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A Day in the Life of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Oliver


I Don't Own Any Of The Names, Except for two, also this is in memory of Jason David Frank.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Normal Routine at Home

rThree Oaks, a nice quiet little town, it had restaurants, Boutiques, Book Stores, Library, Court House, City Hall, Grocery Stores, Feed Store, Green House, Sewing Shop, Fire Station, Police Department, Video Rental Place, Car Lots, Auto Shops, Soccer Field, Tennis Court, Golf Course, Public Parks with Playground, Swimming Pool, Eye Doctor Clinic, Doctor's Clinic (where the doctor writes up a script, and gives it to the receptionist, the receptionist gives it to the person, so that they won't waste their time seeing the doctor), Dentist Office, Furniture Stores, Antique Stores, Shaded, Gated, Tree-line Neighborhoods, on that clear cool sunny day, at a house in a shaded, gated, tree-line neighborhood, Tommy Oliver was standing in the living room, that had a couch, with two end tables on either side of the couch, a recliner, a coffee table, an entertainment center that had a flat screen HD smart TV, Pictures on the living room walls, he was a lot older, his hair on his head was shorter, he was wearing underwear, pants, shirt, sicks, shoes, he was looking out of the living room window, watching the cars and trucks drive up and down the street in front of the house, the house had a big back porch, with a walked around deck that was surrounding a covered up above ground swimming pool, a back porch table and chairs, with a shade umbrella, a swing set, and a treehouse, and a front porch that had hanging windchimes, a front porch swing,

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