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Alexia Asher, the illegitimate child of one of the biggest Vampire Hunter Family, the Asher's, will finally leave the family and finally be free from them to go to The Sinclaire Academy. The Sinclaire Academy holds multiple secrets. Will Alexia figure them out? Will Alexia finally figure out the family that was hidden from her from her family? What is her mother hiding from her? Who is really her father? Will love prevail about everything else?

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The end of the beginning

A mixed pure-blood vampire was born to the greatest Vampire Hunter Family that the world has ever seen, the Ashers, on the 18th of May, 1997. She spent her life with her father, and when she found out that she was in quite the pickle when she found out that when she had gotten hungry and fed on a human being. She would slightly bug out, twitching her hands along with her neck. She then would be unresponsive and will drop to the floor for at least three or more hours. It all depends on the amount of blood that she had taken into her system. After a few times that this has happened, she had to stop for her sanity and for her health.

She is her mother's child, but with her father's crimson red hair and emerald green eyes. Her name is Alexia Asher. Her father, Matthew Asher, and her mother being an McConnel, Anne McConnel at that. She had decided to take over her father's name before all the madness had started to affect her health.

Anne knew that if Matthew knew that if Alexia was someone else's child, he would have a massive fit. After the said massive fit, Matthew would most definitely destroy the house. Anne was obligated to kill her baby then herself since she couldn't take on that much guilt and it was the law. It was vampire law for a pure-blood woman to have a baby with another pure-blood man, but let other than the pure-blood man or any kind of race of man to raise the said child.

It was illegal for any other man to raise a pure-blood vampire child since the child's father was the only one to teach the said child things that their mother can't.

Anne knew that she was going against the Vampiric Laws that the Consul has set for all of the pure-bloods that are in the world. She also knew that if she went back to the Consul and pleaded for her case to them, she would not make it out of the room alive. The Consul wouldn't have to think twice, they would automatically kill Anne then find her descendant and kill whoever it was, especially if it was just a newborn baby. So Anne kept quiet about her family. It was a safety measure to keep Alexia safe.

The Asher Family have been around for centuries, Alexia knew nearly almost everything about the said family, but absolutely nothing about her mother's family. She just wished she knew something, just a single piece of information about her mother's family.

The first time that Alexia had asked her mother about her side of the family, Anne didn't tell Alexia anything about them since there was that odd fact that the Consul would indeed know what she had done. Since Anne didn't say anything. Alexia didn't ask again, since she knew her mother.

Alexia had guessed that her mother's side of the family, didn't like what she had done in the past so they had shunned her for it and it was for a good reason for it. Her mother had disregarded the law and ran away to keep them safe.

During the week Alexia is with her father and during the weekends she is with her mother. While with her father, Matthew had been known to use Alexia's vampiric abilities over the extent of her completely going feral almost insane and losing herself to her abilities.

After Matthew had let Alexia overuse her abilities that kept her safe from harm, she had promised herself that she would tell her mother what's been happening to her, the next time that she is over.

During the next stay with her mother, both of the girls have fun. By playing their guitars that shape shift, and going out to eat at restaurants that are only open at night after the sun is gone. Anne teaches Alexia a few more songs on their guitars. The night before Alexia is to leave her mother's apartment for her father's family's estate, she told her mother what has been happened when she helps her father with the unruly supernatural creatures along with the blood-thirsty vampires.

After Alexia explained what's been happening to her mother, Anne realized what's been happening to her daughter, she knew that she had to get Alexia out of the toxic environment that is the Asher House. So Anne took some time off and she had found an Academy that fits her needs and gets away from Matthew. Fully paid education to the well-known Academy for vampires. It took basically all of her savings to pay for the Academy for Alexia to go.

It was the only vampire academy in the vicinity of where her mother lived that could help Alexia, The Sinclaire Academy.

The Academy that could really help Alexia get away from her father's influence and all the madness that will cause her in the future. Also to get away from the business that goes around with the Asher Family, Alexia didn't have to think about it and she automatically agreed to what her mother has done for her and for her safety.

