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Desperate Ache


~This is a fanfiction story from the TV show, Supernatural.~ Story Note: This story takes place during Season 13, and Season 14 era. When Michael possesses Dean. A lovely beauty crosses paths with the Winchesters. Is she a friend? A foe? Also, why does Michael want her so?

Mystery / Romance
Misty Cantrell
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

In the dark forests, a yellow-green boulder stood tall. Not moved, since the day it was positioned. Suddenly, a crack began to spread upwards, and downwards throughout the stone’s structure. At that moment, the humongous block was split into two pieces. After the slab’s residue settled, a woman stood up, frightened and covered in the rock’s gooey substances. She began to wander forwards. In search of someone to help her. It appeared no one could see her. Suddenly, she disappeared and joined something unknown.

Jack is seated in the bunker’s library, as he scans over some interesting details. Promptly, he came across some information that he needed to alert Sam and Cas on.

“Hey guys check this out!” Jack instructed and resumed.

“It says here, that there is a woman, who was imprisoned and can only access when the spell caster takes on its true form, then she is released. Some have said that she is the key on heaven’s gates. The woman, if ever released, may appear young, but that’s not her true age. The woman only seeks out peace among a long distance battle between god and his sons.”

“This sounds like something valuable.” Jack commented in his own words and read further on.

“Did Michael have a love life? He did. He also created a child. God told him to kill his only heir and the mother. Michael could not kill his love, instead he used an enhancement to encase her in a marble golden matter. To confine her, until he set fit on to free his beloved. However, the only way for this to take place is if Michael attained his sword. This warning, he didn’t heed at the time and now long forgotten.”

“What?!” Sam questioned, as he strode to the table of books.

Next, Sam and Cas both examined the same words that Jack had spoken seconds ago.

Michael glanced at himself in the nearby window store. How pleased he was at the new meat suit he had recently possessed. The mighty hunter, Dean Winchester. Dean’s face smiled back towards him in the mirror, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

Michael stopped at the corner of the street. Abruptly, the building caught his attention. He turned towards a familiar boutique. As he proceeded inside the bell jingled, letting the shopkeepers know that a customer had entered.

Michael glazed upon the top middle and bottom metal shelves that held the most beautiful flashy colors of plants. Instantly, he sniffed the sweet aroma that it gave off. He continued to walk towards the counter. Where a short brunette woman was behind. She was focused on the company’s computer with a puzzled expression on her face. Her mouth would twist back and forth, to indicate how the news she read was very discomforting. She wore a lilac top with a pair of blue jeans, plus a pair of white sandals.

“May I help you?” She asked softly, without looking up.

“Yes, yes you can.” Michael replied in a stern voice. He looked to each side to find they both were alone.

The woman rapidly peeked up and immediately she knew. Her eyes widened in shock.

Michael showed her his piercing blue glowing eyes.

“Ch-Hell! You again!?” The woman responded, annoyed.

In return, the woman displayed her light green eyes to him.

“I thought it was you!” Michael stated.

“Cut to the point, Michael! What -Why are you here?”

Michael gave a slight smile and spoke.

“Well, I’m here for you!”

“Michael, please! No! I can’t! Not again! Leave!” The woman declared, as she started to get up and move away.

“I’m not leaving here, until I get what I came for!” Michael demanded.

The woman held out her hands and a big gust of wind followed and hit him, which compelled him to move slightly.

“Oh, Livvy! I see you’re not yourself! Here, let me fix that for you!”

“NO!” Livvy screamed, as she began to run away, but couldn’t.

Livvy didn’t get too far, for Michael’s arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. Then, he deeply inhaled Livvy’s skin to remember her scent.

“You’re not getting away that easy! You smell just like these flowers. So luscious! It reminds me of the good times!”

“Bite me!”

“In do time. I recall how much you like that.”

Without warning, Michael hit Livvy’s head, in doing so she lost consciousness. Later on, Livvy came to and noted she was in a basement and tied to a wooden bench. Straight away, Livvy jerked on the unbreakable ropes that bound her. Afterwards, she sighed and reflected on the once upon fling they shared. Their relationship changed merely for a serious reason. So, did the feeling she had for him.

Livvy cast her curious eyes all around her, but found no one here, yet.

All of the sudden, a thunderous clatter came from high above her. Livvy gazed in that direction. She watched, as the same man last night strode down the steps, confidently.

“Well, hello there?” The man put forward.


“Livvy! It’s great to see you!”


Livvy comprehended what this was all about. He yearned for her to make more lower class angels and wouldn’t have to ask permission to enter a human flesh. She hadn’t done that in years! It was erratic to create such things. Nonetheless, the glint in his eyes told her of this plan. It was obvious that Michael didn’t care that the fact this procedure made her weak. He also apprehended the quicker way of this stratagem was through intimacy.

‘He only wanted me for my endowment! And now he’s back at it again! That bastard!’ Livvy thought to herself.

“I see we have obtained our true vessels,” Michael related.

“Unlike you, I respect mine.”

That snarl remark from Livvy, instinctively caused Michael to slap her face. This resulted in Livvy’s chair to wobble back and forth, followed by the stinging on her cheek.

Unexpectedly, another voice was spoken.

“I got through! Hey this is Dean! Are you alright?”

Livvy recognized the former body’s holder and she answered.


At that point, Dean saw the reddish mark that was on her skin, inflicted by his uncontrollable body. With an aggravated tone, he vowed the following.

“I will make him pay for that!”

“Dean, I know it wasn’t really you. Michael has always been like this. Oh, why was I with him!?”

“Go and find my brother, Sam. When you get the chance.”

“But what about you?”

“It’s you, I’m more concerned about!”


“He can save us both.” Dean conveyed.

Deep down, Dean conjectured that only one could be saved and it would be her. This beautiful Earth maiden. Yes, Dean realized who she was, because of Michael’s disquisition.

“Dean?” Livvy inquired, when he hadn’t uttered anything else.

Just then, Michael returned. Thus, he smirked at her.


“Well now… Did you have a lovely chat with my meat suit’s owner?”

“You’re a monster!”

“A monster that you heavily desired for!”

“You disgust me!”

“I do? Hmm. I guess I will have to remind you who I really am!” Michael imparted and walked close to her. He grabbed the shackles and yanked her up and announced. “ You’re coming with me! I want to feel that touch and exploit that wonderful ability of yours!”

“I can’t do this! Please just let me go! Why can’t you- I don’t want to get hurt again, please!” Livvy pleaded, as she was drugged into a room.

More to come!

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