and beat up from a whole bunch from all of the road trips it had been on, but Tubbo would know it from anywhere. He shot up from the hammock and raced as fast as he physically could back over to the parking area, colliding with a blur of red and white energy.

“Tommy! You’re here!” Tommy laughed into his shirt and nodded hysterically. Philza stood behind them, a fond look on his face at his youngest son’s antics.

“Techno and Wilbur didn’t do anything stupid while I was going to get Tommy from school, right?” Tubbo shook his head, feeling elated for the first time in quite a while. His summer had finally started, after a whole ten months.

After Tommy had arrived, more and more of the campers began coming in, one after the other. When it was 5:00 pm. and most of the campers from their cabin except for one had met up with Techno, they began a trudge across the small field to where the boys’ cabins were. Tubbo was just about to open up the door to the cabin just as the camp truck pulled up outside of it, Wilbur leaning his head out of the window.

“Stuff guys! Grab your suitcases!” all of them rushed to the back of the dirty truck and hauled all of our stuff into their arms. Tubbo nearly fell over with the weight of his pack, but straightened himself and stumbled through the now-opened cabin door. He breathed in the smell of wood -and dust from the several months that it had gone unused- and smiled, glad to be back home.

He went straight to the bottom bunk that he and Tommy would share and slid his suitcase under it, flopping down on the bed. He felt the entire thing shake violently as Tommy climbed to the top. Tubbo watched as the boy hung his head over the side and looked at Tubbo, hanging upside-down with his blonde hair flying everywhere and a goofy grin on his face.

Techno had been standing in the doorway until now, but now he came in and sat down on one of the beds. All of the other campers’ heads swiveled toward him and he cleared his throat loudly.

“Hey Nerds, let us introduce ourselves, okay?” Everyone else looked a little surprised that a pink-haired twenty-year-old man just called them ‘nerds’ whilst Tubbo and Tommy merely laughed.

Tubbo raised his hand up excitedly, wanting to be the first to get to do as Techno had said.

“Tubbo Underscore, He/Him, 15 years of age and counting! Proud bee lover and Tommy’s best friend.” he pointed up at the blond’s face that was still hanging upside-down. Tommy sat up and cracked his neck.

“Tommy Innit Minecraft, He/Him, brother of Techno here and son of Philza Minecraft. I’m a big man!” The other campers chuckled lightly, and Tubbo reached up to fistbump him through the bars on the top bunk.

Before anyone else could introduce themselves though, a loud bang sounded from the door, and another kid came running in, breathing heavily. They had a suitcase handle in one hand, and what looked like a leather diary clutched tightly in the other.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that I’m late, i-it’s just that there was a whole lot of traffic a-and...” They trailed off, gasping. Everyone in the room stared at them in surprise as they clutched their chest. Hair fell into their eyes, and they looked up at all of them. Tubbo was the first to react

“Hi...whatever your name is! Welcome to the cabin!” He waved his hands around the room and everyone quickly reacted, waving hello and nodding along. The person looked up and smiled nervously, eyes scanning everyone here.

“Hey, my uh, my name is Ranboo, Ranboo B-beloved He/They non-binary urm...” He looked around the room, seemingly unsettled by the large amounts of eyes on him. Tubbo got the message and sprang out of bed, grabbing his arm and leading him to the bunk bed across from his and Tommy’s.

"I gotchu boss man. I'm Tubbo, he/him, nice to meet ya." Ranboo looked up at him through their bangs, sending him a silent ‘thank you’`

Ranboo twirled several silver rings around their hands, black nails glinting in the light. He wore a white t-shirt from some old band with a black long-sleeved shirt beneath it, and a pair of loose brown pants paired with dirty converse boots. Split dyed hair completed the look. They conflicted against Tubbo, who wore a white shirt with flannel and some sweatpants.

Ranboo pulled their journal thing tight against his chest and stammered something that Tubbo couldn’t quite understand. He just nodded along to whatever was said to him and went back to his bed, setting up all of his covers and photo’s that he would leave up for the rest of the summer.

He took out an old photo of him and Tommy when they were young, maybe... six, or seven? He studied it and felt a wave of shock roil slightly through him. The kid that stared back at him was a completely different person. His hair was in long pigtails, wet from the lake. Swimming goggles perched on his head. His crooked tooth smile matched Tommy’s. Written on the photo in black sharpie were the words, ′Tala and her new friend, Tommy :)′ Tubbo smiled slightly at it and let out a deep breath, propping it up on the windowsill next to the bed.

Techno stood up from where he was sitting once they were all done laying their stuff out.

