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When tree teens cause trouble, what will happen?

Fantasy / Adventure
Shooting Star
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Chapter 1

* I did this with Moonlight.

Chapter 1: (Kody)

“Make sure you’re not one of those darn Hufflepuffs, son!” My father calls to me,

“My sister is a Hufflepuff, Edward!” My mum grumbles, waving to me from the car window. I walk on the pavement holding my frappuccino in my left hand.

“Come on Jinx!” I yell at my puppy, who is slowly getting out of the car, he doesn’t like muggles. Once he finally gets out I wave to my mum and dad and head off to the train station.

………………………………………………………………………………………. “To bad, you can’t use your powers right now, Bud,” I tell Jinx later, he whines loudly. “Rules are rules, no powers around Muggles!” I shrug and toss him a treat, a muggle looks at me weirdly, and he blows a vape smoke. I march up the stairs when I spot a peculiar girl near the rose garden, pacing around. I sneak over to her, hoping to see some of the roses before feeling pain in my right leg.“Never seen it?” I ask her, and she nods.

“This is my second time going through it, the first time for my older sister Veronica”.

“Where is she?” Elly asks, curiously. I snort. “On a plane” “What?” Elly questions.

“She says ’I don’t want to go on that mucky train ever again’ ”I mock, Jinx barks at me. I had forgotten he was there, so I bent down and scratched his pointy but, soft ears. He licks my face, and drool flings everywhere.“Aw, gross!” I whine. We start heading onto the train, over to find seating.

We sit in an empty booth and chat until a boy runs into our booth and accidentally sits in my lap!

“Erm, Get off please” I mutter, he jumps up, apologizing.

“I’m so sorry!” He yells, Elly looks at him before saying

“I’m Elly!”

“I’m Fred!” He says, and I gasp. He did look familiar, he was George Weasly’s son. Cute.

“I’m Kody Menace,” I said, shaking his hand. He blushed, and Elly giggled from behind me.

“What?” Fred asks her, she smirks

“You’re as red as a tomato…”. Fred sits down quickly.

We sit in awkward silence for a moment until Elly tells us that Ghost has fantastic powers.

“Woah! What type,” Fred asks, He leans down to pet Ghost.“Invisibility!” Elly declared, Ghost purred and jumped into her lap. Fred looks eagerly at the cat waiting for something to happen.

“She does it on her own will,” Elly tells Fred. He lays back on the seating, non-excitedly. Oh, so he likes magic animals? I think before throwing a treat into the air

“Jinx, fetch,” I command the Husky.

“What are you doing…Oh,” Elly pauses because the treat is floating.

“Woah your puppy has levitation?” Fred says, coming right up to my face.

“Yup!” I said, blushing. Why in the world do I have to be Gay?!.

I coughed awkwardly into my fist, blushing hard.

“I brought snacks!” Elly suddenly exclaimed, pulling them from her bag. She pulled out a giant chocolate thingie, a bag of some kind of orange cracker, and a bag of something wet, which looked like tuna. She set the bag next to Ghost, who immediately started attacking it.

“That’s your tuna, you silly kitty” I heave a sigh of relief as Fred goes out of my face to look at the snacks.

“All of these are muggle snacks?” Fred says to Elly, and she nods.

“Both of my parents are muggles, though my aunt is a witch.”

“That’s so cool, I have a muggle-born aunt!” Fred says.

“Hello, would you like some trolley snacks? ” Interrupts the Trolly Attendant,

“5 boxes of Bertie botts of every kind of bean please!” I ask, handing her a bronze knut.

“Do you guys want anything?” I turn towards my newfound friends, and Elly nods excitedly, Fred points to one of my boxes, and I hand him a Jelly Bean box, then turn to Elly.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“A chocolate frog! My aunt gave me one and they are so yummy!” She jumps up and down on the seat.“You can eat my food too, you know,” Elly says after I give her the chocolate frog.

I grabbed the bag of weird crackers and asked “What are these?”.

“Those are Cheezets and they’re delicious.” Elly snatched the bag from me and tore it open. Sounding just like Jinx when he eats his food, she shoved a handful of Cheezets into her mouth. I opened up a box of jelly beans and we all just relaxed.


Screech! I flung across the booth falling onto Jinx’s tail. He growled loudly.“Sorry, buddy!” I quickly got off his fluffy husky tail and sat back.

“You alright Kody?” Fred asks me, I nod

“Hello, young witches and wizards! We have reached the grand Hogwarts, please leave in an orderly fashion!” The announcement rang through our booth. “Well, I guess this is it! “ I said, stepping out of the compartment and into the hallway.

We stepped off the train, finally seeing Hogwarts.

A loud voice yelled

“Frs’ yrs’ over ere’!” Time to get to my House!

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