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How to kill a Kingdom


[English & Original Version] [On Hiatus until further notice] Evelyn Chiva, daughter of Thanatos, hides her dark past. Seeing that Gods and Humans are evil. She seeks to destroy both, killing more than 2/3 of the population. Meanwhile Willow Rose, daughter of Demeter, doesn't see it the same way. She fights to keep humans and gods alive. A war between the Egyptian, Norse, Roman, and Greek gods. Fighting demons, Monsters, and Fates knows what. Watch how 15 year-olds Evelyn and Willow embark on this adventure. Truly one of a kind. STORY IS A DRAFT Rated: TV14 (for use of profanity, gore) Trigger warnings: This story mentions @buse, su!c!d3, and bl00d, and mentions of r//p3. (We don't own some of the characters that are used in the book and the PJO universe) (Only available on Wattpad, Tapas, Penana, Inkitt, and Quotev) Thank you @AnnamitaMuscaria for making the book cover:)

Thriller / Fantasy
AEH ink.
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Cool Kids

(Disclaimer we don't own the music and some of the characters that's use in this book. My friend is Awkwardly_Tall. She help me write this. All Rights reserved. ©️ Wattpad 2022)

(Edited by Scarlet)

(Evelyn POV)

🎶She sees them walking in a straight line🎶

🎶That's not really her style🎶

🎶And they all got the same heartbeat🎶

🎶but hers is falling behind🎶

🎶Nothing in this world could ever bring them down🎶


🎶Yeah, they're invincible and she's just in the background🎶

🎶And she says🎶

🎶I wish that I could be like cool kids🎶

🎶'cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in-🎶


I sigh as I take my headphones off. Is it time for school already? Probably... I shake my head as I get up from my bed, which is still in my top ten best things in my life. It probably would be in my top five, if not for the lingering bloodstains near the bottom. I cringe as my feet brush across the remaining broken glass on the floor. It's nearly impossible to clean up broken glass with your bare hands.

I quickly get dressed, my fingers hovering over the scars along my body, never touching them but knowing that they are there.

I almost run headfirst into my curtains on my way out my bedroom door. They were practically dancing on the breeze, which always welcomed itself into my room because of, you know, the lack of windows.

"Yes, Mom?" I ask, poking my head outside my door frame to look at her as she lay sprawled out on the couch. I felt anxiety rising in me as the words left my mouth.

"Be a dear and grab me a can," She said, her fingers barely hanging on to an empty can. Her tone of voice heavily suggested this hadn't been the first beer of the day. I step forward into our living room, our walls forever damaged from all the parties she'd thrown. Not to mention the rooms were always cold as sh*t.

"Didn't you already have enough to drink?" I asked her bravely, hoping that this time she'd magically realize her mistakes and change her ways. As if.

She just shakes her head and sighs. "Every day will be a reminder that I didn't take the pill."

I stare at her for a moment in disbelief.


"You heard me. Do I have to whip you with the belt again? Or lock you in your room with a rope?" She says these words with no emotion in her face whatsoever, as if they were simply a statement. I found this absolutely terrifying.

"I'll...I'll get it." I mumbled, making my way to the refrigerator.

"Good girl." She's smiling now, almost psychotically. Probably from all the drinking. I scavenge the refrigerator for another beer, knowing full well that it's a bad idea. Deep down inside, I want to help her, but at the same time I also don't want to starve again.

I hand her the drink without a word, not meeting her eyes so that I don't have to see the woman who I've just given the power to ruin herself.

"Hmm. Next time be faster so I don't have to make threats. You know I hate making threats." She says in a sickeningly sweet voice, like a sedative. I have to get out of here.

"Yes, mom, sorry." I say, throwing my backpack over my shoulder. I don't want to end up like her, drunk and alone. I sigh. Angie will be waiting for me at the bus stop.

"I'm heading out, Mom," I say as I start towards the door, hoping that one day she'll say, "Have a good day". Instead she just says,

"Use protection." I stop and stare at her. Mom, you poor thing; It's not her fault that she's this way. Dad, how could you leave her like this?

"I'm...I'm just going to go to school now..." I open the door and then turn back to her to see if she wants to add anything else.

She doesn't reply.

I don't have time for this, I need to get to school.

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