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The Count


A modern telling of Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. Enjoy this novel of intrigue and revenge!

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The Count

“Has that last shipment arrived, Edmond?”
“Yes, just a few minutes ago. Looks like Danglars is working on getting it unloaded with the crew.”
“Very good. I must say, Edmond, that you are quite the big help. I imagine working with Danglars so closely has made you extremely competent.”
“Well, he often dumps his work on me, so what am I going to do? By the way, here’s that manifest for the shipment. I double checked the pallets, and it looks like it is all there. I’ll know more tomorrow.”
“By the way, I have news. It looks like Harper had a heart attack. I don’t know too many details, but for now, you and Danglars continue to pick up the slack, alright?”
“You got it, Mr. Morrel. Well, I had better get back out there. I’ll let Danglars know about Harper.”
“You do that. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”
I shut the door and headed out to the warehouse. Danglars was busy working on a forklift, moving some pallets from the floor to the back of the warehouse. I waved him down.

“Hey, Danglars. Looks like Harper had a heart attack.”
“Yes! Looks like I am moving up in the world.”
“Well, good for you. Anyway, this the last of it?”
“Yeah. Go ahead and take over for me. I have to get Simon over here to actually get that truck headed to Chicago ready.”
“Alright. Let me get this done.”
I took the pallet back down to the rack and put it in. Then, I started to load the truck for Chicago. Danglars was still looking for Simon, apparently. About an hour later, Danglars and Simon came out to the warehouse. They had been in the break room.

“Edmond, how is that truck coming along?”
“It’s done. I just sent the driver on his merry way.”
Danglars looked like he bit into something nasty.

“Well, aren’t you efficient.”
“Well, I don’t take an hour break, either, so...”
“Listen, you little snot! Don’t talk to your superiors that way. I’ll have them write you up for it.”
“I never said you took an hour break, though. Feeling a bit guilty, are you?”
He turned red at this. Simon stifled a chuckle. Danglars looked at him like he would kill him if he had a chance. Simon cleared his throat.

“Guess I’ll work on the truck for San Antonio, then. Excuse me.”
With that, he was off. I took some paperwork and headed back to the main office. Mr. Morrel was busy working on his computer when I went in.

“Hey, here’s the paperwork for the Chicago truck.”
“Ah, thank you, Edmond. Wait, wasn’t Danglars supposed to take care of this one?”
“He left it to me instead.”
“What, did he have something else that was more pressing?”
“I couldn’t tell you. I saw that it wasn’t done yet, so I picked it up. After all, it had to be out of here by seven. It’s six thirty right now.”
“Is it? Well, go on and clock out. I’ll see you in the morning. By the way, stop by personnel and get your check.”
“Ah, yeah, it is payday, isn’t it? Alright, well, have a good evening, Mr. Morrel.”
I headed out of the office and went to get my check. When I arrived, there was a familiar face there.

“Ah, Fernand. I’m surprised to see you here. Aren’t you still on duty?”
“Well, a guard’s job is never done, you know? I have to go to the bank after this, so they asked me to wait. You getting your pay?”
“It is Friday, after all. Sally, can you get my pay for me?”
“Oh, sure Edmond. Let’s see.... here you go. Hey, looks like someone got a raise.”
I looked at my check. Sure enough, it was much higher than last time. I hadn’t worked too much overtime, so it must have been significant.

“Lucky dog. Well, I am sure I know what you are going to spend it on, anyway.”
“Well, when you have a girl as pretty as mine, you tend to spoil her.”
“As her childhood friend, let me tell you... if you make her cry, you will feel my fist of fury rein down on your head.”
“Understood. Well, until next time. Goodnight, Sally, Fernand.”

They both waved as I left the office. I couldn’t help noticing that Fernand had a sour look on his face.

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