Riddle Me That

Chapter 2: Nearly Headless

The feel of cold stone, and an absolute silence was what awaited me when I awoke. I was still in the room of requirements, and glancing around not much had changed. I stood up and glanced at the hour glass, frowning as I saw cracks within it, and sand slowly spilling out. I wasn't quite sure what had happened, but everything seemed to be as it was before. I brushed the dirt off my jeans and sweater, looking around the floor for my wand, which I found, lying on the table in the room. I wasn't sure how it got there, but I was relieved it was in one piece. I always had this odd phobia of losing my wand. It was the only thing that really set me apart from everyone else.

I took a deep breath, frowning at how much of a waste that was, but regardless it had done well to snap me out of my stupor. I took a deep breath and began trying to figure out the best course of action. Maybe I could head down to the medical wing and help out there. I was too scared to fight in the war, but I knew several basic healing spells, another testament to the Ravenclaw in me. Right. I would go and be of some assistance.

I opened the door into the hallway, and it was with puzzlement that I greeted it. It was the same seventh floor corridor I'd walked by earlier, but where before there had been sounds of battle and destruction there was only silence, except for the chirping of the odd bird or two. The first thing l noticed was the daylight streaming through the windows at the end of the hall. Had I really been unconscious for that long? I raced to the windows, glancing outside, expecting to see glimpses of blood shed and violence, or the remnants of a battle I was afraid too take part in, but I was greeted by a very unexpected sight.

The fields outside of Hogwarts were just the way I remembered them, before the war had begun. Sort of. There was the Whomping Willow, much smaller than I recalled it being, but still imposing in it's size. Nearby was the lake, and oddly enough I couldn't find the shrieking shack. I was sure it should've been there, but maybe it had been destroyed in the war. Glancing down at the grounds, I was suddenly suspicious. There should've been craters or something of the sort, but the grounds were perfectly flat, and new. What had happened while I'd been passed out? Frowning, I made my way down the stairs, heading in the direction of the Great Hall. The hub of all the battle planning. Hopefully somebody would be down there to give me some answers.


The hallways were eerily quiet and suspiciously empty. I kept waiting to hear the sounds of voices, whether it be cheering or sobbing, just so long as I knew I wasn't the only one present. Heck, I wouldn't mind running into a death eater at this point. I gripped my wand tighter in my hand just in case something of the sort were to happen.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" I held back a gasp as I turned and spotted a familiar transparent form.

"Nearly Headless Nick!" I said smiling at the ghost. I didn't know him all that well, seeing as he spent most of his time at the Gryffindor table, but I was relieved to see a familiar face none the less. He seemed surprised by my exclamation, but smiled smugly at my words none the less.

"Well I see my reputation has proceeded me, but sadly, you are a maiden I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, but before we do introductions, how is it you arrived at the castle? The Hogwarts Express hasn't arrived yet!" I turned at him frowning. I guess it made sense that he wouldn't recognize me, I wasn't the most noticeable person in the world, but the second half of his little speech confused me.

"The Hogwarts Express hasn't arrived?" He nodded, and I somehow, suddenly knew what was going on. I must've been unconscious for a really long time, maybe I was in a coma of some sort! This must mean we've won the war, and Hogwarts was opening up again! The field would've been repaired, and this would explain why the shrieking shack was missing, not why the whomping willow had shrunken, but that was in the details. We'd won! Well, that was my theory until one person stepped into the corridor, completely shattering my happy idea, and confusing the heck out of me.

"I thought I heard voices. Pardon me my dear girl, but what in Heaven's are you doing here?" I glanced behind me surprised to see familiar speckled glasses, and peculiar robes, with an unusual head of red hair topping off the form. It was the familiar glint in his eyes that made me realize I wasn't going crazy.


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