Restart Death


Harry Potter, the boy who lived, again? But why? And how? What's different? When Harry dyes his mind is sent back to his ten-year-old selves body. Perhaps it's a second chance, perhaps its a curse. All Harry knows is that he is going to change what happens in the future no matter what the costs, and how he has to do it. However will Harry be able to handle everything, or will he give into the fear and pain?

Adventure / Fantasy
Enna Morrison
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Harry! I’m sorry. You couldn’t have known. Things like this don’t happen.” Hermione was crying. It hurt Harry to see his friend like this.

Harry was dying. It had been three years since Voldemort’s death and all had been well. Albeit, taking two killing curses was bad for one’s body, no matter how you may have survived them. Harry’s ageing had been exhilarated at an alarming speed. It may have only been three years, but for Harry, it had been one hundred. Without the Philosopher’s stone, which was destroyed after Harry found it, he would surely perish.

“I know Hermione. It’s not your fault. It’s no one's fault but Voldemort’s. There was nothing you could do. You tried Hermione.” Harry pulled his friend close. “I just wish that I could go and save everyone. Make my life worthwhile. . .” He smiled gently and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Harry sat up shocked as he heard banging followed by his Aunt yelling. “Get up boy! It’s Dudley’s birthday and I want it to be perfect!” before banging her fist against the door again.

Harry was back in the cupboard under the stairs and by the sounds of it, ten again.

“How is this possible? I was just dying and now I’m ten again?′ Harry thought, groaning as his Aunt banged once more.

“Are you up yet?” She screeched angrily.

“I’m just getting dressed Aunt Petunia. Then I will make you all breakfast, mow the lawn, weed the garden, and paint the bench and fence.” Harry said walking out with a small smile. “Then can I go to the park for the day? I won’t talk to anyone and I’ll only pack a small lunch and a journal that I want to start.” He walked into the kitchen smiling as he saw Petunia and Vernon talking about it. He overheard something about him being out of the way and poor old Mrs Figg a break from the freak. Vernon glared, turning a bright purple as Harry finished serving them and sat down.

“Fine! Boy, you can go to the park! But those chores better be done by the time we get back or you will be in that closet until Christmas, with no food!” Vernon yelled, his face was purple with anger, like it normally was, as he glared at Harry. Harry nodded in agreement.

It took only an hour to do the chores, and another ten minutes to pack and get to the park. He smiled as he walked towards the swingset before pausing. There sitting on the farthest swing in the next to abandoned park was Remus John Lupin.

“Remus?” Harry asked walking up. He was a bit startled to see the man sitting on the swing. His face was torn, but much more recently. Probably within the last week, and he looked exhausted. He paused as Harry walked up and nodded for him to follow, before walking into the woods nearby. Harry followed, wondering why the man was there in the first place.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked looking at him when they stopped. Remus shook his head lightly.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright.” Remus smiled weakly shaking his head once more. This time Harry caught it. Ignoring the confused look on Remus’s face he looked in his ear, then not able to see anything, he gently pushed on the back of it.

“Harry! Bad ear! I just need to clean it!” Remus growled, it wasn’t meanly, just a warning. As an apology Harry gently pet his eyebrow, something he had seen Sirius do when the man was upset.

“Remus I have to tell you something but you have to promise that you will believe me no matter what I say and who it’s about.” Harry trusted Remus with his life. Remus nodded and listened as Harry told him everything that happened in the original timeline. Remus gave him a sceptical look.

“You promised!” Harry then gave him a cold glaring look, one that only someone who had been gared at many times by both Molly Weasley and Minerva McGonagall could pull off. It was a look that Remus didn’t wish on his worst enemies, but at this point wouldn’t mind giving Dumbledore.

“Sorry Harry, I just have a hard time believing that Minerva would let you go thru that.” Remus looked really angry, a bit surprisingly do in Harry’s opinion.

“She didn’t mean too. She’s just stern, but she worries about me I can tell. I can already see differences in the people. Take you for example, you never growled at me once no matter what I did in the original timeline, mind you I never touched your ear, but still. You’re more defencive about the people you care about. Otherwise I think your the same.” Harry smiled as he wrote this down in his note book.

“Remus, I was wondering something. Don’t answer if this is too personal but you and my mother were close right? Were you close enough that she would be willing to, am I yours and not James? I feel like I’m either yours or Sirius’s and I can’t explain why.” Herry’s expression had become dead sirius. It was clear he meant it, and never got around to asking in the normal timeline. Remus took a breath and smied lightly, merely nodding as a half answer.

