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Vampire Holiday

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Dark Vampire Romance Dramedy! Two very different creatures met at the New Year celebration. She is the vampire girl who is depressed and lost the point of her existence. He is the human who is also looking to find his death due to the circomstances of his life. What will happen in the dark comedy romance unraveled through the year holidays? Will they both destroy themselves and each other?

Fantasy / Romance
Mila Dubua
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1. New Year

Aurora’s POV.

Another year was almost over. I turned on the TV to watch the ball drop. I was planning to spend this holiday alone, eating Italian.

I also purchased a wooden stake from the gift shop nearby. Would that work, but most importantly, can I do it?

I finally found one made of solid wood and not plastic. I played with it in my hands. Where could I attach it? Can I finally find some peace?

Only one hour left until midnight. My phone rang. It was probably Silvia. I had no desire to talk to her, but I knew she would keep bugging me if I didn’t.

“What are you doing there, stuck in front of the TV again?” she inquired.

“No, I am eating my holiday meal,” I replied.

“How fresh is it?”

“It’s…” I remembered that I had forgotten to put Francheska back into the freezer.

I didn’t have time to reply.

“I know you are all alone. Stop eating frozen dinners. You still have time. Come to the party. We have a huge set of “patrons” who hope to get transformed next year. Haha! Every age and gender, you will not regret it!”

I yawned. So boring, the same parties every year. Same hopeless “patrons.”

“Elon is here,”

“Yea?” I tried to hide my interest.

“He brought his new girlfriend, Mara, no Mira,” she corrected herself.

“I will be right there.” I hung up and found myself running with my vampire speed. It was snowing, and my face was smashed with thousands of snowflakes while I was rushing through the streets. I still enjoyed the run and the snow. I took the least crowded passageways and barely made sure not to bump into any human.

Five minutes later, I was standing at Silvia’s, ringing her bell, on the 30th floor of her penthouse.

She opened it immediately. She was wearing a shiny red gown covered in blood-crimson sequin.

“Could you have put something more appropriate?” She told me, giving me a disappointed glance.

I realized I left without changing, still in my bunny slippers and pink flannel pajama set.

“Where is he?” I mumbled.

“Elon is by the bar. Don’t make a scene.” Silvia was still eyeing me in disbelief, but I was already moving.

Most vampires wore black and red silks, chiffon, and glitter. That must have been a theme of the party, but I clearly missed that memo.

I went through the special door to get to the bar.

Elon was sharing a human guy with another vampire. She must be Mira. Elon was in a modern black suit. It was also glittering, which must be a particular thread, while the other vampire had a skimpy red dress. I recall Elon liked these. He encouraged me to put these on for our celebration and sometimes just for foreplay. His new girlfriend was a hot brunette, just like me. Elon’s taste has not changed. Or did it? I noticed that she was taller than me. Did the long legs do the trick for Elon? I knew it was not it. His girlfriend looked happy, and I was never happy. I felt the shadow of eternal life and misery, always somewhere nearby. It depressed Elon. No wonder he had left me.

He didn’t even look up when I approached him, still plunging his teeth into the “patron.”

But Mira noticed me.

“Do you want to join us?” she asked playfully.

“I don’t like to share, but thanks,” I replied dryly.

Finally, Elon lifted his head. I saw an expression of surprise quickly change into disgust.

“It has been two hundred years. Stop stalking me. What is in your hand?”

I noticed I was still holding the stake. Not great for a vampire party, was it?

I put it in my pocket. It was still sticking out, but not as offensive.

Elon grabbed his date and went into another room. I felt my cold heart even more dead, if it was even possible. Oh, how I wished I had never even come here. Seeing him did nothing but open my old wounds.

The human dude was still sitting on the bar stool, confused.

He must be tired from blood loss and the high tonic provided at the parties, which make humans desire our bite even more.

The thought occurred to me that if I drained him, I would be placing my lips on the spot where Elon’s had just been. The last act before I end all this?

I sat down on the barstool next to him. The bite Elon left behind was still oozing, calling to me. Could I have a nibble?

I still had to be nice to the patron, at least at the party, if I was ever planning to be back at Silvia’s. Was I planning to be back?

The guy looked at me with his bright eyes. How old was he? Maybe in his twenties or thirties, I could not tell with humans anymore.

I stopped my urge to reach for him.

He must have seen the hunger in my eyes: “Do you want me?”

I was surprised at how direct he was. It must still be the drugs talking.

“Do you want to come to my place?” I asked him.

He nodded. We were leaving. I had to slow my pace as humans could not match it.

Silvia saw me passing by. “We take care of the patrons, remember?”

I sighed. Of course, nothing could happen to the patron that comes to the party.

“Do you want a ride?” I asked the human.


“Climb on me,”

He looked surprised. He still had this perception that females were weaker. I laughed, then picked him up, and threw him in the air, not too high. He fell to the ground. I think he was not hurt too badly. When he got back on his feet, I turned my back to him, showing him what to do. He jumped on it. Then I ran. I could not wait to get my teeth into his flesh. I could smell him on me, his blood mixed with the falling snow.

In no time, I was at my door. I left him outside for a minute, went into the apartment alone, and shoved Francheska into the freezer. Not sure if she was any good. Thank god for vampire speed. I cleaned my place fast, putting all the bits and pieces into the garbage bags.

The rag was soaked in blood, which I put in another bag. The linoleum under the rag looked better. I didn’t want to scare this human yet. It’s tastier when they are happy.

I took the new guy by his hand and went straight into my studio. We sat on the couch. The TV was still on. The ball was about to drop.

I put my teeth into his neck, imagining I was still tasting Elon’s lips. He tasted so good. He moaned too, which encouraged me to go further.

I saw the ball drop from the corner of my eye, the people cheering from the TV. And then all the sound was gone, vanished. Somehow, there was nothing else in my mind but the human on the couch and his body.

I must have lost all my senses. The reality had shifted, and I imagined he was Elon. I started to undress him, and he was doing the same to me. I heard the stake drop to the ground, but I didn’t care.

The next thing I knew, we were bare skin on each other on the stinky couch. I was unsure what was better, drinking or pleasuring him, or when he ate me in turn...

Author’s note:

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