Jedi: The Solo Hope


This story takes place during the time before The Rebels Of The Round Table came to an end. It's about young Jedi to be, Alaya Zo. Daughter of the leader to The Rebel Resistance,cousin to Kya Ka'Tan

Scifi / Fantasy
Jab The Narrator
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Book One: The Solo Hope

My name is Alaya Zo, and I’m the daughter to a Rebel Leader. Growing up with my father was, strict. Everyday was a training lesson for me. It wasn’t hell, but it was close enough. I trained with every rebel from the round table, up until I was eight years old. That’s when it started happening to me, the abilities. Somehow I was able to perform traits even the rebels couldn’t fathom. There was only one person to witness these powers elsewhere, my father. He told me it was apart of who I was now. Who I was destined to become. My eyes lit up with curiosity, he knew I wanted to know more. Lifting me to my feet, he told me everything. My ears came to life as he began to tell me of his journey to a far away land. A place where they train and hone skills like mine on a daily basis. The training is rigorous, many have failed and even fewer have passed. He told me I was able to be one of the few who could. That I had tapped into my abilities at a very young age. He himself was told by a Grand Jedi. That great destiny awaits the ones that inhabit the trait so young. So, my father sent me on a journey. Little did I know, this journey would be no easy task for me.
Before I departed,my father gave me last words of courage. He knelt before me, and extended both his hands. In them, sat a silver handle. These were his words to me. [This, is called a Lightsaber my child. It is your light, your guidance, your defender and protector. The key to your survival, will be the bond you forge with your Lightsaber. I believe in you my child, and I will always love you.] He places a kiss on my forehead as I grab the Lightsaber. In my hands it is light, and I activate it. The light from it blinds me at first. As my eyes adjust, I quickly become familiar with it. My mind and body become calm as my senses heighten. Her father takes in a deep breath, and exhales with pride for his daughter. She deactivates the Lightsaber, and places it on her waist. Her father then gives her a travel pack. She opens it and sees four scrolls inside. He then begins to explain what they are. [These my daughter, are The Fourth Compass Scrolls. It is the only way to get to The Grand Temple Of The Force, no other.]
He also left me with a warning. That if any scroll is lost, I would journey through The Path, forever. A chill ran up my spine, but my father could do nothing but smile. Curiosity filled my face as I wondered what it meant. He calmly said, it is my destiny. Now my journey begins, I’m ready. I had walked a day before making it to the first trial. I open to read one of the four scrolls only to see one symbol that reads Earth. I am amazed by what happens next. The symbol begins to glow, releasing a small creature from the scroll. It stands on it’s little legs and turns to me. I lean in, and it does something I did not expect, it speaks.
[Well hello there young one. You must be another chosen one, what is your name may I ask?] (Oh, it’s Alaya, Alaya Zo. What, exactly are you supposed to be? I’ve never seen anything like you before.) [Of course you haven’t my dear. That’s because I’ve been around way longer than you have my dear. You see, I am one of four guardians that help The Elders train superb Jedi. It is my mission to help you through this trail, so you must do as say if you are to succeed. Do you understand?] (I do, but please, tell me more of your heritage.) The guardian inhales, then exhales. [For millenniums, I’ve served under the bloodline of The Elders. Training few of the most unique Jedi’s to ever live. They succeeded in passing all four trails, and obtained favor from The Elders. In return The Elders granted them access to unlocking, The Force Essence.]
(What is it, um, hey what should I call you?) [You Can Call me Tsuchi, young Alaya. The Force Essence, is the oldest form of force powers to exist. Only The Four Jedi’s Of Legend possess these roots of the force. Passing them down to only a few select in the universe. You my child, may be one of those select few.] (Wow, this is a lot to process right now, but at the same time, I’m intrigued to know more. Please Tsuchi, teach me.) [Whatever you desire, I am here to assist you any way I can.] (Tell me, who were The Four Legendary Jedi?) [Intrigued I see, so I will tell you. They are the most powerful Jedi to live. Some say they aren’t even called Jedi. It is still unknown to what they’re true origin name is. Only that they are the pioneers of the force. Each protecting a corner of the universe, spreading good, and peace throughout galaxies. Each Jedi was blessed with powers, from The Elemental Guardians.] (Wait a minute, they obtained they’re force powers from you?) [Well, it was similar to what your asking. You see, there used to be five Elemental Guardians. Force Earth, Force Fire, Force Wind, Force Water, and Force Lightning.] (Lightning, that scroll I do not have.) [That’s because you never will. Unfortunately, Lightning became corrupt trying to take the other force powers. So, to keep Lightning from ever trying that act again. We bestowed four individuals with the most sacred powers of the force.]
Fearing that others might try and harness this power for themselves. The four individuals parted ways, and journeyed to the four corners of the universe. For years they each trained to master they’re force element. They returned older, wiser, more powerful than ever. They forged a temple using they’re newly obtained powers, Deeming themselves as The Elders. summoning us spirits, we decided to help they’re cause.] (I, just can’t believe the history this place has. What, exactly is they’re cause, may I ask?) [Well, The Elders have been around for decades, and are growing older. So they have devised a plan to pass down they’re knowledge of the force, to one person deemed worthy.] (That’s, simply amazing, how does one go about doing that?) [Simple, pass each trial that awaits you.] (How many have passed this trial, truthfully Tsuchi.) [Truthfully, no one, not a soul.] (I thought, a select few managed to get through.) [They did, and they’re waiting for you on the other side, once you complete the four trials that is.] [Now young Alaya, stand to your feet. For I am about to tell you why this place is called, The Moving Ground.] Alaya stands to her feet, and looks in front of her to the earth, shifting. (This, is going to be some kind of journey. Ready Tsuchi, let’s go!)

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