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Dragalith has been reborn in a world where he is considered an enemy by some powerful empires, destined for extermination. But as he gets to know the people of this dark side, he begins to realize that they are not so different from him. Now, he must take it upon himself to save as many of them as he can, and to restore the fortunes of a decaying kingdom. Unfortunately, he can't help but fear that the plans for extermination are only the beginning of something much more sinister. It's truly a tragedy that such a thing is even being considered.

Fantasy / Horror
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A Reborn Little Strange

I was impressed by how quickly Dragalith Sun-Rise was running to his institute. It's admirable to see such dedication and determination. However, I was concerned about his behavior. It's important for young adults to take care of themselves and avoid potential risks, so running around like this is not advisable.

As the storyteller, it is my job to decide where the story goes. I'm not happy with the direction it's taking. His life has not been all sunshine and roses, so I would say change his life a bit.

"Wow, I'm really late. I guess that's what happens when you spend all your time on a project like My New Open World RPG. Sure, it's done and bug free, but that doesn't excuse the fact that I'm late. I should have taken better care of my time management."

The boy was used to checking his smartphone's data security every day, but this time something strange happened. A strange icon suddenly appeared on the screen, making him a little surprised.

" Wow, this new app is really different. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it's definitely something new and exciting."

It was a tragedy that was all too real: as he crossed the street, he was hit head-on by a truck carrying a thief fleeing from the police and died instantly. Despite the valiant efforts of some girls from his institution who had run to him in an attempt to rescue him, there was nothing more to be done. What a waste of a life! It's truly heartbreaking and so utterly preventable. It's a tragedy that should never have happened and it's so incredibly sad.

Dragalith jolted awake, feeling disoriented in the unfamiliar, cramped room. He looked around, but there was no door or window in sight. Then, suddenly, a portal opened and a mysterious girl stepped out. She was composed of dark energy and her hair was aflame, her veins glowing with volcanic magic. Dragalith was in awe of her beauty and power. She was about five feet tall, and her voluptuous figure was both captivating and intimidating.

Dragalith tried to keep her emotions in check, but she could not help but be attracted to the mysterious woman in front of her. She was charming, beautiful, and had a fresh, ethereal form. There was something special about her that Dragalith could not define.

In an instant, he found himself sitting up and noticing the subtle changes in the girl's demeanor. Her cheeks had turned a soft shade of pink, and her gaze was no longer fixed on him. She coughed lightly and spoke in a friendly tone, her magical powers generating a contract on the table. She explained that the contract would allow him to be reborn, but the world he would go to would be very different from how he knew it now. She wished him all the best on his journey, and with that, he was ready to sign the contract and begin his new life.

Dragalith examined the writing and was shocked to find that he could comprehend it as if he were a native speaker. He read it carefully and realized that he could gain unlimited power, but the cost was that he had to join the army of darkness with a drop of his blood. He was filled with uncertainty, but he could not understand the reason behind it. He looked at the entity with a serious expression.

A few seconds passed before Dragalith asked her, "Is there anything you know?" She felt it deep in her soul. She huffed heavily and looked at him disapprovingly.

"We are in trouble," she began. "One of our spies has discovered that the three most powerful kingdoms are planning to summon all the boys and girls in your institution to exterminate us." His voice was full of disgust and anger. Dragalith could see her left fist clench as she spoke, and she knew she was not happy with the situation.

"We have certainly come a long way in our kingdom, having merged with other smaller empires and gained many vassals along the way. But I can't help but feel a bit disappointed when I think about it. Sure, some of them have become our allies and offer us support in research and development, but what about the ones that have been left behind? It's a shame that we can't do more to help them out".

"We have an army, but our technology is far behind the times. Our resources are limited, and while we have many metals and stones that could be used in alchemy, they are not enough to make a difference. Unfortunately, the main issue is the instability among the people; they do not cooperate and this is a real problem. I understand it is strange to be on the dark side, Dragalith, but the people are not as you imagine. I implore you to consider this and help us find a way to bring unity and stability to our people."

Dragalith was taken aback by the girl's request. He noticed that she was clearly embarrassed and thought for a long time before finally signing the contract with his own blood. The girl was surprised, but also very happy, and she jumped towards the boy, causing him to fall backwards. He was both surprised and slightly embarrassed by her sudden closeness.

She looked intensely into his eyes as she described the process to him. She told him to imagine his power in its entirety, with no limits, so he could desire whatever he wanted, channel the energy, amplify it, and direct it to process every aspect. She then instructed him to say the word 'rebirth' and he would be transported to the new world. Dragalith began to process the power by structuring and shaping it through her will and visualization. After hours of work, the female spirit was about to doze off from boredom when the boy suddenly opened his eyes and spoke to her aggressively.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally awoke. The female entity was filled with curiosity as to how long it took him to process his newfound power. The girl touched his chest, gently crossing his whole soul, and she was amazed to discover the massive power Dragalith had processed within him. It was an unlimited and incalculable potential that could easily overpower anyone in his way. Now that he had become aware of his power, he was eager to see what he could do with it.

She nodded, and the young adult understood that she had worked out her power. Taking a deep breath, she said the word "rebirth" with a thrill of discovering the new world. A hexagonal portal with a complex seal structure appeared beneath the boy's feet, and a column of dark light struck him, materializing him in an instant in a decaying forest, shrouded in thick fog and plunged into the night. This was not a sight that filled me with joy; it was a reminder of the destruction that can come with unchecked power.

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