Nightly Rituals

Anna + Tsuzuki

Chapter Eighteen: Anna + Tsuzuki:


Summer’s about over and still I love Asato-kun. On our way home, he nuzzled me on the neck.

“Ooo,” I cooed, pushing him off. Asato-kun went in for another helping.

“Stop!” I squealed. He pouted at me.

“Oh, Anna,” my husband whimpered. “Don’t be like that!” I turned around, giggling.

“Is that all you think about?” I asked.

“Maybe…” he answered. I smiled, shaking my head.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said. He grabbed me by the waist.

“Hey!” I shouted. Asato-kun pinned me against a wall. Okay… He kissed me on the lips. This has become a habit for him lately. Asato-kun became rather passionate and playfully aggressive around me. It might be the heat, but I have a couple more guesses. I gently pushed him off and he looked confused.

“Is something wrong?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Not tonight,” I told him. I held up my hand when he opened his mouth. “Now, now, I just want to cuddle tonight.” Asato-kun pouted out his lower lip.

“You promise?” he asked. I kissed him on the bridge of his nose.

“Yes, yes,” I said. “I haven’t let you down.” Asato-kun grabbed onto my waist and nipped ne on the ear gentle enough to make chills run down my spine.

“Why are we waiting out here for?” he asked. “I want to go home now!”

“Alright then,” I said. We began out walk home, but Asato-kun leaned in close to my ear.

“What is it now?” I asked.

“We’re just cuddling, right?” he asked.

“If you want to.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes!” Before I knew it, he pulled me in closer and we vanished back to our apartment. I barely had time to look around as Asato-kun led the way inside. Well that was fast!

“Babe, don’t you think we should slow down?” I asked. He didn’t listen as we ran down the hall. I shrugged my shoulders when we reached our bedroom door. I guess one more night like this wouldn’t be so bad. Asato-kun laid me down onto our futon. I sat up with a smile on my face.

“Asato-kun,” I said. He huddled on top of me.

“Yes?” my husband asked. I reached up and tapped him on the tip of his nose.

“Nothing too X-rated, okay?” I told him. “I want to rest for a change.” He kissed me on the lips in reply.

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