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Lycan King-Zanthus zayetzev

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she heard people running in the distance and in an instant she felt herself get pinned to the floor, the young girl cried in both pain and fear. As he made her stand up, she went back to the floor because of the impact of his slap, blood oozed from her lips and she couldn't stand up as she felt dizzy, he grabbed her hair and whispered " you're such a little fox, you'll learn to never deceive me ." The petite girl cried in pain from the pressure on her scalp, followed by five of his soldiers along with his beta, the king put her on his shoulder returning to his tent. "She's dead the poor creature." Whispered one of the soldiers. Disclaimer: I do not advocate violence against women at all and I am a strong-headed feminist it's all about imagination...

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was getting darker and terror crawled its way into the villagers’ hearts. Growls and horses were heard, he was coming for them, for their village; they knew the king and his soldiers were near.

He was called the alpha king for his ruthless nature, an elite lycan werewolf who took over the world. Whenever he gets bored he would go out with his soldiers on a raid to conquer new land.

As strong as he is claimed to be, the lycan was missing only one thing, a person, in his community called a mate.
A mate is destined to be with you through thin and thick, unlike humans, there’s no getting away from one’s partner; if you’re stuck with a mate you’re stuck for life and what happens doesn’t matter.

As the unfair battle started with the villagers a scent tickled his nose, so sweet to be real, he got off his horse and walked towards it, until he saw something that made an earth-shaking growl emit from his chest.
A soldier was manhandling who he know identifies as his little mate, she fell due to the impact of the soldier’s slap,
The soldier immediately went on his knees, he knew that he messed up otherwise there was no reason a lycan would growl at a human being slapped.

The girl shook in terror before crawling her way to her grandfather to seek refuge behind his bigger frame, unfortunately, that didn’t gain her safety from the most feared beast on the battlefield as he yanked her by her wrist towards his broad muscled chest, despite her struggles against his forceful hold all her efforts failed and only earned her more pain on her waist due to his iron-like grip, the human lady couldn’t help but unconsciously whimper as her body gave up on her.

“what’s your name?” he asked sternly, his voice so deep she was sure she heard nothing more masculine in her entire years of existence. The Alpha King felt her shiver in response, nothing he had planned to do would be suitable for a human girl, he has been waiting for years to find his mate and here she is what he least expected her to be, a human fragile girl.
She looked up at him trying to lock eyes with his much taller physique, her head barely reaching his chest and she struggled to keep the gaze.

Her jaw dropped at how handsome he looked, she once again found herself comparing him to the people from her tribe and she confirmed in her brain that she has never met anyone better-looking than him.

“I asked you a question and I don’t like repeating myself.” He glared once he understood that this girl was not going to answer his question.

" Your majesty I beg you, leave my wren alone, she’s still young, I beg you have mercy on us.” Begged a desperate grandfather making Wren sob and getting her to acknowledge the fact that she was between the arms of a beast.

“So Wren it is, a cute name for a cute little thing like yourself.” He smirked before addressing the begging man in front of him, “Old man you have two options, either I leave your village under your rule while having you already under my law and take this girl with me, OR I burn this village and kill each and every one of you and take the girl with me, the choice is yours,” He informed before tightening his hold on his now squirming mate.

" N-No, please you do not have to do this, we did nothing wrong. Papi is always following the law. I beg you to leave our land alone” she begged, tears rolling down her now rosy cheeks due to all the mental and physical pressure she was going through.

“Lovely, you have a voice!” He mocked, a smirk plastered on his handsome features.

“My grandchild will go nowhere with you as long as I’m alive.” Declared the old man.

The alpha king signalled at one of his soldiers and within seconds a head went rolling down on the ground, and blood was splashed everywhere around the now-dead body.

Her grandfather fell to his knees in defeat while Wren screamed in complete terror, she struggled to free herself and the second she understood it was not the body of her grandfather but that of her neighbour she thrashed to be let go, the King understood that she was about to throw up so he let go of her in order to provide her with some space.

The young girl sprinted to the nearest tree behind them with two soldiers hot on her tail, she threw up her fear and disgust not minding the commotion that was happening behind her.

She was given water by one of the soldiers to rinse her mouth then was guided back in between their Alpha’s arms, where they believed she belonged.

“Please don’t harm my p-people, I’ll go with y-you, take me but please don’t harm them.” she cried her heart out her face turning red due to all the pressure she has been put under.

“Good, decisive I like it.” He voiced earning himself a sob from a terrorised lady.

" I want to talk to my grandfather, please.” she struggled to form a sentence as she whispered whilst sobbing her heart out.

He let go of her before attentively watching her walk towards the old man, “Don’t worry about me Papi, I’ll come back soon, tell grandmother that I love her so much and that I’ll miss you.” she cried.
“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you, I’m so sorry your grandfather is not strong enough to protect you. I love you so much, child.” He hugged her tightly tears rolling down his wrinkled cheeks.

“Your majesty please don’t harm my little.” Begged the old man as the alpha king took wren by the wrist making her sit on one side of the horse, she gasped at how fast everything happened to confirm how strong the Lycan King is.

“She will come to visit you for two days this upcoming festival ” Spoke the alpha king reassuring the old man.

Wren flinched as he got on the horse behind her smaller frame, their bodies collided and unknown tingles erupted where they touched. His soldiers got on their horses following their king’s orders.

Once the journey to the unknown land started Wren couldn’t hold her loud sobs anymore, she cried until her eyes turned red and her skin started burning from wiping the lakes that just erupted from her eyes with the fabric of her dress.

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