“I think you know who it was too Harry. Your a smart boy, you can figure it out.” Remus smiled and hugged him closely. “I’m actually quite happy you did not assume that your Mum cheated on either of us. She loved James, and she respected me and your father.” Harry new it. From the odd way the family tree had reacted to his presence to the way the two men treated him, and each other, he knew that he was theres.

“Adopt me back. I know you can do it. But in order to do what I want I need Ron’s rat and a strong wizard. Sorry about the tree by the way.” Harry winced at the look Remus gave him. It was clear that part had just hit Remus on exactly what that meant. “We got Howlered so please don’t be mad.” Harry winced knowing Remus would likely still tell him off, what happened surprised him.

“Aim for the bloody lake if you have to! Never chance an encounter with that thing!” Remus look frightened but had an understanding glint in his eyes. “And before you ask we would have done the exact same thing so I can’t get mad at you.”


“Boy! How dare you lie to me! I said no talking to anyone and here you are chatting away at this odd man! Who is he anyways boy! Now get back to that house and don’t say a word!” Vernon snapped, face purple and eyes holding nothing but hate. Harry noticed the look that entered Remus’s eyes. Harry whimpered, not knowing how Remus or his magick would react.

Remus glared darkly with a harsh snarl. He quickly looked around before storming up to Vernon. His anger radiated off of him like a bomb. “Listen hear you son of a bitch! That’s my son you’re talking to! His mother was kind enough to let Sirius fuck her and get her pregnant so that we could have a child! Do you even know how jealous I was of Lilly! That fucker took my mate! Apparently he never fucked anyone before! But that doesn’t matter right now! You’re just stupid muggle who can’t understand how fucking hard it is for a Werewolf to get laid! I mean not that I want to get laid by a whore, I want my mate and I want my son to be safe! So I wish you a good fucking day!” With that Remus punched Vernon with enough force that he blacked out. Remus was breathing heavily as he pulled Harry close and set a binding curse on Vernon. Harry had lost quite a few shades at his father’s language. Remus didn’t care, he simply took Harry to his chest and grabbed Vernon before Apparating to the Department of Children and Abuse. He knew most of the casses were muggles abusing both magic and non-magick siblings, but more the magic ones. This would be different. This was Harry Potter, the destroyer of evil. They had to be smart enough to realize that Vernin was an abusive ass hole.

“Ah, Lupin. You punched him out cold? You know I don’t take to your outbursts my friend. That might damage your case.” Dumbledore tutted with a glint in his eyes. Harry did not like it one bit, Remus just blushed in shame.

“Don’t let him get to you Remus. If he thinks he can defend Vernon, he’s stupid. I know he won’t but he might bring up the wards. I don’t know if they are smart enough to figure out that theyre bull shit.” Harry sighed lightly and held him close.

The trial was long, hard and angering. The moron that they called a minister had done everything in his power to let Dumbledore run the trial. That men that Vernon got off with jail time and a restraining order. It wasn’t even Azkaban, it was some muggle jail. When the innocence of Sirius was brought up, they had decided to give him a trial. Remus was going to see Sirius again. Harry had a feeling that he was going to spend at least a week with the Weasleys after they freed him.

When he saw Sirius he started to cry, mainly because Remus had started bawling and apologizing, which made Sirius start crying. Harry was happy to see his father he didn’t care that Remus had started ranting about everything on his mind. Harry could have sworn he heard something along the lines of, ‘I’m going to shove a giant ass firework shoved up Dumbledore’s motherfucking ass and setting it off if you’re not fucking freed.’ This was confirmed by Sirius’ pale face, and the fact that he heard Sirius say. ’What the fuck buddy. You are not sticking a firework up anyone’s ass no matter what happens.”

By the time the trial rolled around Harry had several notes on how things had changed, including the fact that Remus was definitely more violent this time around. Sirius was still pretty much the same and so was Dumbledore. He had yet to meet his friends or his teachers.

Once the trial was over Harry was sure that half of the Ministry would drink themselves out cold or Obliviate each other from the sheer stupidity of the thing. Dumbledore had gone on about Sirius being dangerous, they had tried to send Sirius back for being unregistered, then Dumbledore had tried to free Vernon again. After everything Harry wanted to do just a Remus had said he would do if Sirius was put back in, and he wasn’t worried about it.

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