The World Called Remnant


After failing his Masters Exam Sora goes off to train on his own, but after a series of events, his light fades away and he is considered KIA. But one day he awakens in a world he does not know, a wor

Adventure / Romance
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When Light Fades

"When one falls… another is destined to rise… though if the one who rises is good or bad… that remains to be seen…”

World: Unknown…

An army that’s all that the Keyblade wielder could grasp, an army that surrounded him in thousands of numbers, the last time he had fought so many enemies in one single battle was in Radiant Garden once known as Hollow Bastion. Even then he wasn’t as overwhelmed as he was today, the boy himself was wearing what seemed to be a red shirt and red pants, they glittered lightning all around the young boy’s body. Though if anyone could see him they would be able to see that he was starting to reach his limit.

The horde of more than a million heartless did not seem to be getting any lower at any rate it only seemed to grow, the young man knew he had to get out of there but it was futile, he also knew that he had made the mistake of coming alone. He wanted to prove himself, he wanted to make-up for his failure in the Masters Exam. Yes, Sora was currently lamenting himself for getting in such a situation. If he had only waited for Riku and the King then maybe just maybe they would have been able to get out of here safely.

It started out like any other world Sora had been to, he arrived in an open field in the middle of a forest, at first it was calm and the air seemed to be very fresh. Sora smiled as he took in the freshness of it but it did not take long for his moment to be ruined. Almost upon arrival hordes of Heartless started to come out of nowhere, from the forest, the caves, from everywhere for a moment he managed to escape he reached a city in ruins only to see it swarming with heartless, it was painfully obvious that the world had indeed fallen. He had to get out of there as fast as he could, he started running towards the gummy ship that he had come along with but then a glimmer from not too far away caught his eye ‘the keyhole’.

Without spearing it much thought he ran towards the glimmer of light, if the heartless got to the keyhole the world would be destroyed, but if he could make it in time not only would the world be saved and begin to heal, but the heartless would begin to disappear. He didn’t waste much time and quickly got into his Wisdom Drive Form, he began to shot magic bullets at the heartless while levitating and surfing in the air. He made quick work of some Shadows that were in his way and he could see the Keyhole a bit better now.

“I can make it!” he was encouraging himself. As he ran more hordes of heartless started ganging up on him, it was starting to get a little difficult some NeoShadows began to appear as well. He began to call for magic to his aid “Firaga!” he sent balls of fire to a group of NeoShadows that began to come at him.

Sora could see that the Keyhole was at the far end of a huge clearing at a cliff’s edge, but once he took a good look at the clearing his heart and breath literally stopped his drive form already subdued, thousands if not millions of heatless were at the clearing already marching towards the Keyhole. ‘I can’t make it in time’ that was his initial thought. The clearing itself was far greater in size than the one in Radiant Garden.

He remembered about Destiny Islands, his home, a place that was first destroyed by the heartless, where his never-ending journey began. He swore he would not let another world fall like that again. He clutched Oblivion tightly and he jumped to the clearing eliminating some Wyverns in the process once he landed he wasted no time and started to eliminate all heartless that were in his path he had to make it.

Wyverns, NeoShadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies, Shadows, even some Invisibles were no match for his Kingdom Key in its Oblivion for. But then just when he was getting confident and sure he was going to make it a Darkside appeared in front of him, it stared at the young boy as if it were looking at an ant, and dropped its enormous fist down on him, Sora blocked the blow with the Keyblade and pushed back the Darkside. It was surpassed in strength and stumbled back Sora jumped and with a slice to its head brought the Darkside down. But when he looked up his eyes were met with an enormous ball of darkness that hit him straight on sending him far back in his advance to the keyhole, once he recovered he saw that his attacker was not one but many Darksides, he clenches his Oblivion he had some magic left in him.

