The Unusual Fairy

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Chapter 1

At last the bell rang, and Amelia jumped out of her seat as she exited the classroom in a hurry. How she hated history. It never had caught her fancy. If Amelia had her way, should would be lost in a fantasy book or watching anime shows.

“Amelia, wait up!” Called a familiar voice behind her. Her friend, Kazumi Kuran ran to catch up with her. Both Amelia and Kazumi were freshmen at Halberstadt’s High School in Albany, New York. Amelia had shoulder length platinum hair and violet eyes. Kazumi had long, black hair, and her eyes were nearly identical to her friend’s. She was actually three-quarters Japanese, and one-quarter German. People sometimes thought they were sisters, despite the gap in their height and the nationality difference. Amelia was five foot five inches, while Kazumi was five foot seven and-a-half inches (On account of her German ancestry).

Amelia chuckled and responded, “You know art is my favorite class.” She scurried faster to the classroom. “Well duh! It’s mine too.” Kazumi huffed.

They reached the classroom and pulled out their projects. They were currently working with charcoals. Amelia was drawing a flower, while Kazumi was drawing a face.

“Alright, go ahead and get started.” Their art teacher, Mr. Dawson Grey, instructed.

Amelia immediately continued where she had left off the day before. She shaded the center to the tips of the tiger lily, gently softening it with her blending stick.

“So I was watching Akatsuki no Yona last night.” Kazumi began, turning to her friend dramatically.

Amelia raised an eyebrow. “Hai?”

“OH MY GOSH, I want to kill Suwon and hug him and cry for him all at once!” Kazumi exclaimed, fanning herself with her charcoal stick, which didn’t exactly seem to be helping.

“Pretty much,” Amelia responded nonchalantly, trying to hide her smile. She loved how Kazumi could always cheer her up and make her day. That was why they were best friends.

“But I want to kill Suwon for killing Yona’s father! But then he had to go and cry over the fact that he thought that Yona was dead, but Yona wasn’t actually dead. Why?” Kazumi ranted, vigorously darkening the girl’s hair on her picture.

“A complex anime, isn’t it?” Amelia grinned, never taking her eyes off her project.

“Yeah, no kidding.” Kazumi replied, seeming to have calmed herself slightly.

She and Amelia continued to converse about anime and drawing anime until class ended.

Amelia quickly stuffed her project and pencils into her slot before hurrying in to her last class. She actually wasn’t with other people for her final class if the day. During the last period, Amelia took private piano lessons in a secluded room with various instruments. She sat down at the bench, and lightly drummed her fingers over the keys. Her teacher hadn’t arrived yet, so Amelia took this opportunity to play one of her favorite songs, Only the Beginning of the Adventure. It was from the soundtrack of The Chronicles of Narnia. She strummed the keys, never missing a note, as she played the piece with emotion, dreaming of life in that other world.

“Lovely song.” Stated a voice from behind her. Amelia missed a note and angled her head around to see who had interrupted her. There, leaning against the doorway, was a Sophomore, Jacob Dewey. Amelia didn’t know him very well, and tried her best to avoid guys whom her parents or close friends didn’t know.

“T-thanks.” Amelia answered, her face flushing slightly. She rarely received attention from the male species, so this was a newer experience for her. Amelia tended to blush at the slightest of remarks or actions. “Is there something you need by chance?”

“Not really. Was just walking by to go to the basketball court for practice, when I heard quite the fascinating song.” He responded, smirking slightly. Jacob had dark, wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. He was fairly tall and was very muscled. And naturally tan, I might add. “What is it from?”

“The Chronicles of Narnia. I usually pick songs from soundtracks.” Amelia explained shyly.

Footsteps echoed from out side the room and drew closer to reveal more of Jacob’s buddies, who also played basketball. They stopped at the doorway as well, much to Amelia’s despair. Since when does this happen to me? Can’t Mrs. Sanders just appear already? Amelia groaned to herself. It wasn’t that Jacob and his friends weren’t nice, but the fact was Amelia was a complete introvert and only socialized with close friends. She nearly blacked out every time a guy older than her talked talked to her.

“Oh, who’s that?” Asked one of the guys. Will, I think his name was. He had blond waves and green eyes. Unfortunately for Amelia, they were all incredibly handsome and cute. And there were now six males staring at her.

“Yes, do tell. What’s your name, cutie?” Jacob smirked at the dazed girl. Amelia tried not to look stupid or like she was drooling. “A-Amelia Doe.” She stuttered.

“Nice to meet you, Amelia Doe. Would you mind playing a song for us?” The corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

“Ah, sure.” Amelia answered, and turned to look back at the piano. He keys suddenly seemed to be dancing in front of her. “Anything in particular you want me to play? I really only know music from movie soundtracks.”

