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The only ones who can change the world are those ready to sacrifice everything.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Childhood Memories

"Save her, save them, save everyone— do what you must, even if the world will hate you for it."

Aa’hil wakes up from a dream. Tears are flowing down his cheeks for reasons he does not know. His head feels full, and the wind feels cold on his skin.

He looks beside him, and there, he sees Ava still asleep. Aa’hil does not intend to wake her up as she’s sleeping like a baby, but it’s almost night.

“Ava, wake up— I think it’s time to go home,” Aa’hil said.

“W-what? How long have we been sleeping?” Ava asked while yawning.

“Have you been crying while I’m asleep?” Ava asked Aa’hil worriedly.

“N-no! Of course not! It’s just that I also just woke up!” Aa’hil said, embarrassed.

Ava laughs at Aa’hil’s flustered face.

“You know... you can visit me tomorrow if you want to Aa’hil.” Ava said while looking at the setting sun.

“You can meet my mom! She just returned home from the capital— she makes such good food. Also, we can play there all day!” Ava adds while looking excited at Aa’hil.

“Really!? What time should I go then?” Aa’hil replied with a big smile on his face.

“You can go anytime you like! Well, you better go early tomorrow morning so we can have more time.” Ava said.

“Okay then, it’s decided! I’ll go there as early as I can.” Aa’hil said excitedly.

Both of them then stood up.

“Let’s go home now, it’s getting late.” Aa’hil said while towards the horizon.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then! Goodbye, and take care.” Ava said while walking away towards the village outskirts where she lives.

“You too! Goodbye, and be careful on your way home!” Aa’hil shouted to Ava from a distance.

Aa’hil then ran home with his lips reaching his ears, excited to tell his mom his plans for tomorrow.

“Mom! Mom! Can I please go to Ava’s tomorrow morning? Please.” Aa’hil begged.

“Settle down Aa’hil. Behave yourself, and you may get an answer.” Aa’hil’s mother said.

“Here, eat your dinner first, and we’ll talk about your plans afterward.” she added.

Aa’hil and his mother then proceed to eat their dinner, with Aa’hil making sure he finishes it as fast as he can.

“I’m done! Can I go to Ava’s tomorrow, please?” Aa’hil begged his mother with the eyes of a begging cat.

“How can I say no to my little baby? Okay then, you can go to Ava’s. Just promise me you’ll behave yourself, okay? she said.

Aa’hil’s eyes sparkled, hopping around like a bunny in their home.

“Thank you, mom!” Aa’hil said.

“Okay, okay, you can go to bed now if you want to so you can wake up early, got it?” Aa’hil’s mother said.

With a smile on his face, Aa’hil went to bed. Even though he wants to sleep, his mind is filled with thoughts. Aa’hil keeps on thinking about the things he and Ava will do tomorrow.

His mother noticed him squiggling like a worm and approached him.

“What’s the problem? Can’t sleep?” she said.

Aa’hil nodded.

“Here, let me sing you to sleep.” she added while clearing her throat.

Aa’hil’s mother then started singing a song in a language he cannot understand. This was the last thing Aa’hil remembered before falling asleep.

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