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Hello Miss Alien

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Completely fiction only for entertainment

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

First episode of Hello Miss Alien!

We are living in a beautiful planet named 🌍 Earth. But far away from the Earth , there's a planet called planet magic. Where everyone help each other with their magic. But no one use magic for their own. Everyone in planet called magic rider. Like in Earth every person called human. But they all have different names like us. There's a magic school named fairytale school. Where all the magic riders Learn magic and get grades to help people from other plant. But in the fairytale school There's a student named Elora, She is very unfocused student in the school. So , she fail in every exam . And very weak in magic . The news came to the queen Eve of plant magic, And she is very shocked that how Elora failed the exam in everytime. If she don't know how to use magic , so how can she help people from other plant. Then she needs to make strong decision, she plan that if Elora goes planet with no magic . She value the power of magic and and help the people of the planet without magic. She decided to make Elora goes to planet Earth . And help the people of plant earth with scientific gadget. But the question is how Elora have the scientific gadget. She decided to make a scientific friend named Luca . Who is made by the power of magic rider . And it will be help Elora when , she gets a problem in earth . And Luca will help her by using his scientific gadget. By the idea Luca was made to help Elora . But Elora not agree to go planet Earth, for 1 year. Yes you're right, she needs to stay at least 1 year to know the people of planet earth, and help them. But the insist of queen Eve , she agreed. But their is a twist when Elora landed to planet Earth , there's a big tornado comes to the place she landed . She needs to landed on Australia. But the mistake of pressing the wrong button of the only on space ship of her plant . She ends up come to Dhaka in Bangladesh. But for the tornado her planet only one spaceship broke and lost , communicate with her team members . Luckily , she have her Luca . To help of communicate her team

members . But their is a big mistake to make Luca . Because everyone makes Luca and forgot to make the gadget of Luca's. So Elora in a big problem with because she don't know magic very well , and her only one planet spaceship broke , so she never go back to her planet . Then she fainted in forest of Dhaka in Bangladesh. To be continued,

Second episode of Hello Miss Alien

In Dhaka here's a girl named Zelda. She is in class 5. She is very also very weak in study. Tomorrow is her exam start out . So, she is very scared and escape from her home. But then she lost herself in the same forest where Elora faint. Zelda start crying and scared. And realized her mistake. Then suddenly she looked at Elora. And very shocked. She fell Elora dead . Few minutes later Elora wake up, and she's also shocked. In that moment to see Elora is alive. Now she is the one who fainted. On this point Elora scared and came to Zelda . And ask her chjio means excuse me . But faint Zelda don't wake up. So Elora take Zelda's bag and see a water bottle. But she's very confused about plant Earth. So she mistakenly open the bottle and the water fall on Zelda's face. Then luckily Zelda wake up. And ask Elora , in Bangla who is she ? Confused Elora don't understand any other languages except maogi language of plant magic. But luckily every magic rider born eye contact language power , which means she just needs to focus on Zelda's eye and she will be able to know Bangla or any other languages that Zelda knows . Then queakly uses her power and learn Zelda's language. Zelda ask her , what is her name . She replied in Bengali that her name is Elora. Then ask her where she from ? Elora told her all problem. But of course no one will believe that kind of unusual story. That happens to Zelda, she laughed and says stop joking . Zelda's that behavior Elora surprise , so she said why I will supposed to joke with you? But Zelda says you are trying to prank me . The for the proof Elora search omg her friend Luca who look like a puppy to all the humans . By ing Luca Zelda laugh more and says do you think that I am that much fool. But by using eye contact language power Luca learn Bangla and says to Zelda that she that much fool. Zelda shocked and say that your puppy is taking. But Elora told ooh it's not a puppy It's my friend Luca. Who I told you, but you don't believe me. Then Luca told what is your name . Then Zelda believe in what Elora says is right. And she told her problem . Which is realest to Elora's problem. Then she started crying by realized her mistake. But Elora told her to go back her home . And she agreed but pretty scared to face the exam her parents. Eventually she needs to go back home. Then Zelda thinking that if Elora came her home then she will be safe in this new world. Elora agreed. But the problem is if everyone sees Elora they ask many questions. To be continued,

