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Soukoku one shots

Fyodor why!

-fluff and maybe a little bit of smut -family AU

-no ones POV

Dazai and Chuuyas have a family together with their two daughters Maria and Alice. Alice and Maria are fraternal twins. Maria has brown hair while Alice has red hair like her mother and they are four years old this year.

- Chuuya’s POV

“Maria, Alice come eat” i shouted, “what did you make mama,” Alice said in a playful voice”it’s Miso soup”.“okay mama”,″ now come sit at the table plus I will invite uncle Fyodor” I said in a cheerful voice. Even though I know Dazai hates Fyodor for what he tried to do to me last year which I forgave him for. (by the way Fyodor isn’t actually their uncle it’s just their close friends). The doorbell rings. I opened the door to see Dazai who was late to dinner. I was about to give him a slap but the girls interrupted me “daddy guess what uncle Fyodor’s coming to eat with us” the children say. “What Chibi you know I don’t like him” he says in a pretty cute sad face “welp too bad you know the kids like him” “they wouldn’t like him if you know what they did to you” dazai said in a whisper I tch him. I heard another knock on the door I opened to see Fyodor he welcomed me with a tight hug touching my thigh, I noticed but didn’t say anything as the kids were watching so as Dazai and I could feel Dazai’s cold and menacing daze with a lot of jealousy in his eyes.

(this the reason Dazai hates Fyodor, Fyodor captured Chuuya when he was six year old ad raped him every day and sold him to other old guys and keep Chuuya in his old cold basement for months without showing him the day of light ever. Until Chuuya escaped at the age of sixteen and bumped into Dazai, his future lover and the reason Chuuya is still friends with fyodor is because Fyodor was in Chuuya’s life for long he kept having guilt so they are still friends.)

back to the present time

We all sat at the table and ate the food but after everyone started talking I felt something touch my leg. I looked under the table to see Fyodor nasty ass feet going up my leg. I felt extremely uncomfortable but still didn’t say anything but his foot was going very close to between my legs so I whispered to Dazai. Dazai looked at fyodor with a death in his eyes but it seemed like he had a plan so i didn’t do anything yet plus the kids were still watching but Fyodor didn’t care he would fuck me naked even IF KIDS were watching.


no ones POV

Dazai dropped Chuuya fork on the ground and as expected Chuuya bent over to grab the fork Dazai quickly took Chuuya’s head and pulled it up to his dick, Chuuya face started to become red as a tomato. Chuuya knew what he had to do, Dazai told the kids to go play. Chuuya took Dazai’s pants off and started his blow job. Chuuya started off by licking the tip and sucking at least half of it since it was ten inches at least. Dazai tried holding in his moans as Chuuya was basically choking on his big cock since Dazai knew Chuuya had no gag reflex Dazai without warning cum inside Chuuya small Chibi mouth Chuuya tried to take his head away from his immense juicy cock. But Dazai kept holding his head and Chuuya knew Dazai was way stronger than him and Chuuya was basically crying from holding too much cum in his mouth while Dazai dick was in his mouth plus Chuuya didn’t want to swallow shitty organs. After a few minutes, Fyodor heard a thump under the table and he checked under the table just to see Chuuya sucking off Dazai, Fyodor ran out of the house embarrassed. Dazai started laughing after what happened. Chuuya came out of the table “hey kids you want another one of you brats” “of course daddy that means more people to play with”. Chuuya blushed at the comment but then realised he was serious so let’s just say in the middle of the night you can hear moaning, crying and maybe slapping (not in the abusive way) in the end they lived happily ever after with ten children and you can blame Fyodor for making Chuuya to that stupid plan and end up with 10 children in the end.

the end and please tell me what to change and what not to. It would be very helpful for future stories.

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