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The Window

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Silver and Gold

Ouveimohr takes a step back as she looks at what lies ahead of her. She opens the window and a gust of fresh air hits her face. The moth from before flies out the window and the dull gray of its wings revolutionize into a vibrant blue. The moth wondrously transforms into a butterfly and flutters into the vividly blue sky. The blue of the butterfly and the blue of the sky are both so alive she is taken aback. She has never seen such shades before. She stares after the insect for a moment before fixing her attention on the extraordinarily green grass. Another color she has never encountered. In fact, everything before her seems to glow in a radiance that makes this experience feel as if it were a fever dream. Her eyes swallow everything in front of her. Ogling over the brilliance of it all. Everything glows. She has never seen sunlight before, only the faint glow of the moon shines on her side of the metal wall. The sun makes everything glisten.

Ouveimohr decides to venture out into the trees that lay in front of her. She hoists herself up to the ledge and swings her body to the other side, landing on the green grass of the forest.

As Ouveimohr’s eyes scan the ground her view settles on a brilliantly yellow dandelion by the other side of the shed. Ouveimohr pulls the pretty weed from the ground and brings it to her chest. She sets it on the windowsill so that she can use both of her hands to bring herself up the ledge. While pulling herself towards the window her shoulder presses onto the side and meets a jagged piece of metal. It scrapes her shoulder and slightly whimpering she pulls away. Her eyes grow wide as her eyes settle on the shade of her blood.

Her blood is not the silver of her people. It is gold.

Frightened she hurriedly hoists herself through the window and into the dusty shed. When her feet land she grabs the weed from the windowsill. Her blood turns back to silver and the bloom withers. It is no longer the bright yellow she saw just before, but a brownish version of the brilliant shade. She races back to her house and as she runs the petals fall to the ground.

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