The Unusual Fairy

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Chapter 2

Amelia sighed as she got into bed that night. It certainly had been an eventful day. First, school happened. Then, she had gone over to Kazumi’s. And last, Amelia’s parents had told her a bit of news; or rather, quite the big piece of news. Her uncle, Marcus Taylor, had invited Amelia, Kazumi, and Tadashi to come stay for two months this coming summer. He lived deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Amelia’s adoptive parents, Edward and Georgina Doe, had approved. Now it was just up to Kazumi’s parents to approve. Amelia could hardly contain her excitement. It was currently March, and now she would just have to wait until June arrived.

Amelia checked her phone to see if she had any updates, and had one. Wattpad. She typed in her password and tapped on the app icon. A notification read that she had two hundred reads on her Akatsuki no Yona fanfiction. Amelia grinned slightly, before plugging in her headphones and playing instrumental music from Youtube. Her eyes drooped, and she fell fast asleep.

Her alarm clock awoke had at precisely 6:35 a.m. much to her annoyance. Amelia hated awaking early, and avoided it at every available opportunity. She reluctantly opened her eyes to welcome a new day. She yawned and reached for the Bible at her bedside and opened it up to Matthew 6:25-26.

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, or what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or stow away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Amelia smiled as a grateful tear came to her eye. This was what life was about. Living for God, no matter what. This was what she lived for, for no life was life without Jesus to be there when you needed Him. He cares about the smallest things, even a sparrow if it fell to the ground. And how much more does He love us, who was created in His own image? Amelia sent up a quick prayer of thanks to her Father, then hopped out of bed to get ready for the day.

As soon as Amelia got to school, she texted Kazumi to find out where she was. She wanted to talk to her as soon as possible about the upcoming trip to her uncle’s.

A notification popped up, and Amelia tapped on it hastily.

I’m in the library.

Amelia texted back: Okay. Coming there now.


Amelia turned off her phone and jogged down the hallways until she reached the library. Literally no one was in there, except Kazumi, who sat in there waiting, a book in hand. When she saw Amelia, she burst from her seat, exclaiming, “Ohaio-shū Ohaio-shū watashi no Ohaio-shū Ohaio-shū watashi no Ohaio-shū, watashi wa ryokō ni totemo kōfun shite iru ima sugu kite kudasai!”

“Anata no ryōshin wa anata ga kuru kamo shirenai to itta nodesu ka?” Amelia inquired.

Kazumi stared hard at her for a moment. “Dōshite watashi no bakuhatsu kara sore o rikai shite inai nodesu ka? Mochiron, watashitachiha kite imasu. Tadashi mo kuru koto o nozoite.”

Amelia groaned and face-palmed repeatedly, “Baka, Baka, Baka.”

“What the heck is wrong with her?” Snorted someone from the other side of the room.

Amelia and Kazumi stared at each other, as Amelia groaned, “Ā, soreha yakobuda.”

“Watashitachiha hi o tsukuranakereba narimasen.” Kazumi stated dangerously.

“Idaina, soshite wareware wa kare to kare no nakama o sore ni nageru koto ga dekimasu!” Amelia added and clapped cheerfully.

“Seikaku ni.” Kazumi nodded.

“I didn’t understand a word of that.” Jacob stated, walking towards them.

“Baka mitai.” Amelia chortled.

“Hai, soreha isshu no pointodesu.” Kazumi sighed in agreement.

“Seriously, though, did you guys make up your own language or something?” He snorted, smirking at them.

“No, we speak elephant.” Amelia stated sarcastically.

“Well, what language are you speaking?” He rolled his eyes.

“It’s called Japanese. Ever heard of it?” Kazumi remarked.

“Yes, in fact.” He raised an eyebrow at them. “But how do I know that you are actually speaking Japanese?”

“Use google translate, if nothing else.” Amelia snorted. “Besides, Kazumi is Japanese."

“Whatever.” He huffed, walking out of the room in defeat.

“Well, seems we’ve gotten rid of him.” Kazumi remarked.

“Indeed.” Amelia agreed, rapping her fingers on the table in a conniving fashion.

“You know, he’s far more annoying than I had recalled.” Kazumi snorted, staring hard at the doorway where he had been.

“Hai, especially after the piano incident yesterday.” Amelia agreed. “Anyway, I can’t wait till summer comes, so we can relax in nature.”

“Yeah really. I hope there is internet, so we can write and update and read on Wattpad.” Kazumi yawned, dreaming out her fantasy.

“Definitely. I’m sure that it will be the perfect place to write in.” Amelia grinned to herself.

The day continued on with the same old routine, and the weeks flew by as Amelia, Kazumi, and Tadashi grew eager for their summer vacation. Though really, the time did not pass by nearly fast enough for them, as school would normally feel that way to anyone. Their one console was art. Even for Tadashi, as he was pretty good at it himself.

Finally, May came, and so did the end of freshman year. They had only one more month until their trip, and Amelia was ecstatic. May also brought the unwanted chores that spring and summer held. Mowing the lawn, weeding the garden and flowerbeds, and other little things here and there. At least there would be pools that would be open.

And at last, it was the week that Amelia and her friends would leave for the trip. Today was Thursday, and they would leave tomorrow. Amelia was completely packed and ready to go. She checked over her things one more time before she was certain that she had everything she would need. Amelia grinned to herself when she knew she had everything, then walked out of her room to the living room where her adoptive parents were. Though they weren’t related by blood, Amelia loved her parents dearly.

Amelia had been found on Edward and Georgina’s doorstep when she was only a few months old. They never had found her real parents, and searched for months, but to no avail. So they kept Amelia and loved her as if she were their own. Because they hadn’t wanted Amelia to feel reject and hurt about the adoption when she was older, it became a mysterious bedtime story as she grew up. She still asked them to tell it to her sometimes. That fact that she was adopted had never been a secret. Not even to those at school. Sure, she was teased about it sometimes, but Amelia ignored it, because she knew that she truly had a family that loved her. She did call them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ though.