The Sinclaire Academy has two separate classes that operate inside its gates and walls. The class that's Alexia is going to, is the Soul Class which has the Soul Dorm which has a leader for all the vampires, by the name of Johnathan Noire. This class is operating during the hours between 8:15pm to 6:30am

Then there's the Heart Class with the Heart Dorm which is full of humans during the sunlight hours, which are between 8am to 5:45pm.

The Heart Class absolutely adored the Soul Class since the Heart Class believed that the residents of the Soul Class were the elites of the Sinclaire Academy.

The pure-blood vampires of the Soul Dormitory are sick and tired of the blood substitute tablets that they get from the Vampire Consul. Since it's been years since they've been drinking the watery substance.

Out of the whole Heart Class, there are only two of them that know the Soul Class' secret, Skye Sinclaire and Zander Brownstone who are the Headmaster's adoptive children.

Currently it's the week before Alexia leaves her father's estate to get on an airplane and go to the academy for the school year. Alexia was hoping that everything would go smoothly and not get upset at her father or at the airport.

As of now, Alexia is with her father at his family's estate. Matthew had knocked on Alexia's bedroom door before he walked in and stood in the doorway. "Dear? Are you willing to talk to me before we don't see each other for a while?" He asked in a low and sad voice. Usually his voice was deep and not full of emotions as it is now. He had hoped that Alexia wasn't going to shut him out like her mother had done to him. After all the help and love that he gave her to run away.

Alexia is currently crouched down in front of her bookshelf getting a couple of books that she needed from the bottom shelf of the bookshelf to take with her so she doesn't have to find a bookstore and find books that she likes, to keep herself occupied. When she finally stood up, Alexia turned around and she had come face to face with her father. She had looked at him with almost deep emerald green eyes which meant she wasn't taking any of his complaints from him. "Yes, dad, I am willing to talk to you. What do you need to talk about?" Alexia asked him with multiple books that are written by multiple authors in one arm.

Matthew leaned against the door frame and he had looked at her with his arms crossed his chest. "It won't take a long of your time to pack your things. I have just a few quick questions for you. Why are you doing this to the family? The family does not want you to leave. They love having you here." He told her since he wanted to know why she was doing this to the family.

Alexia slowly but silently took a breath in then out. Since she didn't want to stress out. She didn't want to explain it again to him, but she guessed she had too. "Again with this, dad? You know I've told you this a million times. My mother wants me to have an education. I won't deny her request of what she wants from me. She has paid eight years out of pocket for this Academy for me to go. You know how she is, dad. She is persistent and slightly stubborn." She had explained to him. Alexia got bored of explaining it to her father.

Alexia didn't like the fact that for the past month and a half, that she had to explain as to why she was leaving her father along with his siblings to go to the academy that her mother has set up for her.

"Alex, you should know that everyone will be sad when you finally leave for this academy. You just can't do this to us. We are going to need you in the future." Matthew told her and he had sighed. He wasn't trying to be mad or angry with her, he just wanted to understand her better.

"Don't you think I know that, dad. That you are always going to need me and my abilities as a vampire. But I just can't say no to my mother. I don't know what she will do to me when I tell her no, I can't go because you need me more. You should know that by now and also that I am done being your puppet." Alexia had bursted out and told him. She had gotten angry at him for pushing her like that about going to the Sinclaire Academy.

Alexia was done with him, even though her looks are almost identical to him. She hated the fact that she had his hair and eyes.

After Alexia's outburst at her father, Matthew had properly stood up from her door frame and he had left, closing her door behind him. Seconds later after Matthew left, Alexia had finished packing her things in her suitcase and bag. She wasn't planning on leaving her guitar with her father, since she didn't have any trust left for him.

During the week that she waits to leave, Alexia passes the time by reading a couple of books that she was planning on leaving at her father's house before leaving the Asher Estate with almost all of her belongings to get on the air plane to get to the Academy.

Upon arrival to the city where the Sinclaire Academy sits upon a hill with the dense forest around it, Alexia had gone through the airport to grab her belongings, she then walked herself to the Academy.

About halfway through her walk to the school, she took her hair out of the ponytail, she put a small comb through her hair to comb it out. After Alexia was done fiddling with her hair, she continued her way to the Academy.

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