Dream Catchers

Back to the Library

"I really don't think we should be doing this. I mean, shouldn't you be watching the surveillance tapes?" Maddie shrugged.

"Bert's taking care of it." We were both wearing our blond university student disguises, and coincidentally, we were back in the library.

"Bert's suppose to be watching Arthur."

"And he is. He's watching him on the tapes."

"But if Arthur leaves his apartment-"

"He won't. He's a point man. You know how you get when you're on a job. He's going to be locked up in that place for a bit." With that being said, you may be wondering why we were at the library if he wasn't here. Well, there's a very simple reason for that.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Our heads shot up as Cam finally made his move. He'd freak out if he knew we were spying on him, but it just wasn't the type of thing we could resist. He was dressed casually in jeans and a sweater vest, his hair messy. He gave Ariadne a small boyish smile, and she politely smiled back.

"Sure." She said, her answer hesitant. She pointedly glanced at all the empty tables around them and back at him. He nervously messed up his hair, before taking the seat.

"I'm Nathaniel, but everyone just calls me Nate."

"Hm." She continued to ignore him, and returned to her book. Another novel on Neo-victorian Architecture.

"She's probably still trying to get the details right for the Wood's job." I said biting my lip. "It's going to be hard to get her attention if she's anything like us."

"They got that wrong." Cam said, pointing to a point on the page. From where we were sitting we couldn't see what.

"You think he's just talking? Or that he actually did his research?" Maddie asked. I had known Cam longer, so the answer was more obvious to me.

"He used to be our architect. He knows his stuff." I responded. The two of us continued to follow the conversation.

"What'd you mean, wrong?" Ariadne's slight agitation at being bothered seem to disappear. In fact, she seemed to get a bit nervous.

"She's obviously new at this." I nodded, agreeing. The little details were always difficult to grasp for a new architect. As you got better though, you realized they didn't make much difference. No one ever cared for little details.

"That concept was first introduced in the renaissance era. It's a small thing, but I bet there are others like it. The newer books kind of take the gist. If you're interested in the Neo-Victorian era, there's an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History." Me and Maddie glanced at each other. Cam had really done his research.

"Sometimes I forget how good he is." Maddie voiced.

"Sometimes I wish I could forget." Was my response. He never ceased to amaze me. This seemed to catch her attention.

"Really? It's happening right now?" Cam nodded.

"I've always been interested in older architecture. It's what I'm studying right now. I know a ton about Neo-Victorian art. It's my favorite." Lie. He was a renaissance man to the core.

"Really? I've never seen you around." Cam shrugged.

"New York is a pretty big place." Ariadne seemed to think about what he was saying before glancing at her books.

"I don't know anything about the era. But, I've got this huge paper do and maybe..."

"Oh. She's good." Maddie voiced. I shrugged.

"Pft. That was all Cam, and you know it."

"Hey! Who picked out his clothes?" I gave a laugh at that one. It seemed like Cam was playing her right into his hands.

"Yeah. I'd be happy to tell you all about it." Cam smiled, ready to make his exit, but she cut him off.

"How about now?"


"Yeah. Can we go now?"

"To the exhibit?"

"Yes. My papers due in about a week so I'm a little pressed for time." Me and Maddie glanced at each other. We seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. It was good that she was so eager to go with him, but that wasn't what caught our attention.

"Did she say in a week?" Maddie said voicing my thoughts.

"It seems really rushed to me." I said. You should never be pressed for time on a job. You take it slow and do it when you're ready. The deadlines clients give are more like guidelines. "I told you something was off. Taking a mission this close to home and rushing it. Somethings going on that we don't know about." I guess it was my job to figure it out. I was going to tell Maddie that we should get going when I noticed him enter the library. "Shit." Maddie glanced where I was looking and said the same thing.

Arthur had just walked into the library.

:) So the next one the confrontation begins.

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