Sith: The Women's Order

Summary a story long told. About three stranded rebel women. Adrift for a year in the darkest parts of the galaxy. Out of food, and now about to turn on one another, until.

Scifi / Fantasy
Jab The Narrator
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Book One: The Women's Order

(Well, it’s been a year and still no one has found us. My name is Zuri Koa’Toa, and I’m the leader, well, I was the leader of a special rebel squadron called, The Women’s Rebellion. An entire group of rebel female fighters, standing for they’re own cause that would change the galaxy. Little did we know, our cause was just a little spec in an endless universe of destiny. Ours, well ours is just about to unfold. Along with me are Second and Third Squadron Leaders Ebony Tata-Lui, and Kya Ka’Tan. We were on a recon mission when the camp was invaded by The Rebel Resistance. A rouge group of rebel men who tried everyday of they’re lives to capture us again. Oh, I also forgot to mention, we were slaves as well. All of us, servants to those rebel dogs. One night, we decided to take a handful of women and flee the camp. We ran, and ran, until the camp was just a small light in the distance. Months had past, but we never stopped looking over our shoulders. Knowing that one day they would find us. So we trained, all of us. Some more than others, me, Ebony, and Kya were the best. Me being the strongest took the role as squad leader and began, The Women’s Rebellion.

We all were special in way, having abilities we did not understand. Ebony TaTa-Lui is a master in the art of persuasion. It was like she had magic powers that allowed her to command anyone, and anything to her will. Heck, she could command the sun to rise if she wanted. She got us supplies we needed while traveling from city to city. Having her with us, we got what was needed to get by. She is the third strongest of us three. The second strongest is Kya Ka’Tan. She used to be the strongest, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Her story may be the craziest of us all. Remember the rebel dogs that enslaved us? Well, turns out those same dogs served under her father as his guards. He was some kind of legendary rebel leader. Standing by his side was Kya’s uncle, and brother to her father. It’s said these two together formed the most powerful rebel group called, The Rebels Of The Round Table. Thousands joined this flourishing band of crusaders as they grew in numbers. Everything was grand, until the day came when one of the brothers came up with a plan. A plan that would sever the bond between The Rebels Of The Round Table, forever. The brothers turned on one another, dividing the group into two factions, The Rebellion and The Rebel Resistance
Kya had found out about plans of war, but she could not believe who had signed the war treaty. Her very own father, the same man that trained her, and made her believe in the same cause he did. Was the same person responsible for bringing The Rebels Of The Round Table, to an end. A now enraged Kya confronted her father. She asked why he would do such a thing, and the answer he gave her was truly overwhelming. He told her, that he only wanted to speed up the process of her abilities. She couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Only the rage building inside her. Her father said, that everything he did, was to keep her safe. Until the day came when you were ready to begin your true destiny. Then, that’s when he revealed his biggest secret to her. Grabbing her by the shoulder, he confessed to killing her mother. Almost instantly her rage overtakes her. With unimaginable force she begins to rip apart the entire room. Her father witness to the savage outburst, congratulates his daughter. She looks at him, and extends her hand. With hate in her eyes, she crushes her father’s skull like a grape. Flinging him from atop the tower, she looks down at The Rebellion camp. With rage in her heart, she began a ruthless killing spree, slaughtering thousands in one night. Next thing she knew, she awakes to being enslaved by the Rebel Resistance Making her the first woman of The Anti-Rebel group.
She was the first person I met going in. Taught me the ropes of the trade. What to do and what not to do. Who to trust and who not to trust. It was hell, but we survived. After meeting Ebony for the first time, I knew we had the means now to make our escape. I would have these dreams at night. That we would someday escape this hell hole, and be free to do whatever we wanted without the risk of putting our lives in danger. We convinced many others to fight for freedom, and we succeeded. Without anyone noticing we left camp in the middle of the night, and ran. Ran until camp was nothing but a spec in the distance. We tasted freedom for years until being found again. Me, Ebony, and Kya were on recon to infiltrate a storage facility. When the camp was invaded by The Rebel Resistance. This time around they took no prisoners, only lives. They made a bargain with the other rebel women to tell them our location. The ladies would not tell, even if it meant losing they’re lives. They knew it was something about us three, that drove them to keep our secret. May they rest in peace.
We made it just in time for one of the ladies to tell us of a plan to get off the planet. As the lady took her last breath, she pointed to a small chest hidden under some rubble. We opened it, and found three silver handles, a map, and some rations. There was also a note that read. To the three survivors, this is a letter to let you know of your destinies. We do not know what they hold for you, but we do know it will be grand. So we have left you with weapons. They are called, Lightsabers. They are the strongest weapons in most of the known universe, and are also the most difficult to master without the proper training. So we have given you the location of a ship not far from here. It will take you away from this planet, and send you to a grand master who is skilled in the art of the Lightsaber. May the three of you find your paths, and fulfill your destinies. We grabbed the Lightsabers, and headed towards the ship’s destination. Once there, we followed instructions written on the back of the map to start the ship. The sound of the engines roaring through the air gave us comfort. Knowing we were about to be free, or so we thought.
Launching the ship drew some unexpected company. Out of the woods came another ship. This one was armed to attack at any moment. We looked at the symbol on the ship in surprise. It was The Rebel Resistance, but how did they manage to obtain a ship? It didn’t matter, we were about to be blown out the sky anyways. That is until I seen a little red button. The ship had now locked on to us, and I had no idea what that button was for. It finally fired dozens of missiles at the ship, and I had no other choice, so I pushed it. Just as missiles begin to strike the ship, it ejects a pod into orbit. Once in space, the pod goes into hyperspace. So, here we are, trapped in the darkest part of the galaxy. Out of food, and ready to turn on one another, but I have a feeling things are about to change for us.
(Hey, do you hear that Yuri?) (I don’t hear anything, your starting to freak me out Kya.) (No wait, she’s right Ebony.) Yuri places her ear to the wall, and listens. (I think it’s a ship, a big one. I think they’re taking us aboard, come on let’s be ready you two.) The three of them stand to they’re feet as the moving stops. (What do you think they want Yuri?) (I don’t know, but I feel a very strong presence on the other side.) The pod doors open, and the three women draw their Lightsabers. In front of them is complete darkness, then. Lightsabers light up the dark room. These Lightsabers were different than ours, they were red ones. Dozens of them, lighting up one at a time. Then, a voice calls out to us. {Greetings my children, we have sensed your hatred. Do not worry, this place welcomes you all, lay down your sabers.} (I don’t know Yuri, should we trust them?) (Can you read they’re thoughts Ebony?) The woman tries to use her powers on the phantoms that lurk behind the red Lightsabers. {It is no use my child, our abilities far exceeds the three of you.} (OK, so who exactly are you guys?) {We, are the shadows of the galaxy. The phantoms of the universe, but you three will refer to us as, teachers. We, are The Shadow Sith Order!}

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