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For the past 7 years, Adam Gavin has been on his own, since the day he was violently taken from his family. And being a settler on an alien planet didn't help either. To make matters worse, he's been having a terrible dream about a girl getting murdered for weeks now, and he doesn't know why. One day, he's betrayed by someone he thought was a friend, and was given up to the local authorities, who've been hunting him. But he gets rescued by someone he knows all too well, the girl of his dreams, literally.

Fantasy / Scifi
Nijel H.
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It was the year 2022, and the pagan gods were dead. Lack of faith and devotion from the mortals erased them from existence. What the mortals didn't realize was that the gods, especially the 12 Olympians, where protecting them from the Hellathians. This dystopian and

berserk species was from a planet called Dread, located somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, and was
a race driven by pain and conquest. Earth was next on their list to conquer and occupy. The only thing
that stopped them from doing so were the pagan gods. When they died, that left Earth vulnerable to
Hellathian attacks. The human defenses didn't stand a chances against the Hellathians, and thus,
Mankind was almost wiped out of existence. The sworn enemy of the Hellathians were the Exaltukin,
an ancient and timeless race of warrior-like celestial beings from the Andromeda Galaxy as well, and
they have been at war with them for centuries. the Exaltukin decided to provide the people of Earth
with a way to survive. Since the planet was no longer hospitable because of Hellathian terraforming

practices, the survivors where sent to a viable planet, Serenu, aboard a space carrier called the

Pilgrimage. The journey took 65 years. Though the planet was already inhabited by the Venerii, the
native people and human colonists found a way to coexist. The Exaltukin believed that the people of
Serenu and Earth should have a chance to discover there true potential and should not be left at the
mercy of the Hellathian savages. So they chose the planet's most courageous and honorable beings to
become the new gods.The new pantheon was split into two courts, the House of Haligens and the
House of Venerii. Each candidate had their mortal soul burned away by the Zieluvuur, the Soul Fire,
while being imbued with the essence of an old god and transfused with the blood of an Exaltukin . This
instigated the Sixth Age, the Gods of Serenu. Like the the old gods, they relied on the mortals to
survive, human and Venerii. But the difference between the Serenite Pantheon and the old gods is that
they live off of the metaphysical energy of their descendants , the Ethereals, super beings with gifts
from their parents and/or grandparents. The more Ethereals in existence, the more power they had.

What the Gods didn't realize was that the exalted metal they used to craft their weapons, Celestial

Silver, had the unforeseen ability to transform a regular mortal into either an Ethereal or a pile of ash.
So to be safe, Ethos hid the metal crafted by Terranut and Mekhos in the Caelum Palatium. But after
the Second Hellathian War in 2087, a lot of the Celestial Silver deposits fell to Serenu, which is now
scattered around the planet. The names of the first gods making up the Serenite

Pantheon are Ethos, Unda, Neckron, Wanaro, Lillian, Bellus, Werrenor, Sylvane, Magani, Terranut,

Mekhos, Velox, Luna and Solarian. For the last two hundred years, there was peace, until now.

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