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Soukoku one shots


Just some short stories of soukoku some whole, smut, fluff, lemon I post weekly and please comment ideas just comment the genre and the idea and I will probably make it by the way none of these are actually canon.

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Halloween party

-has a little bit of smut, but again most of my stories do anyway. - 16 high school Au and he’s a little softer in this AU

-no ones POV

At this prestigious school, everyone was wealthy including Chuuya and Dazai but everyone has a reputation that stays with them for life, even if you are wealthy because this school is very prestigious everyone is at the same level with money. Dazai was popular and everyone wanted to be with him and probably even marry him one day but Chuuya was the opposite. He had only one friend, tachihara who was very protective of him with bullies. His reputation was the school homosexual slut because in once in 8th grade he was caught by Dazai,kissing a forty year old teachers for a better grade which spreading around the whole school very fast. It was true though sometimes he had to go the long way (sleep with them) with them.

~time skip. Chuuya and Dazai are now sixteen years old~

-Dazai POV

I had a dare that if I successfully got with Chuuya to see how good he really was and he was my halloween date for a party I would get paid 50 dollars. I nodded as I walked up to chuuya ” Hello beatiful” I said as i kissed his soft hand, he giggles it made me blush for a second, but then i remembered i’m not gay, or i’m I? ” Would you like to do homework at my house” i proposed knowing he’d say yes since he has very few friends and that way I can do it with him since he’s in my house He happily agreed.

~At my house~

I heard the doorbell ring, i happily jumped as i opened the door he came with books and his backpack and his uniform. He came in and sat on the couch, I did the same. We sat on the opposite side of him.


it started to rain very heavily and lightning Chuuya was obviously scared and every time the lightning strikes the chibi would flinch crazily. I asked chuuya if he wanted to stay for the night, and he asked for some clothes, hehehehehe I knew it was my time to shine. I led him to a closet and told him to wear what he wanted only in the closet. He found a very long T-shirt of mine and I was thinking how did he not pick the maid costume or the cat costume, whatever it didn’t matter but what did matter was Chuuya he had no pants on and it made me blush especially in my shirt we sleep in the same bed together when we were Chuuya then whispered “if I tell you something would you tell anyone” I then replied no and he told me he wasn’t human it surprised me a first but then got used to it. After a few days past I asked chuuya to become my date for the halloween party, Chuuya jumped as he kept repeating yes. I felt bad for a second but then just brushed it off.

-Chuuya POV

I was so excited, since today was the day I would meet Dazai for the party when I opened the door to the party to see Dazai kissing Chloe, the most popular girl in school. I ran out crying and I could see Dazai taking a glimpse of me before I ran out. I was outside crying my eyes out and no one was here to comfort me since Tachihara was sick, I saw Dazai running towards me .

-Dazai POV

What I realised once again when looking at Chuuya’s crying face was.. that even Chuuya is human. Even Chuuya has feelings, the only one who isn’t human is me. The man who played with Chuuya’s feelings and hurt them... I really am... disqualified as a human being. ” Please disappear away from my sight,” Chuuya said, crying .” I am sorry Chuuya, sorry Chuuya forgive me” I said. ” like a sorry would be enough on top playing with their feelings as well and do you seriously think I will forgive you? ″ chibi shouted! “If it’s chuuya you will forgive me.. I am sure of it” I proudly said, he forgave me he just said it would take time as we were walking. I thought Chuuya thank you, you might not realise it but... I am truly glad that you exist here with me once again. My one and only true happiness in this world and if it’s for Chuuya’s sake, I guess living a little longer... wouldn’t be all that bad as I patted his short head while thinking about it. ” i’m only staying for a little bit” I proposed, “hah, but why Dazai if you want to date me stay with me don’t be cheap, it’s a promise because it’s embarrassing I will say it only once, I love you so please go out with me “! When we were at my house inside I kissed him rough. I am happy I can’t hold back, having met you once more.I was dragging my hand down to his hips still kissing him going up his shirt as he moaned loudly as I pinched one of his nipples until it turned red. I started to strip my clothes while still kissing him and then started stripping him. I picked him up and pushed him against a wall. I was sucking his neck. After that was done I shoved one of my fingers into his mouth forcing him to suck. I was getting very impatient. I pushed onto the bed as we did an uncomfortable position because I was impatient and I started to get even harder with his hot moans. I only shoved only the tip as you can hear his curdling scream. I thought it was enough but I was greedy for his body. So I shoved it half way and he just fainted and I could see it was mean and harsh but in the moment I didn’t care so I fell asleep with him on my chest.


I woke up early with Chibi on my warm chest ” Chuuya you are too pure at the point where I don’t want to hurt you anymore, Chuuya are you really okay with someone like me, with me who is disqualified as a human being” I thought out loud. “It’s okay, having fallen for you I too am disqualified as a human being I am telling you, that’s why, don’t think too much into it” Chuuya whispered. ” oh, you were awake Chibi, fwa ha ha ha!!” ” What is it now, bandages freak, why are you laughing NOW!?“:( turning into canon Chuuya, if he were alive) ” Chibi, you always say embarrassing things out loud, that’s why you’re adorable”. I giggled as he kept hit me until I fell back asleep.

got inspiration and some words from, Pixiv: next life from Stella Rasu.


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