Dream Catchers

A New Goal

He had awoken at 10:22 to answer the phone, then slept for another half an hour. At 10:52 he awoke, and prepared breakfast. Today he ate eggs and bacon, with coffee to drink. After that he hopped into the shower, put on a pair of jeans and a sweater, made a couple phone calls. He left his three-bedroom apartment at around 2:30p.m. in the afternoon, and made his way to the library where me and Maddie lay in waiting.

According to Giovanni's reports he spent an average of three hours at the library. That was all we knew. We didn't know what books he read, what things he looked up or anything like that. Just that we had a standard three hours to observe him. So, in these three hours, it was decided that Bert and Cam would be in charge of searching and setting up surveillance in the apartment. We would tell them just when it was we thought he'd be leaving, and they would leave the apartment with Arthur none the wiser.

He arrived at the library at 2:55, with food. The time now was 3:10, and he had done nothing but flip through some psych textbook while eating his bagel.

"This is ridiculous. This guy is more boring than you." Today we were dressed as blond university students. It was a big change from my usual black hair, and the wig was a bit itchy. Not to mention the fact that the glasses were kind of annoying, but we couldn't run the risk of coming here as our normal selves and having him recognize us later. Our team was just the four of us. It wasn't always like this, but after a couple years of betrayal and screw ups, it was decided that our number would stay four. Too many people caused too many problems. It didn't matter that we had to do a little more work, because we could trust each other to do it.

"I'm not boring." Maddie gave a laugh at that.

"This isn't fair. I wanted to search his apartment. It's so much more fun than this. I mean, do you know how many secrets people have just lying around in their apartment?"

"More than the secrets they have lying around in the library." Then it happened. At 3:15, Ariadne, the red head we were sure might be a problem, waltzed right into the library and headed straight for his table. We had positioned ourselves close enough so that we could eavesdrop on any conversation he had, though we weren't aware he'd been expecting company.

"Hey." She smiled, catching his attention. He looked up the book he was reading and smiled. "Sorry I'm late. I got held up talking to Miles." Maddie nudged me.

"Whose Miles?"

"Miles is a university professor. He's Cobb's father in law, and I also believe he's the one who introduced the two." I said flipping through my little black book. I'd taken the liberty of organizing all the notes that could possibly be useful to us. Maddie nodded, becoming silent so we could return to the conversation.

"No problem. I was thinking we'd take a look at Neo-Victorian architecture." Arthur said, picking up some books he had brought to the table earlier. "From what I've gathered, it's his favorite." Arthur flipped through some pages before pointing at a couple pages.

"Whose he talking about?" Maddie inquired, but there was no mention in my notes of anyone in particular. I shrugged and we continued to listen.

"So, if we can recreate his favorite designs, we can get him comfortable?" Arthur nodded at Ariadne's words, and resumed flipping through some more pages.

"If you compare his work to these designs, it's obvious where he draws his inspiration from. It's possible the vault could be within one of his oldest designs." Ariadne nodded, seeming to get where he was going with this.

"You think it could be in the first house he made?" Arthur nodded. Me and Maddie glanced at each other.

"I don't fucking believe it." Maddie said voicing both of our thoughts. "We're working a job on a guy whose working a job. Could this be anymore screwed up?"

"His names Paul Wood. He's probably one of the most brilliant architects of our time. The guy is a genius. His designs have won awards for everything. Seriously. He's even won an award for best architect of the year." Cam said, flipping through the notes he'd taken while observing Arthur's apartments. In total, they'd had 6 hours to search. Arthur and Ariadne didn't leave the library until 8:24, and then they went and grabbed dinner. If we wanted to move in, we'd need to get her out of the picture.

"Whose hiring them?" I asked, setting up the surveillance equipment. While Bert and Cam were going through Arthur's apartment, they took the liberty of planting cameras and mics all over the place. The phone lines had also been tapped. They'd done this before. There was no way Arthur would find them.

"Well, being as good as he is, he's made a ton of enemies. The main one is Oliver Reid. Reid lost his biggest design contract because of Paul. He's paying Arthur and co. 152,000 to steal Wood's newest design." Cam tossed the sheets on the floor and placed his face into his hands.

"152, 000? That's a lot of money. A lot of money." I mean, sure we were getting paid 5 million, but before that lucky break, the average charge for a customer was around 30 grand.

"Why is he paying so much?" Maddie inquired, and Bert answered.

"They're the best. They can afford to charge more. Aside from that, Reid's got a contract offer of 7.2 million set up if he can offer a solid design. In this case, Wood's design." We nodded, understanding the situation.

"This could put a damper in our plans. I thought they were all retired but apparently we were misinformed. I guess Cobb's was the only one who decided to call it quits. But there's no point stalking Arthur when he's in another country. We'll have to wait it out till they finish this. There's no point introducing ourselves if he's going to forget us." Maddie voiced her thoughts allowed, and though I listened my eyes were on Cam, who still had his face in his hands.

"Hey Cam. You alright?"

"They're not going anywhere."

"Of course they are. They've got a job." It was common knowledge that if you were doing a job, you never did it near where you lived. If it blew up in your face you'd have no where to run. So, whenever a job was to be completed, it was always done in a different country. A different city or a different state was still too risky. A different continent would be best.

"The jobs happening in New York. They're not leaving." That was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. Even amateurs didn't make those kind of mistakes.

"They've gotten arrogant." Bert said. But it seemed off to me.

"There's got to be something more. They've always been the cautious type. Why would they do a job so close to home? Why now? Why run the risk when they're so close to home?" It didn't make sense to me. There had to be some other kind of reason. Right?

"It doesn't matter. We need to make sure they pull this off. If they screw it up, they're on the run and so are we. We can't afford letting Arthur out of our sights. We need him comfortable, and with his guard down. If he's a little arrogant the better. New goal guys. We need to make sure they pull this off. Bert, you run re-con on Arthur, Maddie you're in charge of the surveillance tapes and phone calls. If he makes contact with anyone it's on you to tell us. El as point man you're in charge of Paul Wood. Make sure you find out everything. If they missed something even small, it could blow up in their face." Just like always Cam took control.

"And you?" I asked, to which Cam gave a wink.

"I've got a red-head to seduce."

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