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Peace For All Mankind or Is It?

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Maria is the chosen one. The Archangels are searching for her. The Dark Angel is searching for her A viral pandemic is destroying mankind. Only the birth of a baby boy can save all.

Fantasy / Erotica
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We must find her before it is to late’

Michael turned to the other Angels,

‘Who is she Michael?’

Gabriel asked his beautiful face masked with concern,

‘She is the only living descendent of Mary Magdalene’

There were gasps among the congregating Angels

‘I cannot send all of you, the Human Race is in such turmoil we are all needed. They are determined to destroy themselves and the beautiful Blue Planet too. We must be ever vigilant. Castiel are the microbes ready?’

Haniel brought the vial over to the desk were the other Angels sat,

‘Why are we doing this again? Surely they learned from the last plague He sent?’

‘Ahhh, Castiel if only that was true. Many centuries have passed and they have long forgotten Our Fathers word. Now they believe it only if its on the World Wide Web not the written word.’

Michael sighed and his shoulders slumped,

‘So much had changed so quickly, sometimes I think He should not have given them Free Will’

Raphael chuckled,

‘Michael, it has been Centuries. The Human Race has progressed and developed, their minds have expanded. They have learned to challenge and discover what they do not know. It is as it should be’

Gabriel huffed,

‘Is it Raphael? Seems to me they are hell-bent on destroying themselves and their world, I would not call that progress’

Peter cleared his throat,

‘All this chatter does not get the girl found. Raphael, Castiel, Remiel and Zadkiel, the four of you will find her the rest of you must return to your stations. When this is released Samael will send his Demons to collect souls, we must be vigilant’

Castiel handed the vial to Peter,

‘Is there really no other way? So many innocents will die’

His beautiful eyes filled with tears, it hurt his gentle soul to know what was about to come and Peter understood placing his hand on the younger Angels shoulder,

‘Your compassion does you credit Castiel but the Father has decreed this is the only way to bring them back to His Word’

All Archangels and Angels are incredibly beautiful, their bodies are perfect, their skin unblemished, their hair is long and thick, in every colour from inky black to pale blonde and their eyes to were every colour in the spectrum. They are irresistible to the Human Race and they had all enjoyed relationships throughout their turbulent history, it was no challenge for them to seduce the Human they wanted. They did not get attached, or fall in love, the Human life span was so short and once they began to age the Angel would lose interest and move on to the next one. It was not cruelty or a deliberate attempt to hurt them it was simply that Angels live forever and do not age.They can be killed in battle with the Dark Ones forces or with special weapons that occasionally fell into Human hands.

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