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Batman x Reader x Condiment King


This is something a bit different than my normal material, this is a collaboration between myself and @reign666 . We were allowed to read only the last sentence of each others 100 words so I hope y'all enjoy!

Erotica / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

You found yourself walking through an abandoned court yard in hopes to get some alone time. It was a dark, quiet night. Despite the fact that no one else was in sight, you couldn't help but get the feeling you were being watched. Gotham was a hot spot for crime, but you didn't seem to care. Your hands tucked into your pockets, headphones on your head, you continued your walk through the quiet, dark night. You were caught off guard when you noticed the bush behind you rustling, suddenly none other than condiment king. He stood there, his muscles rippling under the lightly colored blue, red and yellow suit. you notice the large bulge underneath the tightly whitey underwear which are placed over his suit. you then blush as you see the pickle shaped mask.

"such a strange thing to make me so horny" you think. but you can't help but feel extremely hot and bothered as you stare at this joke of a villain. The condiment king raised his condiment gun and fired. you whimper as you are hit in the face with a large amount of a white substance. mayonnaise dripped down your face. It was a thick, creamy substance, warm. It's scent was repulsive almost enough to make you vomit but you managed to hold it together, barely. You knew you had to hold it together, you knew Gotham's one and only vigilante would come to your rescue soon, just as he always did. Your knees hurt against the hard ground as you looked up at the king.

"Are you happy with my service, your majesty?"

"Not quiet yet..." He replied simply as he brushed mayo from your cheek, rubbing your tongue repeatedly with his middle and ring finger, a sadistic smile across his face. Suddenly, they all began to remove their clothes and dance.

"I burn with passion!" you all begin to scream as you grind on each other's bodies. the condiment king reaches for his condiment gun as you begin to tear at his clothes.

"i truly RELISH this moment." he says as he tears his shirt off revealing his sweat covered muscles and pulls the trigger spraying mustard all over your face. you can't help but moan quietly as his hot yellow mustard sauce is shot into your face.

"your sauce tastes so good daddy!" you scream as you grab the sauce gun and run.

Not looking ahead, you ran into something hard and it knocked you to the ground. Dropping the sauce gun, you looked up to see it was none other than The Batman! He kneeled down, his eyes meeting yours as he helped you up. His gaze was stoic, and demanded your attention. You couldn't help but stare at his handsome face, his sculpted body, his toned muscles. Everything about this man was like a day dream, but real.

Once you were upright, he kicked the sauce gun aside as he walked past you, his eyes locked on the Condiment King.

"your reign of terror is over condiment king. I'm taking you back to Arkham." Batman says, walking towards the condiment king. the condiment king looks at you longingly, love in his eyes then says, "no batman. I have a brand new sauce for the dark knight. one that i think will help me KETCHUP to all of the other villains in everyone's eyes. one that will break the bat!" Batman swiftly punches the condiment king in the face, the condiment king falls to the floor. but hits batman with the new sauce. Batman begins to feel hot and bothered, extremely erotic music began to play in the background.

You glanced around, confused "Where is that music coming from?" you asked, but your question was ignored as the two looked at each other longingly.

"Batman..." the Condiment King muttered under his breath as the other man crawled atop of him, "I've wanted this for so long..." but he was cut off as their lips pressed against one another, they almost seemed desperate as Batman dug his fingers into his back as the Condiment King uttered out a soft groan.

You felt weird as you watched from the adjacent wall, you couldn't resist feeling all hot and bothered under their tension.

Batman slams the condiment king into the wall as he begins to pull his own suit off. you reach for your crotch as you begin to masturbate.

"yes." the condiment king says breathlessly as batman bends him over. Batman removes all of his suit leaving only his mask on. his muscles rippled as he inserted his large penis into the condiment king's tight ass hole.

"I've done it." the condiment king says in deep breaths as batman shoves his cock into him over and over again deeper with each thrust. you begin to masturbate faster as batman fucks him harder.

"I want nothing more than to add your sauce to my gun!" The condiment king moaned loudly, struggling to speak between each heavy thrust as Batman pounded into him.

Batman pulled him by his mask, as a substitute for his hair "Tell me how bad you want it." He said, thrusting faster into him.

"Soooo badly~" he whimpered and begged "Please give to to me~"

You began masturbating faster then climaxed just as Batman pulled out, his cum shooting onto Condiment Kings back. The two men breathed heavily as they attempted to recover from the intense love making.

"my turn" you say, bending over while on your hands and knees. Batman hits the condiment king knocking him out. you can't help but feel horny as batman walks towards you saying, "i'll take you right here." He pulls your pants down then rips your underwear off with one sharp tug. "Take me right here." you say as he shoves his huge cock into your tight ass hole. he shoves it in you over and over again. you can feel it hit you harder and harder.

"Yes!" you scream as he rails you fasster.

"Who's your bat daddy?" he asks.

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