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Desperate Ache

Chapter 2

“No! NO!” Livvy cried out, as she concluded what his true intentions were.

Michael pulled her body up from off the ground and fling it and the chains on the bed. Thereafter, he peered into her terrified eyes. Michael bent in to kiss her plump red lips, her taste still as he remembered. He watched as she glimpsed down from him. Michael didn’t wait for her to be aroused. He lusted for this touch and he had to have it! He raised up the nightgown to kiss the inside of her thigh. This forced Livvy to look at him, he leaned back and saw a glare from her at his truly. Michael reached underneath her dress to remove her panties.

“NO! I can’t do this! Not again!”

Instantaneously, he took hold of her chin and lifted it up and spoke in a raspy voice.

“Cant, or won’t?” Michael remarked, as he played with her clit through the cotton material.

A light moan escaped Livvy’s lips. In doing so, he lifted up the garment to show her bare skin. Michael witnessed her movement and smirked. Then, he placed his rough hands on her soft and delicate skin. Next, he put his lips on her sensitive bud, while he rubbed the exterior. Livvy threw her head back and whimpered.

“See, you like how this feels! How could you not?” Michael implied.


“Please, what?”

“Please! My God, don’t stop!”

“I like the way you think.” Michael relayed, as he disrobe himself, until he was in the nude. Following that, he went back to her fervent center.

Beneath them, Dean’s body reacted to her shrieks from the enjoyment. Michael flipped her body around to where he could eyed her luscious naked bottom. He inserted his hard member into her wet core. In unison, they groaned. He pumped in and out of her drenched pussy, to the extent of their thirst was over. After the high was released and the craving fully satisfied, Michael turned to her.

“I never stop loving you!”

“Then why are you-”

“My father thinks he can rule other worlds? I don’t think so!”

“So, you are doing this to get back at your father?”

“What do you think?”

“Doesn’t that sound like something Lucifer would do? Not the Michael I knew. I don’t know what has happened to you, but this isn’t you!”

Michael viewed her, before stating the following.

“It’s a new world, time for a change.”

“Really?! Whatever!” Livvy verbalized and tugged up the covers and went to sleep.

The subsequent morning, Livvy awoke alone and not restrained. Immediately, she searched the residence to come up empty. Livvy confronted what she had to do and that was to visit Sam. Maybe being teamed up they could somehow stop Michael.

A split second upon, and after a long discussion with a mint introduction. She had just expressed the details to the older Winchester brother.

“Thanks for letting us know. I will notify Jack and Cas as soon as they return,” Sam conveyed.

“No problem,” Livvy replied.

“My, my!” Michael put forth.

“How did you find me?” Livvy requested.

“Your scent.”

“Now you can track, like a dog?” Livvy exhibited, sarcastically.

“I have many talents, my love. By the way, I am still desperate in need of you!”

“Yeah, right! You only want my gift!”

“Gift?” Sam questioned.

“I can make angels, too. Sorta. It’s a long story.”

“Oh! Michael, you should have heed that advice about being with your sword. Of what would occur afterwards.” Sam advocated.

“Ah, that garbage! I was wondering when someone would come across it.”

“Back to how I found you. Well it’s simply my dear. You and I are connected. It also doesn’t matter which Michael you come in contact with in those universes. You and I will always have this bond.”

“How is that?”

“Because simpleton. She’s the original Mother Earth. The one and only and grafted from to create the others. Don’t let the human appearance fool you!”

“I know all about her and what you did!” Sam commented.

“Come, Livvy! You have no business with the sights of them. You deserve to be with me. Not these disgusting enslaved humans!”

“You say we’re enslaved, but yet you have to use us to access attention here. So who’s the impelled one now?!”

“Are you seriously going to let this giraffe talk about me like that?” Michael quizzed Livvy.

Livvy was completely torn. She wanted her old Michael back. The unaffected one that didn’t care about his daddy worlds. Believe it or not, there was a time that this existed and the pair was very happy. Despite that, in the end, they all turned out like this. She had to make an example. With that, she glared at him. Unexpectedly, all those memories flooded her that she held back for so long and the present ones of his needs.

“You killed our baby! A threat to no one, really! Only to your almighty dad! Whatever God said, you did! No questions asked. Then you incarcerated me instead of killing me, like your father had instructed. Why? Why leave me like that?” Livvy challenged.

At that moment, silence filled the air.

“Answer me!” Livvy demanded from him, as her eyes flash green.

“I think you know why!”

“What? To punish me? For loving you?”

“To keep you alive and out of my father’s way. You call me the monster, when you’ve been going behind my back with this so-called filth. To what? To end me? To end us?”

“Call them whatever, but so far they haven’t tried to kill, or put me away!”

“Give them time sweet heart, they will. Wait til they find out the real you. The same you, that I plucked those delicate flowers and drank the sweet nectar from.”

“Awe gross! Some things you don’t discuss from the bedroom!” Sam stated.

“Dean has, and just as I do he enjoys every bit of it. I can tell you took a liking to my choice of meat suit. You crave his touch. It makes you squirm all over.”

Livvy’s eyes blinked and she licked her lips. She would pace her body back and forth, as a result to get their previous venery out of her head. All of this was too much for her.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Livvy shouted.

“For once, I agree,” Dean affirmed and added. “I think I have control now.”


“Yeah, Sammy.”

The two brothers exchanged a grimly expression.

“It’s not over yet. But! We’re good for now,” Dean assured.

“You sure?”


Minutes passed and Livvy was hesitant to depart. Regardless, it was time for her to leave.

“I want to thank you boys!”

“No, problem!”

“You’re welcome.”

“You sure, you’ll be okay? Sam inquired.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. Thanks again!” Livvy asserted.

“If you need anything, you know where to find us.” Sam suggested, as their hug ended.

Livvy went over to Dean, embarrassed and tentative at first. Finally, she embraced him, too. A slight blush appeared on their cheeks, as they both tried not to think of the prior sexually activity they endured.

“Take care of yourself!”

“You know it!”

With that, green smoke emerged and Livvy vanished from their sight.

“I didn’t see that coming! Did you?” Sam pressed.

“Nope.” Dean responded, as he vouched to not let this evil out.

Dean walked towards his room to have a minute to reflect on what transpired. As he turned the corner and entered inside his room, a voice alerted him.

“We need to talk.” Billy instructed.

~The End~

Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet story. Until the next one!

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