“Okay Nerds, we need to go eat dinner now.” Everyone sprang up instantly, ready to eat. They shoved and ran past each other, despite having just met. Tubbo and Tommy hung behind once they got out of the cabin, heading towards the mess hall. His eyes caught Ranboo, who was ahead of them, but behind the rest of the group. One of his hands was shoved into his pocket, and he was hunched over, seemingly reading his journal. Tubbo couldn’t help but feel that something was off about him, but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

Tommy bounced up and down beside him, looking between Tubbo and Ranboo.

“Stop staring at that kid.” Tubbo jerked his eyes off Ranboo and looked at Tommy in surprise.


“I said, ‘stop staring at that kid’ ”

“Their name is Ranboo, and I am not staring!”

“Suuuuure, ok, whatever you say!” Tommy went running off and caught up with Purpled, another one of the kids that had been there almost as long as he and Tubbo. Tubbo huffed and hunched his shoulders in, almost pouting.

I was not staring.

The mess hall was pure chaos. Campers threw food at each other from tables, and all Tubbo was trying to do was get his food. He scooped up some mashed potatoes from the tub onto his plate and walked off with it and his burger. He sat down at the same table he had since he was six.

He raised the cold metal spoon to his lips, blowing steam off of the potatoes, when he spotted Ranboo across the room, spinning in circles and stumbling around others trying to get past him. Their tray was in his hands, with their journal tucked into his elbow. Tubbo watched as they went over to the table closest to him, seemingly having a conversation that Tubbo couldn’t hear. Ranboo scrambled away from the table and shuffled over to another one. It kept on going like that, him getting rejected from each table one-by-one. Some of the room had begun to notice, and slowly, more and more people turned to watch the Ranboo, Sympathetic phrases being muttered into ears. Finally, after every single other table had told him that, no, he couldn’t sit with us, our table is too full, they carefully made their way over to Tubbo’s table. Tubbo stared as he came forwards, head looking at the ground and shoes shuffling.

“I- uh, could I... sit with you...?” They fidgeted with the colorful bead bracelets that hung around his wrists. Tubbo felt his heart pang for them.

“Of course you can! Take any seat that you want. Tommy isn’t sitting here today, so you can even take his!” Ranboo jerked their head up, and Tubbo spotted his eyebrows go high on his head.

“Wait... r-really?” Tubbo smiled as warmly as he possibly could.

“Yeah! Why not?” Ranboo hesitated, then sat down next to him, with one seat in between them. Ranboo put his tray down and took a few bites of it, pulling out his journal and reading that while they ate. Tubbo pulled the old iPod out of his pocket and shoved the earbud into his ear, going back to devouring his food.

Not even a few minutes later, he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned left, to where Ranboo was sitting, finger still raised from the touch.

“Yeah?” Tubbo asked, confused. Ranboo shifted.

“Uh, w-what kind of stuff do we have at... at summer camp?” Oh. Tubbo grinned.

“Well, we have swimming -I don’t do that one usually-, the zipline, hiking, sleeping of course, and boat riding.” he listed them off on his fingers. “Y’know, normal summer camp stuff.” When he finished, he saw Ranboo staring at him. Tubbo thought that what he had said wasn’t that crazy, but Ranboo was looking down -yes down, wow, they were really tall, even sitting- at him with amazement in his eyes.

“Woah, all of that?” Tubbo nodded sagely.

“Have you never been to a summer camp before?” Ranboo shook their head, embarrassment written on his face. “Oh! That’s ok, I’ll help you.” Ranboo tilted his head.

“Why would you help me?” Tubbo raised a brow.

“Why... wouldn’t I?” He asked. Ranboo spluttered.

“Well.. because no one likes me!” Tubbo crinkled his forehead. Sure, the guy was a bit nervous, but they weren’t mean or anything, why would no one like him? He made a decision.

“Well, I like ya, boss man, now, come on.” He got up along with most of the other people, dragging Ranboo by their elbow to the trash can to throw away the paper plates. He guided them to where Techno was yelling out in his monotone voice for all of his campers to “Hurry up.”

Well, it seemed like he had made a new friend.

A.N: Bruh, I really thought that I could make a literal 200k word fic in less than a year. I would have to be a literal god (Like Hellinite on A03, go check out some of her fics) to be able to do that. But anyways, I’ve come to a more realistic goal, and I think that this is probably going to be about 10k words, maybe a little more. The next update should be within a week, if not, assume that I have either died or run away from home and couldn’t take my laptop. The characters are aged down quite a bit, because I couldn’t exactly put them in summer camp at 19. Anyways, bye!

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