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Chronicles of Eradan

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we all want to be adult right? so does Eradan as he couldn't wait to turn eighteen so he could do as he wanted just like his older siblings...little did he know him turning eighteen was the beginning of his life's challenges. after a series of challenge which left him depressed,he felt like he had gone through a lot... little did he know that more challenges awaited him. suddenly...he wakes up one da y in a land strange to him, prying around he makes friends from different kingdoms until he discovers the land is in grave danger as a prophecy about a war known as Armageddon is foretold..... joining forces with the good side and forming an alliance with his friends they set out on a journey, would they be able to overcome the power of darkness...... the demon kingdom find out as you join him and his allies in their conquest for victory...... GENRE: Transmigration, Boys love, Cultivation [A\N] during the journey Eradan falls for someone...a demon who's looks are irresistible and in turn Love's him back there might be matured content.. Beware

Author Mike
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Chapter 1[Dreams

Chills were sent through Eradan's spine as an unknown voice echoed around him, he turned around in anticipation to find the voice's owner but it was too dark to see as darkness engulfed him and his surrounding as a cloak.was he dead? Was death like that? Were all he could think of as the voice spoke again in a whispering tone somewhat louder.

"Please! pleease!, come to our rescue the war of Armageddon awaits us" jolting the youth back to reality he shuddered as the whispering echoes were heard around him. the voice sounded like millions of voices all whispering harmoniously at the same time.

"Who and what are you?!, where am I?!, what do you want from me" Eradan shouted feeling braver than before although he could still feel his heart beat out of fear.he surveyed his surrounding as his voice echoed around him suddenly.....a beam of light fell upon the youth,a light soo bright that it could instantly blind whoever sets it's eyes on it. The youth rapidly covered his eyes with his elbow shielding it from the blinding light as his immediate surrounding was lit up.

"I am Alabaster, guardian of the Klux" said a hooded figure as it walked of the shadow into the lit up area, although Eradan could make out the figure due to the beams of light upon him.but he could tell that it was a man though he wasn't sure.but that wasn't his business!,all he needed to do was to get out of the forsaken light that were on him.in an attempt to leave the light he discovered something......he was pinned to the ground.

"Augh" he groaned, still trying to figure out a way to leave the light. "Ahem" the hooded figure cleared it's throat distracting the youth of his escape thought as the youth turned towards him, hence getting his attention.

" If I must ask...what do you think you're doing?" It said

"What else should I be doing rather than trying to get myself out of this light"Eradan retorted" and by the way,Abast,alax or whatever you call yourself can you get me the fuck out of this light torture"he added facing the figure still shielding his eyes.

Chuckling the figure replied"I'm sincerely sorry to disappoint you, but no one leaves the Klux rays.... when conversing with it's guardian". Eradan was dumbstruck. What in the hell was that supposed to mean?, but wait..... there was something he liked about the figure..... it's voice. It's voice sounded enticing having an entirely cool and dominating tone but he wasn't going to loose his guard.

"Well, since you can't get me out of this torture...can you at least tell me, what you want from me?"

"To fullfil a purpose"Eradan was flustered but kept on.he needed to find the truth."what purpose?!"he asked

Pausing a little bit "the purpose of saving creatures, kingdoms not even that....A realm" the figure said as it's voice grew louder.

"You speak in riddles,I see"Eradan sneered"how does that have to do with me"

"It all has to do with you....my masters realm is in grave danger as darkness creeps it's way back!, you and only you can save them"this sent the youth laughing,he laughed so hard and loud that one nearby would think he'd gone insane as echoes of his laughter could be heard around them, it was then he stopped laughing (all those while his eyes were covered from the light) .

"Why do you laugh?!" The confused figure asked in a demanding tone

"I'm so,so, sorry"the youth apologized"but did I just hear you mention me saving....a REALM!"


Eradan outbursted with laughter for the second time, getting the guardian more confused"how could someone like me possibly save a realm when I have zero experience in Martial arts...... neither do I have super powers or abilities" he said as he stopped laughing.

"It seems you lack the knowledge of your true self and I'll leave you to your ignorance"were all the figure could say as I came closer to both the bright light and Eradan revealing it's facial features... and God! He was a beauty to behold.eradan was dazed by the rare beauty in front of him, he took time scrutinizing it's features starting from it's long straight brown silky that fell on both sides of his shoulders glistening as the light shone on it.to the well arched eyebrows so defined as if drawn by a well known artist...then to his set of eyes which were the most stunning thing he'd seen as it was aquamarine in colour so rare but alluring...he trailed his eyes passed the narrow pointed nose down to his plump juicy red lips so seductive and coying....Oh! How he wished he could have a taste of it, overall his chiseled jaw well defined and........


The guardian snapped his fingers clearing him of his thought.no way! He had been staring at this guardian.the thought of it sent heat to his ears.

"Seems you cherish my appearance.... more than my riddles, Hm?"the guardian teased as the went into the shadows leaving the flushed youth

"Alabaster"the youth called as the guardian answered immediately "yes"

"You mentioned something like..... the war of Armageddon earlier.what does it mean?"clearing his throat the guardian told him about the war but didn't go into details"remember you and only you"he concluded as he disappeared immediately vanishing into the darkness permanently.

The youth tried calling and asking more questions but there were no replies.suddenly.......the beam of light above him faded as darkness consumed it until it became pitch-dark as if it wasn't enough..... beneath his feet




Seeing this the youth tried running away but was held back on his right leg by a black hand that broke out of the crack.he had finished enduring a beam of bright light then this!..... another black hand broke out of the crack holding him on his left leg.....he was doomed!.what could he do? As the floor kept breaking more black hands came out gripping him tightly until he had lots of black hands over him.they began pulling him into the floor, the more he struggled to free himself the fiercer they pulled him in.

"Let me gooo!" He yelled but to no avail as he was pulled, reaching his waist length he suddenly became dizzy as his eyes felt heavy both wanting to close-up, but he refused...he wasn't going to succumb to the darkness.what's happening?is this my how I'll meet my demise? He thought as his view became more blurry succumbing to the darkness until it all went black.....he was pulled into the floor.

Despite all those occurrence he subconsciously began to hear a voice whisper softly to him.

"Wake up!, wake up!" It said repeatedly like it was calling him, wait! He knew and recognized the voice, YES!,he was sure he knew the voice.....he just couldn't point out it's owner.

"Wake up!, wake up!," It continued as it became louder........

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