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The Indifferent Luna 2 - A Mate's Story

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Alpha Eric wants nothing more than to break from Alpha Dante's hold over his pack. especially before his mate shows up. When his mate shows up before he can achieve this, and turns out to be more of a liability than a help, he has to protect not just his pack but also his unshifted mate. Can he successfully protect her and his pack or is he to choose one of them? ***This book is part of as series and it is adviseable to read the first part first. sereis 1: The indifferent Luna 1 - Austan wolf.

Fantasy / Romance
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Start writing The sun shined brightly like every other day, a slightly sunny day it was and a cool breeze blew across the Kirjan pack cooling the temperature of sweating warriors as they sparred nonstop in front of the alpha’s home.

Young men and women of all ages were divided into different groups as they sparred among themselves, each group headed by a rather fierce-looking warrior.

Among the over-enthusiastic groups was a group of five-year-old children sparring against themselves with a wooden stick.

“Hold tightly unto your weapon!”


“Out of the way!”

“Out of the way!!”

“Aim for his weakness!”

“What are you doing?! Aim for his weakness, Eric!” The warrior in charge of the children shouted out orders at the children who were sweating continuously.

They, in turn, tried to maneuver their small hands and feet in time to obey his command and also attack their opponent at the same time.

Many of them were not sure if the commands applied to all of them or just one person, so they ended up entangled in a clumsy and messy fight instead of a trained one.

A kick landed on the stomach of a five-year-old blond and he landed on the floor with a groan, held onto his elbow, and stayed there, rolling on the floor. His opponent who had given him the forceful kick had his eyes drifting from the blond to the commander continuously as he slowly began to panic.

“Stand up Eric! How long do you plan on staying on the ground?” The commander shouted at him without even batting a lash.

“I think I broke my arm, he kicked me too hard!” The boy, Eric shouted as he lay on the floor catching his breath.

This action annoyed the commander of the group as he had been watching the children spar closely, especially the one Eric was in, and he had seen the exact place where the kick had landed, it didn’t warrant him staying on the ground for so long. He marched to where Eric was with an angry look on his face.

“If you were in a battle, you would be dead already! Do you think the battleground is the best place to rest your aching bones?!” He thundered and but the boy ignored him.

“This is not the battleground,” Eric grumbled when he realized his trick had been exposed,

“And I am tired. Why do I have to spar with a stupid stick anyway, why can’t we just do major exercises until it’s time to shift? It’s not like we’d be fighting battles in our human form anyway.” He grumbled again and the other children his age who had been diligently sparring stopped immediately as they nodded at him in agreement.

The commander saw it and his eyes darkened in anger, “So you are planning to be a useless fool until you are eighteen? If you do not train your body ahead of time, how would you shift successfully?” He asked the boy and Eric snorted.

“We can always continue tomorrow, I am tired, aren’t you tired Dilan?” He asked as he turned to the dark-haired boy he had been sparring with. Dilan glanced at the commander who gave him a fierce glare and shrunk his neck in silence.

“Even Dilan is tired, he told me so before he kicked me,” Eric said again ignoring the fierce glare of the commander and the fact that his friend didn’t reply.

“I am tired too, Beta Ramon.” Another girl said and the beta glared at her but she blinked her large eyes at him continuously as if she didn’t understand what his glare meant.

Beta Ramon turned to Eric who hadn’t left the lying position, the mischievous child even placed his hands behind his head as if he was enjoying that look on the beta’s face.

“You would stand up this minute, Eric.” Beta Ramon commanded and but Eric only sat up and didn’t move any further.

“Is this the kind of leader you want to be? One that leads your people astray? Your father would be disappointed at your actions.” The beta said and the boy’s face twisted in anger,

“Don’t talk about my father!” He shouted as he stood to his feet to challenge the beta.

Just as they stared at each other fiercely waiting for who would want to say the next word, Ramon’s eyes glazed over for a few seconds before they heard a commotion from somewhere within the training ground and they all turned around and to their surprise, they saw batches of unfamiliar warriors rushing into the training ground.

“What is going on? Who the hell are they?” The beta thundered and began to move towards them, he stopped for a second and looked at the children.

“Go to the pack house, all of you! And wait for your parents there.” He ordered and the scared children scampered, heading for the alpha’s home.

He immediately went towards the invading group, oblivious of Eric who immediately followed after him instead of going

to the pack house with his peers.

Soon they got to the front of the group where a red-headed man held a knife to the throat of one of the border patrols, his warriors all lined up behind him, with similar knives waiting to kill at his command.

