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Nightmare Bae

Chapter 2

Now back to Kwame Brown, AKA Nightmare Bae, and his oh-so-sexy self. I dreamed about this man. That’s how dedicated I was. I was so all up in his energy that he was showing up in my dreams. It was a love of a lifetime. Of course, Kwame didn’t see it that way.

I accepted a legal shark loan and went to see Kwame in person. I took out a one thousand two-hundred-dollar loan and had to pay back seven thousand six hundred dollars. I ordered some clothes from Shein. Say what you will, but Shein will make even big burley bitches look sexy.

I hopped my ass on a train and arrived at his event thirty minutes early. When I gave the doorman my name, he had a weird expression. He knew me. I was told to wait outside while he went to the back. When he came back, I was instructed to come back later. I replied that I was okay to wait outside, although it was cold.

Another fan arrived soon after, April O’Neil. I knew her from his social media platforms. She bypassed me and tried to walk her ass right on up in there like she was expected. I guess she was. The doorman knew who she was and had backed into the doorway where I couldn’t see him. I knew he was silently saying something to her as she’d cut her eyes at me and then looked back in his direction. I must have left a wrong impression on Kwame and his crew with my fan mail.

April O’Neil was made to wait with me. I don’t know what that was all about. BUT… I was dressed in all-black attire, leggings, a t-shirt, a jacket, and a cheap-ass lace front. Kwame always praised the Instagram models with a face full of makeup and weaves, so I thought that this was what he wanted. Plus, the train ticket, transportation, clothing, and the expensive ass room I’d booked for one night didn’t leave much for a hairdo. But still, April O’Neil didn’t have anything on me!

Apparently, she did… She wore a black dress with heels, was portly, had no edges, and wore her hair in a small ponytail atop her head. The only thing that she had going for her was her light skin and “King Kong” boobs. Kwame’s brother came outside to check her out. His attention was directed at April O’Neil as soon as he appeared. She was acting all nonchalant and shit.—Bitch

Now, at the time, I didn’t know that he was Kwame’s brother. Although he was the same height and had the same body frame with longer locs. For a minute, in my head, I was like, “Oh my god, Kwame!”

His gaze shifted from April O’Neil to mine, and time stood still. I was mesmerized. The eyes looking back at me held the same mysterious intelligence as Kwame’s. I was turned all the way the fuck on! Everyone seemed to have disappeared, and it was just him and me.

He never spoke a word. This man’s energy was captivating. I was under his spell, and it was alluring. I didn’t detach my gaze from his until he left us. “That has to be… that must be...” I managed. I couldn’t even form a complete sentence. That’s how magnetic his energy was.

“What?” asked April O’Neil.

“That had to have been one of Kwame’s people,” I state, finally coming to my senses.

“That’s Scrooge, Kwame’s brother, April O’Neil stated.

“Oh…” Damn.

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