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The Great swap


Steve Rodgers makes a time machine to go to the 60s, but it glitches. So now him, Tony, Bruce and Thor are in the Beatles bodies! Love, music, and action. DISCLAIMER!: Includes some sware words and some intimate scenes 🙂

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Chapter 1

It was noon, and Steve was in the lab. He had finally done it. “guys, I think I got it!” He said, excitedly. “Got what?” Tony asked, walking in. “well, you know how I never got to live through the 60s”Steve said. “well, you kind of did, but yeah.” Tony replied, snakily. “well, I love the music so much, that I made a time machine so that we actually can meet the Beatles!” Steve finished, excited . “I didn’t know you were smart enough to make something like that,” Tony taunted, smirking towards Steve who had started to turn towards him.“Shut up, Tony.” Steve said, angrily. “ok I’m just saying” Tony rolled his eyes. Steve returned to the time machine, finishing up some things. “could you get banner and Thor?” Tony gave him a thumbs up and went to go find them.

A few minutes later, Tony, Thor, and Bruce came through the door. “are you sure this is a good idea Tony? This could be really dangerous.” Bruce said, sounding worried. “well, if it makes Steve happy. This is a jump for him. He actually made something.” Tony replied. “ok, but I got a bad feeling about this.” “ok, everyone come on in” Steve shouted, beckoning them over. They all walked over and squeezed into the time machine. “… and then this button… and this one…” Steve said as he pushed buttons. The time machine beeped and whooshed and then made a loud BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! “Is it supposed to be making that noise?” Thor asked Steve as the noise continued. “No…” Steve said panicking.

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