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The Sorcerer's Sword

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The birthday banquet

Thirty years later..........

Thirty years had passed since the execution of the sorcerers. Rivena had flourished under King Adam's rule.

He had married a beautiful woman and they had gave birth to a son, the name of their son was Aidan and he was to be the future king of Rivena.

Aidan was loved by both his father and mother very much, he was doted and loved by everyone in the kingdom.

Aidan was the best warrior in the land, there was nobody who could beat him, this was a fact that greatly pleased his father.

King Adam still kept up the hunt for sorcerers in the land, he was determined to completely eradicate his land from sorcerers.

Today was Aidan's Nineteenth birthday, his father was determined to give him the best party. No expenses were to be spared for the birthday party.

"Don't you think all this is too much?" Aidan asked his mother as he looked at the grand robes on the bed which he was to wear.

"I don't think so at all. You are the prince and future king of Rivena. It's only natural for you to wear the best outfits." she replied.

Aidan sighed as he stood up so the servant could put the robes on him. He felt everything was too grand, the attire, the celebrations and gifts. He would prefer a quiet dinner with his parents but alas he was the son of the king and he had to keep up appearances.

"Aidan, I know you aren't fond of these celebrations but for your father's sake can you please endure it. You are his pride and he just wants to show you off" his mother pleaded with him.

"Fine mother, I will sit and smile at all our guests" Aidan said with a grimace.

"that's my boy" she kissed his cheek and left.

That evening, Aidan's celebration banquet was in full swing. There were guests from all the surrounding kingdoms.

Several princess and high ranking ladies were in attendance and they all tried to get Aidan's attention. Sadly Aidan noticed none of them, his only thought was that the party should end quickly so he could retire to his chambers.

The king stood up and held up his glass, he lightly hit it with a fork to get the attention of his guests. When he saw that he had gotten their attention, he started his speech.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight, ever since the day Aidan was born, I have always known that he would make me proud and I wasn't wrong. At just nineteen, he is the best warrior in Rivena. Every single day his actions have proven that he is indeed suited to be the future king of Rivena. It is my hope that his future will be peaceful and prosperous. So let's raise our glasses and make a toast to him. To Aidan"

The guests raised their glasses up.

"To Aidan" they chorused.

At that moment, the soldiers rushed into the banquet.

"what is the meaning of these?" the king asked them.

"I am sorry for crashing the party, your highness. But this is an urgent matter" their leader said.

"what could be so urgent that you had to disturb our esteemed guests." the king asked.

"We found Zarall's sword"

"what!" the king stood up in shock.

"Yes sir, we found his sword"

"How?" the king asked.

"We were guarding the city wall which is by the mirror lake when all of a sudden it started to rain and the lake started whirling, the sword flew from the lake into the air. It glowed with a golden light for some minutes before it fell to the ground. I left some men to guard it before I rushed here to inform you."

"This is a tremendous affair." the king said. He turned to the queen, "please look after our guests, I have to leave"

"yes I will" the queen replied.

Aidan stood up, "I will come with you father." he said.

"there is no need for any of that, it's your birthday party celebration" the king protested.

"I think mother has it under control, it could be dangerous, let me come with you" Aidan insisted.

"Fine, let's go."

Aidan and the king left the banquet along with the soldiers. After they left, the guests discussed among themselves what had just happened. Of course everyone knew about Zarall and how he was a powerful sorcerer in the past. They wondered what the emergence of his sword meant for the kingdom.

Aidan and his father arrived at the scene, the sword lay on the floor looking innocent like it wasn't the most powerful weapon in the world back then.

"Has it glowed again?" the king asked.

"no, your highness" one of the soldiers answered.

"has anyone tried touching it?" the king asked again.

"no, your highness."

"well what are you waiting for. One of you should touch it." the king ordered.

The soldiers shrank back in fear. Aidan rolled his eyes and bent down to pick up the sword.

"Aidan! What are you doing?" his father asked.

"I am just picking up the sword." Aidan replied.

"it could be dangerous. You should have let one of these cowards do it" his father said as he looked spitefully at the rest of the soldiers.

"it's okay father. I have already picked it up." Aidan replied.

Aidan examined the sword in his hand, it was a beautiful sword, it was well crafted with beautiful markings on the blade. The markings seemed to be some kind of strange language, Aidan couldn't read.

"how do you feel? Do you feel different?" the king asked anxiously.

"no, I feel just the same. Is this Zarall's sword?" Aidan asked.

The king looked at the sword contemptuously. "yes that is the sorcerer's sword"

"So what are you going to do with it father?"

"keep it in the storage, unless you want it?"

"No, it's a beautiful sword but I will stick to my old sword" Aidan rejected his offer.

"Fine, to the storage then." the sword was wrapped up in a cloth and put in the palace underground storage.

There was one niggling question on the king's mind. 'what had made Zarall's sword to emerge?'

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