Third episode of Hello Miss Alien

And the story continued , Elora remember her before she landed on planet earth her queen give a special super drink that makes her invisible and the good thing is the drink is infinity so how much she drinks it's never end . So she told Zelda about her power drink. And she really surprised about all she listened. But she have a better plan she decided Elora and herself drink super power drink. And both got invisible . Then she and Elora enters home without seeing by any family members eyes . So everyone think that Zelda sleeping on her bed because she switch herself with a doll . So she entered the room with Elora and Luca with invisible. Elora listened the whole story she really shocked that how Zelda intelligence. And they both makes the plan successful . And step into Zelda's house. But like every episode they have twist , Zelda have dangerous sister named Carolina she is her bid sibling and opposite to Zelda . So they always fight. Now the problem is how Caroline react to see Elora and Luca? To be continuedForth episode of Hello Miss Alien

Zelda decided to not tell about Elora and Luca to Caroline. If she told the truth to Caroline , then she will be greedy to give Elora to the scientist and then scientist will harm Elora and know about planet magic. So , she decided to keep it as a secret. But she needs to be very careful now the power of magic drink is will be ended in 5 minutes because it's only work for 2hour in a day. Then she plans that she will make a secret basement to hide Elora from everyone. Elora after listening Zelda's story, she asked how? Zelda reply she will uses her scientific ideas. She takes her scientific box and make a hole under her bed. After that she uses her scientific gadget from the box. Elora very surprised to see Zelda doing this things after onli 1hour she made a secret basement which is on by a button that hide on Zelda's bed. She says Elora to on the button, Elora do what Zelda says after on the button the bed is go to right side by her own. Then suddenly after bed gone to bother side , the main side of bed open a door who have room they uses downstairs to reach the secret basement and they did . The room was very cute. There's a bed , bathroom , fan , light for Elora. Zelda says you can stay her . But I know you have questions the room was open to everyone's eyes. So there's a answer Zelda uses another button that she needs to off and Elora do as Zelda told the after that the bed go to her main side. Then Zelda says you can on off the button. If you on the button then secret basement will open and if you off the button the basement closed. Elora seems very happy to see Zelda's afford. Then Zelda says you can stays with Luca here. Elora says"okay Luca but suddenly she realized Luca is not here. Then Zelda very shocked and quickly on the button open the basement and told Elora to hide in the basement. She will find Luca . Elora should hide in the basement, the no one will fine Elora. Now the question is where's Luca?to be continued,

Fifth episode of Hello Miss Alien

Zelda check her whole room to find Luca. But Luca is not here. She is very nervous to think where the hell Luca gone. But finely she heard a sweet puppy voice come from her Mom's room, so she ran and saw Luca was playing with her her mom and Caroline. She felt so shocked and come to her mom and says what is this mom? Zelda's mom smiled and say you are the one who should answer. This cute puppy comes from your room. This is so cute, we should take care of it. Zelda is so happy and says , we should be. Because this cute puppy doesn't have house to stay. Caroline react really angry and if we take this puppy our house, then how can we his food or who will clean his waste ? At this point mom also confused suddenly Zelda says no worries I will clean his waste and give his food by my pocket money. Zelda's mom says okay but if you don't do this work we can't take the puppy home. Then mom says, we should give puppy a name . Caroline says how about shity puppy. Zelda give big no and says we called this puppy Luca. She take the puppy in her room and tell the whole story to Elora. Elora laughed and says I am hungry. Zelda laughed and said is this alien also eats food. Elora looks very angry and say yes now give me some thing to eat , Zelda give her biscuit named choco co and says can you eat human food ? Elora said I don't know but I will try to eat. Then she takes a bit from the choco co and she looks so satisfying by eating choco co and eat the whole packet and says Luca can also love the choco co and go to her secret basement. Luca also eats the delicious choco co . All there are sleep now.

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