Her mother looked up at the approaching footsteps, and smiled lovingly. “Are you all packed, Emy?” Amelia smiled and nodded.

“Well, then may God give you and your friends a safe journey, and bless you while you are with my brother.” Georgina hugged her daughter affectionately.

Her father rose from his chair and opened his arms wide, “Sleep well, my little doe.” Amelia chuckled and hugged her father tightly. “Thanks, Dad.”

He released her and said, “Good night, Amelia.”

“Good night, Dad! Good night, Mom.” She waved at them, before disappearing around the corner.

She crawled into bed and prayed before she fell asleep a few minutes later. That night she dreamed of fairies hiding in a big forest, tending to nature unbeknownst by the human population.

They flew away from her when she saw them. She called after them to wait, as fear of being lost and forgotten etched its way into her heart. It was a fear she had always had, but was hidden deep inside her, and only on rare occasions had it welled up to the surface. Now was one of those times when it became overwhelming. She called and called to the fairies, but they flew ahead swiftly in the blink of an eye. She crashed to her knees, crying. She felt alone. Oh, so alone...


Beep! Beep! The shrill noise of her alarm clock went off. Ugh, but sleep felt so wonderful right now, and Amelia was opting for staying in her warm bed a little longer... But then her memory returned to her. She was going to Uncle Marcus’ today! That meant she would have to go to the airport an hour early, and would have to get up immediately if she wanted to be there on time. Amelia yawned and smacked the entire top of the alarm clock, the wish of not ruining the poor, bellowing invention remotely making itself known in the back of her head. She groaned and slid out of her bed, and turned the lamp on her nightstand. She had an hour and a half until she had to be at the airport at 7:40 a.m. Amelia walked over to her dresser, and pulled out various articles of clothing before walking to the bathroom to shower.

An hour later, Amelia was eating pancakes with eggs and bacon for breakfast with her parents. Her mother wanted to give her a warm farewell meal before she left.

“Be sure to say hello to Marcus for us.” Georgina smiled at her daughter.

“Of course, Mom!” Amelia grinned, giving her a hug, as she stood at the doorstep, ready to leave.

“Be good, my little doe.” Edward hugged her tightly. “Of course, Mr. Buck.” Amelia laughed. Her parents chuckled, waving to her as she entered the taxi waiting for her. Thankfully, they didn’t live too far away from the airport, and the drive only took about twenty minutes. She was there right on time, since her flight would leave in about an hour.

“Kon’nichiwa, Ameria!” called a voice a ways away from her. Kazumi and Tadashi broke through the crowd, trying to get to her as quickly as possible without breaking their necks. Amelia chuckled as she called back to them, “Watashi wa koko ni iru!”

“Are you excited?” Amelia grinned, giving her friends a quick hug.

"Are you seriously asking me that?!" Kazumi stared at her incredulously. “Of course I am excited!”

Tadashi snorted at his sister, “Isn’t she overly dramatic, Emy?”

“Kazumi is Kazumi. There is no such thing as overly dramatic with her. When you are like us, you appear to be crazy to everyone else, but in reality, we are all mad. There is no denying the fact.” Amelia sighed with a solemn expression on her face.

He groaned as he stared at her, “You are just as hopeless.”

“Ah, that’s what I had said about Zuzu, but he turned around handsomely.” Amelia exhaled wistfully.

“She has a point.” Kazumi remarked nonchalantly, glancing at the TV screen with the list of flights. “Our flight is leaving in a half hour. We had better go through the line now.”

They nodded and dragged their luggage through and put them in the carrier, keeping their small, personal bags with them. They boarded the plane without incident, and the flight commenced smoothly, and they arrived at the town near Uncle Marcus’ later that morning.

They walked outside and waited at a park for him to arrive. About twenty minutes later, he drove into the parking lot. “Yōyaku, ā.” Tadashi muttered.

“Ā, damare, baka.” Kazumi groaned, as she pulled her luggage towards the car. Amelia hurried to catch up with her.

Uncle Marcus opened the door on the driver’s seat, and got out. He was nearly thirty years old, from what she remembered. He was quite tall, and had blond hair and blue eyes, and was muscled and trim for his age. Really, he looked far too young to be the uncle of a fifteen year old girl. Edward and Georgina had been in their early twenties when they had adopted her, and he had been sixteen. He had been the one to think of the name ‘Amelia’ for her.

“Amelia, is that really you? You have grown so much since I last visited. When was that, a year ago?” He grinned and hugged her tight. “No, two years ago, at Christmas, Uncle Marcus.” Amelia corrected him, giving him a quick, affectionate peck on the cheek.

“Dō yatte, teirā-san?” Kazumi grinned at him, shaking his hand.

“Kazumi,” Tadashi warned.

“Kazumi Kuran, you never fail to greet me in Japanese. This time, I hope I can respond properly.” Uncle Marcus chuckled as he bowed, “Anata wa dōdesu ka?”

“Ah, you are learning, my young Gakusei.” Kazumi bowed in returned.

“Arigatō, masutā.” He responded politley.

They all looked at each other and burst into laughter. He turned his attention to Tadashi. “Well, I can see that you are just as polite as ever.”

“I try.” Tadashi smirked slightly, as he shook his hand.

They put their luggage in his black 2014 Mercedes e350, and climbed in. “Wow, this is amazing!” Amelia exclaimed, settling in the comfy, leather seat in the back of the vehicle. Kazumi sat beside her, while Tadashi got to sit in the front.

“Isn’t it though?” He responded, cruising towards his home deep in the Appalachians.

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