However, he was not going to give up, so with all his might and force he screamed at the top of his lung’s “GIVE ME STRENGTH!” The initial force blast destroyed a great number of NeoShadows that begun to surround him, once the black combat suite his fairy friends gave him was now red and lightning radiated off him, where once he only held one Keyblade now on his other hand laid Oathkeeper. And with an incredible speed he began to make quick work of the heartless masterly swinging his Keyblade, he threw Oathkeeper to an Invisible that was coming up to him and the blade erased him without a trace along with others that got in its path. The battle kept on going and Sora did not know how much longer his drive would hold.

He danced along with the blades he so masterly had learned to use, the speed of his attacks were incredible, naked to the normal eye, only one with a very trained eye could keep up with this young man, but also a keen eye would be able to tell the young man was starting to get exhausted. He slammed his Keyblades in the ground sending a wave of light and power to all those that stood in its path.

Sora cursed inwards, for he could feel it the drive was beginning to waver, he left the drive form but did not stop the hailstorm of attacks that he sent to the heartless. Nevertheless, their numbers were not getting thinner, all the contrary they were just getting bigger and bigger, as if his simple presence had made the heartless hungry for battle. In addition, to make matters worse the class of the heartless were rising. More and more NeoShadows started to appear as well as Darksides, but what really got on his bad side were the new Dark Thorns eager to get a taste of the Keyblade bearer.

He took them on with all might he cartwheeled to the side to avoid a Darkside’s fist and started to run up his arm. Once he got to the top he bounced of the Darkside’s head and pointed Oblivion down to where some Dark Thorns had now arrived along with the Darksides. “Magnega!” a magnetic ball formed under him sucking in many, many heatless including some Dark Thorns. “Thundaga!” huge lightning struck all the foes trapped by the swirling gravitational vortex but Sora was not done yet before falling gracefully to the ground he sent many Firaga spells at other Heartless surrounding the areas.

When Sora stood he wasted no time and began to march further he sung his Oblivion Key to all that stood in his path, if anyone was looking from afar they would stare in awe at the boy who was singlehandedly taking down hundreds if not thousands of high-leveled heartless, all with grace and determination. He could see the Keyhole clearly now, he pointed his blade to the Keyhole and was ready to fire a beam of light, but all he felt was excruciating pain from the side, he was sent flying and slammed into many other heartless. When Sora recovered, he was looking directly at a Dark Hide and not an ordinary one might he add it was if the creature was almost gold, the Dark Hide began running towards Sora once again, eliminating any other heartless in its path. Though Sora did not fear he waited, and once the Dark Hide was inches away he jumped to the skies and brought his Oblivion key hard down on the creatures back, it only growled in pain and with his tail swung Sora away.

Sora fell to the ground with a hard thud. He tried to regain his battle stance but an Invisible grabbed him by the neck and looked into his eyes. Sora slammed the things torso with a kick and sliced it with his blade upwards; he immediately turned to see the Dark Hide ramming his way towards him. Sora was trying and failing to get ready but other heartless attacked the young boy not giving him a chance to rest and prepare, when he found an opening he turned in time just to cast a Reflega barrier that sent the Dark Hide a few meters back in pain.

Sora was painting heavily, he needed to get to the Keyhole, and the Dark Hide was proving to be a problem and had already sent him a few good meters away from reach. He smiled looking at his predicament, they knew, the darn Heartless knew he was getting weaker and even more exhausted by the second, he had very little magic left in him and he had no drive forms left. ‘But you wanted to jump the gun’ an internal voice he knew all too well said to him “Yeah, sorry ’bout that Roxas” he said, ‘Just don’t lose man, we still have that attack left. Use it at the Dark Hide and then make a run for it to the Keyhole before your strength gives in’ Roxas commanded, Sora chucked and readied a stance “And you elected you as leader?” he asked his Nobody.

He didn’t hear his friend’s reply because a deafening roar incoming right at him got him back into the battle, but Sora was concentrating all remaining strength and magic all into one final attack, the heartless that were near got obliterated by the sheer pressure that the boy was oozing off.