“How about Pirates of the Caribbean? The second movie?” Jacob requested. The guys walked into the room and stood behind Amelia, which made her more nervous. She took a deep breath, and moved her trembling fingertips above the keys. She played the first note, and a lively song it was. Though she felt ready to faint, Amelia did not falter once. When she finished the last note, she cautiously glanced behind her to look at the teenage boys. The were all staring at her, dumbfounded. Even Jacob’s smirk had vanished. “That was...” His voice faded.

“Remarkable!” Finished another guy for him.

“You’ve got to be the best piano player I’ve ever met!” Said another guy, Dawson.

“Ah, thanks.” Amelia blushed deeply and tried not to fidget in her seat.

At last, Mrs. Sanders came, and shuffled through the crowd of teenagers. “Alright, off with you.” She shooed them away, “Are you alright, Amelia? You look as red as a tomato.”

Amelia sighed and opened her piano book. “I’m just fine, Mrs. Sanders. Just fine.”

Mrs. Sanders cast her a concerned look, “Alright then.”

Amelia’s lesson proceeded without interruption, and she hoped there would be no more run-ins with Jacob and his friends. They seemed nice enough, but Amelia was rather shy and preferred to avoid awkward conversations. Well, awkward on her part.

After her lesson, Amelia met up with Kazumi before they left to go to her house to do homework and watch anime.

They had just finished geometry, and were on to the last thing, algebra.

“Ugh, I hate algebra!” Kazumi moaned, throwing her pencil across the room. Amelia chuckled a little, “As do I.”

“Tell me about something other than school, will you?” Kazumi pleaded.

“Well, just before piano lessons, Jacob Dewey and his gang decided to drop by and make me play a song for them. Actually, I pretty much stunned them. They were literally gaping at me until my piano teacher came in and shooed them out.” Amelia told her friend, who was currently laughing herself to death.

“Oh my gosh, I would have loved to see the expressions on their faces!” She rasped out, clutching her sides.

“Ha! I’m sure you would have. I was about to keel over, though.” Amelia snorted, grinning a little at the memory, as she continued to work out her algebra problems.

At last they finished, and Kazumi sighed, “Ah, finally! Goodbye algebra, hello Naruto!” She leaned forward slightly, with a serious expression on her face. “Watashi wa ima shukudai o hakai suru ko.”

Amelia sighed in agreement, “Watashi wa tōchi o motte kimasu.”

“At times like these, I’m so glad that I’m Japanese and could teach you the language. That way we can have conversations where no one knows what we’re talking about.” Kazumi rubbed her hands together in a conniving fashion.

“Hai.” Amelia agreed. She was rather good at it, though she was sure she wasn’t Japanese. Amelia had been adopted when she was a baby, so she wasn’t certain what nationality she was.

“Anata wa totemo umaku narimashita.” Kazumi grinned.

“Arigatōgozaimashita.” Amelia bowed slightly.

Kazumi chuckled as she walked over to the couch in her room, “Alright, time for episode 103 of Naruto.”

“Yay!” Amelia cheered and followed her friend to the couch.

They watched Naruto for about an hour, then walked upstairs to eat food. Kuzami’s brother was there, snacking on chips himself. He was a Junior, and mostly kept to himself, looking rather threatening half the time. He had black hair like his sister, but in short waves, and it had a reddish tint, which he got from his mother. He was about six foot.

“Tadashi, why are you always in the kitchen when we want food?” Kazumi put her hands on her hips.

“Why do you care so much, anyway?” He sighed, opening the refrigerator and pulling out salsa.

“Just... Don’t do this to me!” Kazumi exclaimed and put her hands to her temples.

“Anyway, where is the mochi with bean paste? It wasn’t in the fridge.” Tadashi completely disregarded his sister’s outburst.

Kazumi slowly raised her eyes to meet his, and said slowly, “Watashi wa sore o sabute tabeta.”

Tadashi glared at her, “Seriously?! I was planning on eating that some today!”

“Oh, really? I had no idea.” Amelia responded sarcastically. Tadashi raised his eyebrows at her.

“I’m kidding.” Kazumi burst into laughter. “You should have seen the look on your face!”

Tadashi groaned, “Why do I have a little sister again?”

“Kimi wa jibun ga boku no koto-suki datte...” Kazumi crooned.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Tadashi grunted to his little sister. “So where is the mochi with bean paste, then?”

“In the fridge in the garage.” Kazumi answered, digging in the fridge for something interesting to eat. “How would you like chicken dumplings with rice?”

“Sounds delicious.” Amelia grinned.

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