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By Oseremen A. All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

“The human race is just one of the thousands of species we have in our very vast galaxy.” Slightly tanned hands shuffled the notes in them and continued.

“Despite being one of the most primitive, it has proved itself to be very efficient concerning different matters such as politics, social relationships, educational systems, behavioral and mental development and also with their impressive defense system.” Full pink lips stopped moving and took a big breath.

“I think the human race should be valued more highly than it is now. If we do decide to partner with them regarding the current inter-planetary war, they would be of the utmost assistance to us, seeing as we have no means of defense against the planet Usine. Thank you.”

The smatterings of an applause rippled through the classroom, the loudest being the history teacher. The figure on the podium nodded and proceeded to climb down the steps and back to her seat.

The remainder of the class stopped clapping one-by-one until it was only the teacher left. Her eyes blinking furiously behind her glasses, Ms Rie climbed up the podium which the student just left.

“Thank you, Josephine White, for that short, yet brilliant presentation that parallels the speech given by General Jackson the Great in 872 A.G.” Beady eyes peered at the rest of the class. “I’m happy that someone was dedicated enough to actually do their holiday homework.”

Instead of the embarrassing looks Ms. Rie expected to get from her students, whispers were passing everyone’s lips, excluding one person.

“I can’t believe she actually did the work.”

“Teacher’s pet.”

“No wonder she did it. She’s got nothing else better to do.”

Their whispers were not unheard by Josephine, whose pixie ears couldn’t help but pick up every sound. For the first time, she wishes her dyed ebony hair was longer so she could use it to stuff her ears.

“Excluding Josephine, the rest of you can start working on your speeches, but this time it should have a speaking length of 2 minutes, with facts concerning the commencing of the war. You shall present it during our next class.”

“Next class!” Lutin, an unusually tall gnome, exclaimed, jumping from her seat, green face glowing with exasperation. “But that’s tomorrow. We’ll never finish it in time!”

“Well,” Ms Rie took a few steps back and sat on her chair. “You should have thought about that when you decided not to do my homework. Begin.”

With those words passing from her lips, the rest of the students got out their pens and notebook. Textbooks were brought out, and the only sound to be heard was the flipping of pages and scribbling of notes.

“As for you, Josephine,” their eyes met. “Finish reading the Weapons and Manufacturing chapter in your textbook.”

A grin took over Josephine’s face. Ms Rie already knew she had finished that chapter in the book, meaning that she can do whatever she pleases til the class is over.

Getting her iPod from her hoodie pocket, she placed her headphones on her ears and began to draw.

The forecasters predicted the unstable weather of their planet, Magie, well today. The iridescent green sky glittered with the light provided from their two Suns, yet the day wasn’t unnecessarily hot. Tiny Fée (fairies) flitted around, their multicolored wings glistening in the light.

Jo huffed in a breath and brushed her hair out of her green eyes. She was tempted to scratch her eyes, she had an itch, but doing so would expose the contacts she had meticulously put in place that morning, revealing her grey eyes for anyone to see. Grey eyes that looked exactly like her father’s.

Pushing the thoughts out of her head, she shrugged her shoulders and continued the tiring walk home.

Her eyes strayed around the city. If one just glanced at it, they would mistake it to be a human settlement; for the builders wanted that to be so. Buildings the height of giants popped up at every corner. Stands selling an assortment of sweets, flowers, potions, and whatnots sprinkled down the lanes. A variety of shops, hotels and office buildings adorned every street.

However, if one looked closer, they could see the magic.

The giant buildings were actual Giants; the sort of species that resembled buildings obviously. The stands were maned by pixies, their pointy ears shooting out of their hair; wings fluttering so fast they moved the goods out of the stalls. Half the shops were levitating above the ground, while the remaining half were sunk into the earth.

People of diverse species walked up and down every street; there was a reason the city was named Autre. Goblins, gnomes, mages, sorcerers, pixies, fairies, faeries, vampyres, vampires, werewolves, and even a few humans.

The noise of the city was a force to be reckoned with. Her ears were starting to strain from the noise, so she took her ever-present headphones and placed them over her ears, music blaring at full volume.

Most healers would say that the extremely loud noise of the music wold damage her ears, but to her, the music drowned out any unnecessary sound and allowed her to focus on only one thing at a time.

But this time, she was so absorbed by the song she was listening to, that she didn’t notice the two people dressed in black blocking her way.

Jo kept nodding in time to the song, and ran straight into the figures in black.


She suddenly found herself on the floor and her headphones out of place, letting all the noise suck her in. She held her forehead.

Looking up, she met the face of an Official.

Officials were the governing body of planet Magie. They were the law enforcers, the politicians, the royalty; anyone of importance was an Official. They were all easily identifiable by their deep black eyes and hauntingly beautiful features.

"Oh, um, I... I'm sorry..."

“Next time, watch were you’re going.”

The taller Official spoke, drawing her eyes to him. His voice was a rich tenor, but was so cold her blood turned to ice.

"O-okay. I'll... go now, I guess?"

The second Official gave a nod. Face as red as a fire pixie, she gathered her fallen headphones and stumbled to her feet. Looking away so that they wouldn't see her flaming face, she quickly headed home.

"Has Marcus Hale been spotted yet?"

Almost stopping in her tracks, Jo was shocked at the name one of the Officials mentioned.

"Yes. We all thought he was dead, but it turns out he's just been in hiding."


Jo quickened her pace, so that it would seem like she wasn't listening.

"Hiding from whom?"

"Not a whom, but a what."

What are those blasted Officials talking about?

"So, you're saying it's ready?"

"It is."

They were reaching the limit of her hearing; she had to strain her ears.

"And after we kill him for good this time, we can finally get his daughter. What's her name again?"

"Josephine Hale."

And after that, she couldn't hear them anymore.

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