The Dark Hide ran straight at him.

10 meters…

A breath…

7 meters…

A heart beat

4 meters…

Sora closed his eyes...

It was right on top of him...

It all happened in an instant; the Dark Hide opened its mouth to crush the boy but…

"RAGNAROCK!" Sora yelled and started to give an frenzy of slashes an swings to the creature stopping it in its tracks, the Dark Hide took it all in and when the massacre of attacks were over Sora gave it an uppercut slash sending it to the skies and unleashing a barrage of red projectiles at the creature that on impact exploded, ending the Dark Hide.

Sora wasted no time to get to the Keyhole he eradicated any heartless that got in his way falling on his knees only once, the battle finally taking its toll on him. He got dizzy and almost, almost, lost consciousness, he was brought back when an Invisible slammed it’s blade on his side sending him to close to the ledge, wait, ledge?

Sora looked up and yes, most certainly there was the Keyhole meters away from him up in the sky and so were the Invisible and the heartless, they were getting closer and closer to the Keyhole. It happened to slow for comfort. Sora got up ignoring swords and claws that hit his back, sides, legs and arms, blood now emanating from his wounds.

I want go see the word’s out there’ Riku said to him

If there are any other worlds why did we end up on this one?′

Sora ran, killing any heartless that got in front he would not let them get that Keyhole…

Name’s Donald Duck’ his white new friend said

He felt a slash on his right arm…

Name’s Goofy’ a warrior said to him

Something scratched his cheek…

And I’m Sora’ the young boy said with a smile

A Darkside got in his way, no wait… make that three, Sora smirked he could use them…

´My friends are my power!′ he yelled aloud to his friend’s betrayal.

Sora jumped atop an Invisible’s head, pointing the blade down he conjured the final speck of magic he had within him “Firaga!” the blast killed the Invisible immediately but used the blast force as a momentum to get atop a Darkside….

It’s my lucky charm so be sure to give it back to me OK!′ Kairi smiled at him

He could see that the Invisible was just at arm’s reach from the Keyhole…

I’ll come back for you, I promise’ Sora said as he saw that Kairi was going further away.

He soared off the Darkside’s head pointed the blade at the Keyhole…

Riku congrats on passing the Mark of Mastery exam’ he said to his friend, though he said it with a smile he couldn’t feel more saddened by this. He had failed, Xehanort had played him.

A beam of light was sent off the tip of the Oblivion key…

I’m going to go on a journey’ Sora stated

Let’s go then’ his friend Donald said to him, while Goofy nodded.

No’ Sora stopped them.

I want to go on this one alone’ he said in a solemn voice.

Donald and Goofy were about to protest but Sora cut them off ‘Please’

Why memories like these started invading his mind he did not know he watched as the beam went through some Darksides and lost speed, the beam of light reaches the Invisible and went through it, Sora smiled in victory but… inches away from the Keyhole the beam disappeared.

Sora’s eyes widened in worry but he still had one chance, once on the ground again he ran to the end of the cliff some feet ahead of the heartless, and pointed the blade up once again charging it up with light energy, he was about to release it when something rammed him off the cliff. A pain he could not describe was sent down his spine and he could have sworn he heard something crack, Oblivion was flown off his hand on force of the impact he received.

Sora began to fall off the cliff, but as he fell he could see that what had just rammed into him was a Behemoth, the heartless roared in victory and jumped to the Keyhole entering the world’s heart proceeding to claim it.

Sora closed his eyes for a brief moment, he was falling, that was all he could sense, and he had seen as the Behemoth entered the Keyhole… he had failed. He had no strength left in him, he could not hear Roxas anymore either nor could he muster up the force to call his Keyblade. He opened his eyes just to see as the Keyhole started to emanate darkness, he also could sense as the world began to fall apart… it was falling apart… a world falling apart just like his, and he was just at the epicenter of it all.

