Dream Catchers

The Plan

"So, what do we got?"

"Okay. So. He's 29 years old. He lives alone. No criminal record, he pays his taxes. He's given some money to charity. From this he looks like your average American citizen." Maddie continued reading the information Bernard Giovanni had provided, but so far, nothing of interest had turned up.

"This is a bunch of bullshit." Cam was the first to get frustrated. "He tells us to get into this guys head and he gives us nothing of importance. Why the fuck does it matter to us what kind of car he drove two years ago?" I was ready to interject but Cam had a point.

"If we're trying to get close to this guy, we're going to need to know what it is he likes. What kind of music he listens to, what books he reads. Now her, we can use." Maddie was pointing to a picture of a pretty red head. "Her names Ariadne. I don't know what she is to him, but she's with him constantly." Maddie began handing out a bunch of pictures of the two together. Giovanni had obviously had this guy followed for some time.

"I don't get why Giovanni just doesn't torture the information out of him or something. I mean, it seems like it'd be less of a pain." Cam commented. Bert was the one to answer.

"Torture isn't as effective as they'd have you believe. This guy could lie and Giovanni wouldn't know. He wants this information badly, and he wants to make sure it's right. On top of that, if he hired us, he probably wants it kept quiet. For all the trouble he's going to, I can't wait to find out what it is."

"Yeah yeah. That's great, but lets get over the why and focus on the how. Now, back to the pictures." We were currently sitting on the floor of our newly furnished apartment. It wasn't over the top, but for a four bedroom apartment in New York it definitely wasn't cheap. I sorted through some of the pictures before voicing my thoughts.

"She's not holding his hand, and they're a safe distance apart. I don't think they're dating, but based on how much time they spend together, It's only a matter of time."

"So, we need to get her out of the picture. Okay, cool. Lets kill her and then console him in his time of mourning. Short and simple." Cam gave a laugh and Bert rolled his eyes. Maddie could be a bit eccentric at times.

"If you killed her, everyone would freak out. Part of the reason we were hired might have something to do with the fact that our operation is quiet. So, no big murder plots. Okay?" Bert was once again the voice of reason. He seemed to be calm again, back to his normal self. I sort of liked him like this.

"I can deal with her." Cam replied staring at the picture. "Red heads love me, besides she's kind of cute." Maddie, Bert and I made eye contact. If there was one thing we could agree on, Cam was a flirt, but a good one at that.

"Oh how generous of you. You are much too kind." Maddie mocked.

"Yeah. I know. But when you're as good looking as me-"

"Who says you're good looking. I think it's more of an 'he's so ugly, I'll take pity,' kind of thing." Was my response.

"Well, whichever it is, I get laid and that's all that matters. So, we've got her out. How shall we do re-con?" At this all eyes turned to me. As the point man, I was in charge of information gathering.

"These are all the places he goes to. We'll check them each out, observe him for a bit and then decide on a plan of approach." I explained, pulling out a map and circling his favorite spots. Giovanni's information wasn't all useless.

"I think that'll take too long. I think we should be forward. Just look cute and draw him in." Cam glanced at me, as if wanting my opinion on her idea.

"It seems too risky to be so brash. I mean, we don't know his personality yet. We don't know how he'll respond to that kind of approach. Also, keep in my mind that we're basing all of this stuff on a theory."

"A very brilliant theory, I might add." Cam threw in his fickle compliment with a cheesy grin on his face.

"Shut up." Bert and Maddie said, waiting for me to continue.

"I think it's best to take it slow." Maddie rolled her eyes.

"I'll give your method a month. If we have nothing to show for it after that, then I'm moving in." Cam gave a whistle.

"Oh gosh. Cat fight." I was looking for something to throw but Bert beat me to it, tossing a pillow in Cam's directions.

"What's our first move?"

"Well, tomorrows a Saturday. He spends a lot of time at the university library on Saturday." I continued to scan through the sheet looking for anything else that could be relevant. "Umm...Sometimes he has dinner with a couple friends, but so far we don't have much to go on."

"Well then, I guess we're going to the library tomorrow." Bert said getting off the floor and heading towards his bedroom.

"Excellent. I have lots of cute librarian outfits. Don't worry El, I'll share." The group gave a laugh. Maddie had a thing for the undercover missions. She enjoyed the disguises more than anything. I gave a slight yawn.

Tomorrow, we were going to the library.

So, I wasn't actually sure just what university it was that kept popping up in the movie, and I wasn't sure just where it was they all lived, but new york seemed like a safe bet so I went with that.

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