Dream Catchers


"I can't believe you!" I'll admit that the situation may have been a bit dire, but she still pushed me! I mean, what if my wig fell off? How would I explain that? Or, if he slammed into a book shelf and ended up with a concussion, or spontaneous memory loss? I mean, how screwed would we be then?

"You know, this isn't my fault." Usually when she said this, and Maddie said it a lot, it was always her fault. "I mean, Bert should've let us know that he was coming. He's suppose to be watching the monitors."

"Actually, if I recall, you're suppose to be watching the monitors." I had to stop myself from yelling that out, and like usually, when Maddie heard the truth and it didn't work in her favor, she ignored it. "Besides, I'm sure he's got a good reason."

"Well, for what he put us through-" It was more of what he put me through, but I decided not to cut in. I'd learned that working as a team meant keeping your mouth shut a lot of the time. "-he better have more than an amazing reason."

The walk to the apartment started out awkward, but after a while me and Maddie got along fine. It was just a quick little fight. Me and her have been known to have them from time to time, but never this early into an assignment. It was a demonstration of how stressed the two of us were becoming.

When we arrived at the apartment, Maddie wasted no time in hunting down Bert, who, surprisingly enough was staring adamantly into the monitor.

"Bert! What the hell have you been doing the whole time? I mean, incase you weren't aware-" Maddie had gone off on him, but upon seeing the monitor she quieted down. "Who is that...?" Bert shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry about not calling." Maddie shrugged, her anger suddenly dispersed. Curious as to what was going on, I went over to the monitor. Arthur's suppose to be empty apartment, wasn't empty.

"Wait a second. Who is that? He lives alone, doesn't he?" Bert nodded.

"Then how'd he get in?" I glanced at the monitor showing the entrance hall, and the door seemed to be perfectly intact.

"He probably had a key." Maddie commented, just as curious.

"Weirder than that." Me and Maddie glanced at each other.

"Spill." We both said simultaneously.

"...the closet?" I didn't know whether to laugh or to cringe.

"Look, I know it sounds weird, but rewind the tapes later. I kid you not. I was going to call you the moment Arthur left, but as soon as he locked the door, this guy came out of that closet." Bert was pointing towards the hallway closet. Arthur hadn't even glanced at it since we've been watching him.

"How'd he get in?" Maddie asked, still as shocked as I was. I mean, what was he doing in his closet in the first place?

"I checked the tapes. He came in through the window, had crappy timing, headed immediately for the hall closet, when Arthur came home. Seemed to know his was around the place really well. So, it got me thinking, Arthur must know the guy. Went through all the photos, and found a match." He motioned towards the coffee table. "His names Nash. He used to be the architect for the team, something happened. I'm not sure what, all I know is they ended up parting ways, on the wrong foot with each other. As far as we've been told, the two haven't had contact since."

I asked the obvious question. "So, what's he doing in Arthur's apartment?"

"Look for yourself." And we did. He was sitting in Arthur's chair, going through all the folders and files on it, specifically the ones pertaining to Paul Wood. After sifting through the files, he was sure to place everything where he found it. He snapped a few pictures, then started going through the information on the computer.

"He's snooping." Me and Maddie said, looking at each other.

"But whose he working for?" Bert shrugged at my question.

"My guess is Paul Wood."

"You will not believe the day I had." Cam said upon entering the room, a cocky grin on his face.

"Just shut up and sit down." Bert said, forcing Cam into the chair. Maddie was the one who had to delve into the tale about the 'Nash incident,' while Cam stared at Arthur going about his normal night routine. Nash had left the apartment upon receiving a phone call, ten minutes before Arthur arrived at home.

Arthur however, upon entering the house was completely oblivious. He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, not at all aware of the fact that his entire team was being set up as he slept soundly in his bed.

"We can't let them go through with it." Maddie said, and silently we all agreed with her. Then, like always, it was Cameron to the rescue.

"Relax. I got a plan."

And the plot thickens.

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