Is this how I’m going out?′ he thought, it was a cruel way of leaving the world of the living, seeing another world getting destroyed just like his home, and it hurt like hell. He concentrated his eyes to look at the once blue sky turning a black purple color, he wondered if another boy or girl was looking at the sky just like he was back then… like now. He chuckled lightly thinking that it was curious that it was ending just like how it all began.

“More than fifty thousand” he said to himself lightly. Remembering the army of heartless he had fought.

“Beat that Riku” he silently dared his absent best friend.

Sora felt something wet slide through his eye, it wasn’t raining… no he was crying. ‘Why?’ he question came to him like a punch to the face, why did it have to end this way for him? After all, that he fought after all that he battled for the rest of the worlds. After he had searched non-stop for his two best friends, Riku… Kairi…

Kairi… he suddenly thought, he had made her a promise, and now he would not be able to fulfill it. He wanted to be with her… he wanted to see her smile once more and look at her beautiful face once again… he would never get that chance ever again… he loved her it wasn’t a hidden fact, but now… he would never be able to tell her, he wondered whether she felt the same as well. What were only drops were now a torrent of tears falling after him as he descended even more. He knew he was going to die if the fall did not kill him the end of this world would; fate would not save him once again, he somehow felt that he was only saved back then by the Keyblade, but now he could not summon it all of his strength had been drained.

“Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy, King… Everybody… I’m sorry” Sora said with guilt in his voice, but he knew they would be able to move on they were strong, a sudden thought came to him remembering what had happened in the Masters Exam and smiled, at least Xehanort would have to wait until the next Keyblade wielder appeared to achieve his goal.

“At least… I’ve halted his advance for a while” with a smile, wide grin and tears sent to the skies and the worlds out there Sora felt as the world exploded in a mass of darkness consuming an destroying everything… including him.

Remnant is full of legends and stories, stories that are more than likely to be true and legends that are hard to believe in. It’s said that long ago before the age of Aura and Dust came to humankind there existed an even greater enemy than the Grim, so great that even they dared not to trifle with. The name of these enemies were called ‘Those with no Heart’, creatures of greater darkness than the Grim beings of pure darkness that brought the world to its knees, there one and only goal was to bask the world in everlasting darkness, they almost succeeded. When humanity was almost extinguished, warriors basked in light came and annihilated the creatures of darkness with a special key.

It was said that ‘Those with no Heart’ were afraid of the key bearers and fled form the world never to be seen again. The peace came to the world, and with ‘Those with no Heart’ gone so were the warriors they left without a trace, never to be seen again. Time passed on and the story was bound to legend to a fairy tale for children, and so Remnant once again battled the Grim and each other as if nothing had ever happened.

Maybe nothing had… after all… it is just a legend…

Ruby Rose a sweet girl that had dark red hair, a slim body and wearing a red hood over her Beacon uniform, was a little more than annoyed by now. They had just come back from a last minute mission yesterday and she had gotten close to no sleep, and now she had to sit there listening to yet another one of Professor Port’s stories. Given the fact as her recurrent nightmares weren’t helping at all, or at least she hoped she could call them that because not even she understood them. She wasn’t even in most of them.

It started a few months ago the dreams started out with her calling out to a certain boy, whose name she could not possibly remember, Sorma, Sera or something like that or in those lines of which. She called out to the said boy in many occasions only to realize that no noise came from her mouth. Those dreams came every once in a while she ignored them for the time being.

Darn hormones!′ Ruby thought at first. Yeah so, she didn’t have much experience in the boys department like her sister Yang had, I mean come on! Her sister is more… well… bouncy, ok, ok very bouncy and curvy… of course Yang had to be the taller one and the one with the most attention when it came to boys. Sure Ruby had her own appeal but she had always thought that it was a little un-fair that Yang hag gotten more of… well… everything on that end.