“This knife is laced with wolf bane, you take one step I cut his throat.” He said to the warriors of Kirijan who had surrounded him and his group.

The beta frowned when he saw the man who smiled at him in recognition, “Ah beta Ramon! So nice of you to join us.” The red-headed man said with a smile.

“Dante, why are you here? We have no business with you anymore, why are you causing a nuisance on our land?” He asked with anger and Dante laughed.

“What do mean, you have no business with me, aren’t your pack and I allies? We use to be friends, we even achieved something so amazing together, have you forgotten?” He asked and the Beta’s frown deepened.

“You are no ally of ours,” He retorted and Dante laughed again.

“I don’t think the luna would say that,” Dante said with a sinister smile.

“Get off our land now Dante.” Beta Ramon said, “Or you shall pay for your sins right here and now!” He said fiercely and Dante laughed out loud, shocking everyone.

Eric was particularly surprised to see that the fierce gaze of the beta had no effect on this man.

“The only one who would be paying for sins is you, my friend. Do not think I do not know you refused to join in the battle against the Austan packs.” Dante said with a venomous tongue.

“I would never join an evil being like you, who fights against his own pack.” He said and Dante scoffed.

“How righteous! But I fear your righteousness would bring the whole of the Kirjan pack to their grave today.” Dante said sweetly with a maniac smile and Ramon frowned.

“What is that supposed to ...”


Ramon heard someone say before he could finish his statement and he turned to see the dark-haired beauty dressed in workout clothes walk towards the front of the group elegantly, her hair was thrown in a messy bun, it was obvious she had been working out herself.

As she walked to the front of the group her eyes drifted through the crowd and when they rested on Eric she sighed and then continued her walk as the pack members made way for her. When she got there she folded her hands around her chest and tilted her head to the side.

“Dante, why have you come here?” She asked bluntly.

“Oh, come on Misheal, no hellos? No long time no see?” He asked.

“I would rather not see you for the rest of your miserable life.” Luna Misheal hissed and every pack member felt the hostility in the air, but Dante laughed,

How he found the whole thing amusing was difficult to understand.

“How can you say that? I haven’t had the time to thank you for helping me kill my brother, the Alpha of Austan yet. I would never have been able to do it without your help.” He said and the pack members gasped as they turned to their luna, whose jaws ticked with anger.

It was known news that their alpha had died in the war against the Austan pack, but they also knew that there was a surprise ambush from rogues when the war was about to end and that had also claimed the life of their alpha. If the luna helped the rogues, didn’t that mean their luna killed their alpha? They all wondered as they shifted with unease.

“You bastard! When did I help you!” Misheal yelled at him in anger.

“Ah, no need to deny, I just wanted to render my most sincere appreciation,” Dante said with a smile,

“Why are you really here?” She asked with gritted teeth.

“You must have heard that I didn’t get Austan despite our joint effort, that bitch Tiana wouldn’t give me my rightful place.” He hissed in anger.

“How does this concern me?” Misheal asked again,

“Since you helped me once, I only think it is right you do it again, what do you think....?”

“I refuse!” Misheal said immediately,

“Oh, don’t be in so much hurry, little luna, surrounding your pack now are my warriors, if you do not agree, I would give them the signal and you, my dear would lose your entire pack and your life,” He said with a smile.

“How dare you come into our pack and threaten us? You accused my mother of killing my father and are causing distrust among our people, do you not fear the goddess’ wrath?” Eric suddenly shouted as he walked forward with anger.

“Eric no!” Misheal exclaimed the moment she saw him and pulled him behind her.

“A feisty one he is, is that your boy? The future alpha? He has become rather talkative since the last time I saw him.” Dante said.

“What do you want!” Misheal asked calmly.

“Simple, an alliance between our packs, I also want your warriors............. Also, I want you to run to my aid anytime I ask for it, is that clear?” Dante asked and the whole gathering was silent.

“I said, do you understand?” He asked sternly even though a mad smile appeared on his face.

“Yes!” Misheal said then she took a deep breath.

“What? Mom No!” Eric exclaimed as he tried to face Dante,

“Take him inside Ramon,” Misheal said and Ramon looked from her to Dante before sighing and taking away the struggling child.

The pack warriors that surrounded them all looked down in defeat, everyone knew what had just happened.

Their Luna had just surrendered to a rogue and made them slaves.

“I shall come to collect my dues in two weeks.” He said as he threw the border patrol he was holding on to the ground. “See you soon luna.”

With that, he left with his people.
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