~This is a crossover story from the TV shows, Supernatural and Charmed.~ What happens when the Winchesters visit a hometown that has the well known Witches, Halliwells there? Will there be chaos? Can they get along? Also, what secrets are to be foretell?

Mystery / Romance
Misty Cantrell
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Melinda Halliwell glanced at her watch. Her mom wasn’t going to like that she was yet again late for supper. She just hoped her mother wasn’t in a ‘freezing’ mood. Melinda, which she was named after her so many great- great grandmother, who in her day was a powerful witch. At this thought, Melinda sighed. It wasn’t fair that her two big brothers, Wyatt and Chris had magical abilities and she did not. Matter of fact, Melinda did not have a single one of the previous Halliwell’s gifts. It was true that she could cast spells and make potions like no other, but still. Sometimes she felt left out in this ordeal.

The streets of San Francisco were never quiet, nor boring. It was always some type of a muck going on. A little miles further from the known vendor, a guy named Fred. Who sold the most delicious hot dogs peeked up from his stand, as something wicked occurred.

“LOOK OUT!” The man shouted towards the woman.

At that instant, the monster rose and with a vigorous impact, smacked the woman and that man into the ground. They both raised up and collected themselves. In seconds, there stood two sets of eyes in stare at one another. Meanwhile, the fiend took this opportunity to vamoose from their grasp.

“What the hell! Who are you?” The two repeated in unison, as they both glared angry at each other.

Melinda leered down and dust herself off and made the response.

“Listen, mister! I don’t know who you are, or who you think you are! But you need to stay out of my way, before you get yourself killed! Leave this to someone who knows what they are doing!” She advised and twirled to walk away.

The man quickly got up to chase her and replied with, “Like you?”

“Are you following me?! Get lost, pal! Sheesh! What are you pretending to be?” Melinda remarked at the stranger.

“Not pretending. I’m a hunter. Might even have heard of me. The name is Dean Winchester.”

Melinda froze in mid step and wheeled back to this man. Yeah, she had heard of that name, the oppressive Winchesters. ‘It couldn’t be!’

“Seriously? Sure, whatever. You shouldn’t play games! It can get you hurt, or worse, be killed!”

“I know. Been there, done that! Have the scars to prove it!”

“Right! Um...Going now!”

Melinda didn’t want to be a target for this mighty seeker. In the end, he would figure out who she was. It was only a matter of time. Melinda had to stay away from him. However, there was still something about him that she wanted to know more about this enchanted, unmannerly investigator.

When Dean turned, Melinda noticed a huge cut on the side of his temple. The blood began to drip downwards. He must have obtained that just after the creature attacked.

“You know...I have someone who can help with that,” Melinda suggested.

“With what?” Dean asked, confused.

Melinda pointed to the gash on Dean’s skin. In doing so, he reached up to touch the spot.The blood droplet smeared, as his fingers brushed against it.

“Oh, this?! It’s a scratch.”

“Still...I would feel better if I let this person check you out. I mean that brute might have caused unknown damage. What do you say?”

“Sure. I guess.”

“WYATT!” Melinda yelled out in a demanding tone.

In return, Dean gave her a bewilderment expression.

A blue orb of light appeared and a tall man with sandy brown hair with casual clothing aligned in front of them.

“What’s going on? You hurt?” The man quizzed, apprehensive.

“No, I’m fine!” Melinda answered, and glimpsed over at Dean and implied.

“He is, though. Please heal him.”

Wyatt followed Melinda glaze to the man that was alongside them. A damn Winchester! Wyatt gritted his teeth. Did she not know who this person was? And what this single man could do to them all, if given the chance?

“No, I will not!” Wyatt said in a thundering voice.

“Wyatt, please!” Melinda pleaded.


“Wyatt, he’s an innocent!”

“You had to go and throw that on me, didn’t ya?! Oh, alright!” Wyatt disclosed, defeated.

In a light, Dean’s gash closed up.

“See you at home!” Wyatt announced and vanished.

“Wyatt, wait! How in hell am I supposed to get to the manor, now? Walk? Seriously?! Damn you, Wyatt! Brothers!” Melinda huffed, furiously.

“He’s your brother?!” Dean cited.

“Sadly, yes.”

Dean studied this young maiden. If his memory served him well. He comprehended who this was! The Charmed Ones. Sam and him had heard about her brother. The most ferocious male witch known-Wyatt Halliwell. No smart hunter dared challenge him, if they desire to live. Dean would need to tread softly around them, until this case was finished.

Out of the blue, Dean inquisitioned. “Don’t you have powers to help you get home, like him?”

Melinda drew in a breath and let it out. At that moment, she realized that he knew about her. Melinda riposted back.

“No, I don’t have them!”

“Wait! You’re out here fighting the Supernatural, with no back up?!”

“Look who’s talking!” Melinda remarked, crossly.

“Good point. But! I have weapons for that,” Dean specified.

“And I have spells!” Melinda defended.

The silence visited the two and to break it Dean mentioned.

“I have a car. Well my brother, Sam has it right now. We’re working on a case here. And he’s doing the research for it. If you want me to, I can call him to pick us up?”


Minutes later, Sam had arrived at the residence. Once the Impala came to a halt, Dean and Melinda entered the vehicle.

Dean let Sam drive, as he expressed everything that had happened. He added that they were to drop Melinda off at her house.

Miles passed, the Impala had disembarked at their destination.

Sam cut the engine off and looked at Dean and with that they both nodded. While Melinda kept her view out the car’s window. Finally, she made the comment.

“My first home.”

“First home?” Sam inquired.

“Oh! It’s a long story and nothing-really!” Melinda assured, as she briskly exited the Black classic sedan.

Unanticipatedly, Sam received a phone call from the professor who found what Sam had query earlier about.

“You two be alright?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That was Professor Dignnen, he found that information I requested. He wants me to meet him at the library,” Sam conveyed.

“Okay. Let me know the results,” Dean expressed.

Dean got out and pursued Melinda’s steps. Sam pulled the automobile in drive and went in the other direction.

“Um...What are you doing?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know. Whatever is going in that clouded mind of yours, it’s not wise to take part.” Melinda proposed.

“I just want to make sure you get inside safely.”

“Oh, I-”

Suddenly, a crash was heard from inside the house, then there was a horrible scream afterwards.

Dean held his gun out, in aim for anything. Melinda shook her head in displease. Next, they reached the entrance that led to the kitchen where the noise was.

Dean placed his hand on the door, ready to push it open. He pivoted and eyed Melinda. At that point, they exchanged semblances there by the two barged in.

What awaited them?

More to come!

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