But anyways getting back on track, she ignored those dreams for a while until they got more and more common, until it became daily that she had dreams about this boy. She was sure she was going to go nuts if things did not stop, every single night she had dreams concerning this kid and it scared her to no end that it did not stop. Though she could not remember every single detail of the dreams she most certainly remembered them.

The creatures the boy fought, dark creatures and some white ones, that in some occasions look even more scarier than some Grimm. She could also remember seeing that the boy had no problem eliminating the dark creatures and made quick work of them. But the dream that had her on edge was the recent one that she had, just the night before they got back from the mission. The boy had lost… she saw as the boy had fought valiantly and in the end got beaten down, after his defeat she could feel the earth begin to crumble at her feet and the world beginning to be shrouded in darkness she woke up with tears in her eyes and couldn’t go back to sleep. After that dream, when team RWBY was back at their dorm room, she went to sleep and was ready to see that boy in her dreams again but… it never happened, just like the dreams came, they went, without a trace.

And to be honest Ruby could not be more confused first, she had recurrent dreams for months but all of a sudden they stopped just like that. It was making her uneasy and the worst part was that she was losing focus in every class she had today al because the dreams had stopped. It wasn’t a lie that she got used to the dreams she had learned to live with them as if they were a part of her, and now she felt as if they had taken a piece form her life away and she did not know why she felt like that and the worst part was that she wanted them back. Even if they were nightmares... sometimes, they weren’t all that bad, in some cases the dreams without the monsters, made her fell warm inside. He saw him smile only once, and God she wanted to see that smile again, she wanted to see him again.

But also she wanted answers. Why did the dreams start? What did they mean? Who was the boy? What was he fighting? Why? And especially, why her? Why did she have those dreams?

“Ruby?” some took her out of her out of her head ramblings.

“Huh? What?” Ruby asked a little disoriented.

“The class ended about ten minutes ago you dunce and you keep on staring at the wall as if you’re going to burn a hole at it.” Her teammate, the Ice Queen as she was famously known, Weiss told her as she put her hands to her hips. Weiss had a very white hair and deep blue eyes, she also had a scar on her left eye that started from her eyelash and ended a bit below her eye. She as well, was wearing the beacon uniform.

“Ten... Minutes?” Ruby asked as she looked around the classroom only to find it empty, only Weiss and she were in it.

“Yes Ruby ten whole minuets of staring at a wall, it’s been the third time in the day that me, and the team have found you like that.” Weiss said annoyed as she scowled, but Ruby could tell that there was slight worry in her tone of voice.

“Sorry Weiss I’ve just been a little distracted today.” Ruby said as she started to get up from her seat and begin to walk with Weiss to the door. But she turned around when she saw that Weiss was not following her and had not moved from her current position. Ruby looked at Weiss with a questioned look.

“Ruby, is something wrong?” Weiss asked slightly worried she did not want Ruby to know that she was in fact genuinely worried for the red headed team leader, she was just being a good teammate, yup, just that.

Ruby smiled at her teammate “Weiss! You’re finally caring about me?!” she said enthusiastically, seeing that the Ice Queen actually cared for her.

“You wish, I just don’t want our team leader to be hindering us in battle all because she is an air-head, and can’t keep her mind on what’s important.” Weiss said as she crossed her arms.

Ruby smiled at her usual attitude and was about to reply but was caught off guard when a student ran past the hallway yelling “GRIMM!”

All thought about their argument were lost and they ran to the opposite direction of where the kid took off, as they ran they were united with Yang and Blake.

“Hey guys, what happened?” Ruby asked as they ran to the direction where many kids were fleeing from.

“We know about as much as you do, we just heard as a student started yelling Grimm” a girl with golden long hair and purple eyes said, it was Ruby’s older sister Yang.

“Well whatever it is we’re about to find out” A young girl with a bow on her head said, she had golden eyes and had her right arm already on her katana ready for battle.

Ruby smiled maybe this might work to get her mind straight, a little battle here and there wielding her sweetheart Crescent Rose. They were running towards the back entrance of the school the place that led them to the forest. They were certainly not ready for what was in store for them. Once they came out into the field, they could see that there were three Nevermores circling the skies, as it was getting late the skies were painted in an orange color that made the dark bird even more noticeable. However not only were there Nevermores but also Beowolves coming in from the distance and as well as some Ursas.

Team RWBY stopped at their tracks and stared at the sight before them. No wonder the students had fled there were more than ten highly dangerous Grimm, anyone would be afraid, anyone but team RWBY of course.

“Ready team?” Ruby said as she got Crescent Rose in her scythe form.

“You really need to ask?” Yang winked at her, and readied her Ember Celica. Blake eased her stance and took out her Gambol Shroud never taking her sight away from the Grimm who were coming straight at the school.

“And to think I was actually worrying about you” Weiss said with a smile to Ruby.

The Grimm were getting closer and closer, and Ruby wouldn’t dare to mention that she was slightly trembling, after all they were the only team who did not decide to run, team JNPR was out on a mission and wasn’t due back until tomorrow. The professors were going to take a while to get to their position after all it was lunchtime when it happened.

They were all ready to receive the Grimm, when there advance came to an abrupt halt; they stopped a good 23 meter distance between them and team RWBY. Though the team stayed alert until a good 5 minutes passed by and the Grimm had done nothing to advance any further.

“Um what are they doing?” Yang asked as she began to ease her stance.

“I-I don’t know” Weiss stared at them dumbfold, though never easing her grip on her Myrtenaster.

“It seems they are waiting” Blake said standing straight.

Ruby eased her stance as well but keeping a good grip on Crescent Rose, she did not want to get caught off guard. “Waiting? For what?” Ruby asked.


As if on cue to her question, a deafing boom came from the sky and the ground shook a bit due to the force of it. And it startled the team, the once orange sky was now a dark red color. And something was falling from the sky… it looked like a-

“METEOR!” Weiss screamed in panic, as she turned to begin to run back to the safety of the school, the rest of team RWBY did not argue with her this time as the meteor came into view and began to run after her.

As they ran back to the school Ruby noticed something, the Grimm. She stopped when she realized that the Grimm where preparing to attack, but their aim was not at the school, their sights were dead set on the meteor that was coming down hard to the ground. But just as she turned to look at the meteor once again it appeared as if it was slowing down, it was beginning to take form.

“RUBY!” Yang and Weiss yelled at her realizing her team leader had stopped her advance.

“Come on Ruby! We can’t stop that!” Weiss screamed at her but, Ruby paid no mind to them she was hypnotized by the meteor, it was slowing down and as it got closer to the ground the Grimm got even more anxious, ready to tear apart whatever came down from that thing.

Yang began to run up to her sister to get her to safety. As the meteor got closer to the ground, its shape could be more defined, and once it was lower enough a glimmer of brown caught Ruby’s eyes and she could have sworn she felt her heart stop, it was a person. Ruby wasted no time and began to run towards where the person was going to fall but was pushed back by a strong force. She turned to see Yang pulling her back into the safety of the building, she tried getting lose from her sister’s grasp but it was futile she was just too strong. Fear crept into her eyes as she saw that the Grimm began to move to where the person was going to crash.

She stared in fear seeing that a Nevermore came down on the person, just as it was about to strike a huge boulder came slamming into the Nevermore causing it to come crashing down. Yang stopped to see that professor Goodwitch had been the one to send the boulder to it and that she immediately wasted no time sending many other to the other two Nevermores that were in the sky. From behind the professor came an all to-well-known person, their uncle Qrow came with blade in hand jumping into the little army of Grimm killing them as if they were nothing, he moved with grace and speed that rivaled Ruby’s own.

“Ruby you and your team catch that person from falling. We’ll take care of the Grimm.” professor Goodwitch ordered her and her teammates.

Weiss was the first to respond “But that thing will-”

“Weiss do as you’re told!” A third person with hair as white as her own said as she came running into the fray with glyphs. She sent a brigade of icicles at some Grimm that were getting to close for comfort.

“Winter!?” Weiss yelled after her, it was her oldest sister. She clenched her fists and looked at was now clearly a person falling from the skies leaving a trail of what seemed to be dark smoke behind.

“Ruby!” She went to her team leader, Ruby nodded to her teammates and smiled.

“You know what to do!” Ruby yelled at her teammates as they got close to her.

Blake through her Gambol Shroud to Yang who began to pull at the elastic ribbon that was held very tightly around it. Professor Goodwitch made some pillars for the girls to get up on, Yang and Blake set the stretched ribbon in the middle of the pillar and Ruby bounced on top of it with Crescent Rose beneath her feet, Weiss began to pull at her and hold her with a black glyph that was circling underneath Ruby.

“I know I’ve asked it once but… you think you can make the shot? It is a moving target this time.” Ruby asked a bit scared that she might miss and thus leading to something that she did not want to think about.

Weiss just smiled at her reaction and pulled Ruby a bit more down, “Of course I’ll make it” and with that in mind she let go an also gave an additional push to Ruby, while in midair Ruby fired her sniper in order to keep her going. She was getting closer and she could see the person better now, and as she got closer, her heart stopped and time froze for her. She could see the person’s face now and that was what had her with her eyes wide open and making her jump with all might from Crescent Rose firing one last time to give her the final push.

Yang, Blake and Weiss watched as Ruby barely slammed into the person falling, immediately Weiss used her glyphs to ease the fall for them, and began to run towards where Ruby had landed with the person. Seeing as professor Goodwitch, Qrow and Winter had finished up the horde of Grimm that had shown up to kill whoever was falling.

They as well were going towards where Ruby was now, but it worried her that she was not moving. Ruby had laid the person down on the ground and was now leaning over the person her red hood covering her hair.

“Sis! Sis! You ok?” Yang yelled at her little sister as well as shaking her, but Ruby’s eyes were glued at the person that was laid in front of her, one of her hands was covering her mouth. Yang turned to look at the said person and was quite shocked, it was a young man with black with gold clothing, the boy had brown spiky hair and had a pained expression on his face, with a justified reason. His whole body was full of injuries some looked deep others were just scratches but still some of them were still bleeding through, but Yang knew that wasn’t the reason that her sister had that expression on her face.

“Ok girls, I’ll take him” their uncle Qrow got them out of their trance. He picked him up and rapidly carried him off to the nursery.

“Ruby” she started but was surprised to see her already following her uncle back into the building with Crescent Rose in its Sniper form strapped on her belt. Yang looked back at her sister with worry in her eyes; it was no secret that her sister had not been at her fullest the past few weeks.

Ruby had taken it a habit a couple of weeks back to write in a journal, and Yang being the respectful sister she is took a peek inside when Ruby wasn’t looking. At first Yang had thought that it was a dairy that had personal things like a crush or something like that but it wasn’t that. It was full of details, and rough sketches of dreams Ruby had been having since some weeks back. At first, she made none of it but now, the person that was described to-the-letter in Ruby’s notes was in front of them, with heavy injuries nonetheless.

Ruby ran after her uncle with all she had ‘It’s him!, It’s him!, It’s him!’ those were the only thoughts Ruby had in her mind as she ran past everyone in the hall, she wanted answers and she was going to get them…

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Julian: Juss amazing♥♥♥♥💚💕💕💕💕♥♥♥♥♥💚

susuden: It's a really great book, I just think that it could use some work on romance development. You know that it's there but you have to guess a lot of things.

Angela L Serrano: Such a great story. I started and finished the entire thing in one sitting. Great job.

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